Shop for these cool beauty tools here: bit.ly/2DG1qK8 😍
We always look for new ideas that are aimed to ease your life and speed up the beauty routine. Nobody wants to spend hours in front of the mirror, it's better to have fun with friends or read a new interesting book instead. In this video, there is a cool selection of new beauty products that will help you to solve lots of problems. Lots of people have droopy eyelids and it could spoil the whole look. You can create temporary crease using eyelid tape. This product is highly popular in Asia and your eyes will look perfect as they will be bigger and more open. Applying eyelid tape is not a tricky process and you will find a step by step tutorial in this video.
Drawing even and full brows could be a disaster as it takes a lot of time every morning, but we have found a cool solution that will save you lots of time. Brow stamps are a cool and pain-free option to try. Yes, it may sound funny but you will be able to achieve a perfect shape in seconds. You will love the results!
The next idea is amazing! Have you ever seen a miniature washing machine for makeup sponges? It’s a super cute gadget that will make your sponges perfectly clean. You will need to fill this adorable mini machine with water and soap, place sponges inside and push a button. Moreover, it has a little hose to drain out the dirty water. I need it ASAP 😍
You may say that the next beauty looks like pure magic but a waterproof foundation exists and it’s a perfect choice for rainy weather or pool party. You won’t be afraid of rain, snow, sweat and your skin will look perfect and glowing.
The skin may go darker on such places as elbows and knees. Dark elbows look awful but there is no need to get upset by this fact. We know a fantastic product that will help to solve this problem. You can buy a cream that will whiten the skin and remove the darkness.
00:09 Lifehack for a flat stomach
00:26 Eyelid beauty Tape
01:00 Washing machine for beauty blenders
02:59 Pillow for office chair
03:59 Waterproof foundation
04:31 Cream for dark elbows
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