Check out this cool and satisfying compilation of wood and epoxy resin projects!
Epoxy resin is a great material that's used in woodworking, decoration, covering for all kinds of surfaces, handmade jewelry, and more.
This video will show you just how wide-ranging the applications of epoxy resin can be - you can create anything with it, from a bowl to a kitchen table or a skateboard.
As a bonus you'll get to see the highly satisfying process of resin being poured!
Watch this amazing video and you'll be impressed with these master craftworkers' skills!
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  • Franciszek Dolas
    Franciszek Dolas

    bravo beautiful good job

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  • Альберт Гадельшин
    Альберт Гадельшин

    Женюсь на ней ))

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  • Caleb García
    Caleb García

    Me gustó mucho tu video, eres muy buena y tu gato y tu perrito😊

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  • 이옥현LeeokHyeon-Sh


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  • chahiro MSS
    chahiro MSS

    Why did you use fire?

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  • Heman Nader
    Heman Nader

    I love it when I see women do those jobs 👍

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  • Sushil Khanagwal
    Sushil Khanagwal

    Incredible :) This makes me want to learn and do hardware stuff with wood and epoxy

    10 giorni fa
  • jonasan arcebal
    jonasan arcebal

    what is the name of that glue sir?

    12 giorni fa
  • oscar caro
    oscar caro

    Cómo es posible calentar con soplete si la reciba es inflamable???????

    14 giorni fa
  • LJ Brooks
    LJ Brooks

    Beautiful ❤️ plz do more especially with flat matte metallic resin

    17 giorni fa
  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Girl you are so awesome you have such a lucky guy

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    Very good special work

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  • Сабе Халил
    Сабе Халил

    Офигеть...и всё это сделала женщина 😲

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  • Woodworking Woodturning
    Woodworking Woodturning

    good job,keep it

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  • *Anderson* santos
    *Anderson* santos

    porra queria uma Mulher dessa

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  • fred wilson
    fred wilson

    nice work,, but i really dislike videos that do not tell which products they use. ,,,sorry,, but wonderful work

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  • Hoby Maymaster
    Hoby Maymaster

    gerçekten çok beğendim ,tebrik ederim...bizim buralarda bayanların çoğu yer içer,tembel tembel yatarlar, insanlar çalışıp kazanınca mutlu olmalı,ayrıca vieo düzenleyip yayın yaptığın içinde teşekkür ederim...iş birliği yapabiliriz

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  • M.J. Nematollahi
    M.J. Nematollahi

    Awesome 👌👌👌

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    Igor Sander


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    Jack W


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  • Diane Butler
    Diane Butler

    Very cool you go girl! ;)

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  • sabin bhujel
    sabin bhujel

    Hi .... Nice job ... I want to try . That u r doing job.... I want to try how to make this type ko glue

    Mese fa
  • sabin bhujel
    sabin bhujel

    Hi .... Nice job ... I want to try . That u r doing job.... I want to try how to make this type ko glue

    Mese fa
  • Владимир Ошкин
    Владимир Ошкин

    Мужу респект! Такому супругу обучил! И она большая молодец! Удачи вам, ребята!

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  • Extreme Funny Fails Videos
    Extreme Funny Fails Videos

    Great works with epoxy raisen. Can you help me where to buy Cheapest raisen. I'm from europa.

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  • Амир Шафеев
    Амир Шафеев

    Какая марка смолы и отвердитель?, что за красители?

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  • Viri Mejia
    Viri Mejia

    Está súper padre

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  • parveen kumar
    parveen kumar

    @5:00 that's creepy look

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  • Andrey Kubich
    Andrey Kubich

    Славное видео, хорошие идеи. Благодарю.

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  • Лена Чернова
    Лена Чернова

    Вы просто роботы генераторы супер бабла море да?

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  • Caw Balie
    Caw Balie

    Wat een schatje!

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  • Zeak Roston
    Zeak Roston

    very funny smile

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  • Effen Truth
    Effen Truth

    I just can't get into resin designs for some reason but the wood is gorgeous.

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  • Son Pham
    Son Pham

    Cho em hỏi loại chất liệu nhựa này có bán ở đâu vậy

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  • Venky The.
    Venky The.

    Daam man that's awesome babe

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  • Noche Blanca
    Noche Blanca

    Women! Go back to the kitchen and stop making men look bad! Lolol

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  • Tony Giannantonio
    Tony Giannantonio

    Wonderful work!! true artist

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  • عبدالعزيز القطان
    عبدالعزيز القطان

    Good luck 👍

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  • pedro Vera hernandez
    pedro Vera hernandez


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  • гагара 37
    гагара 37

    Я вот единственное не могу въехать, зачем она сверлит под наклоном чтоб стянуть бруски,если можно просто это сделать с торца????🤔🤔🤔🤔0:09

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  • Sin Youna
    Sin Youna

    How to make dragon 🐉 by wood it-stream.com/stream/video-3SCUbh5SVKo.html

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  • TruthFinder

    I love these kind of woman. 💪💪💪 good luck to u!!!

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  • Yami Tecnocircuito
    Yami Tecnocircuito

    Veo puro anuncios de MACRI

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  • Marina Gozha
    Marina Gozha

    15:40. what is the oil / protective finish you applied to the wood. The grain looks so beautiful❤. Spasibo ☺

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  • Razil 1
    Razil 1

    Amazing Projects!!

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  • Евгений Медведчук
    Евгений Медведчук


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  • Fernando Circelli
    Fernando Circelli

    Impresionante!!!! Impresionante y hermoso, una genia!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    Трезвый Русский


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  • Татьяна Ивлева
    Татьяна Ивлева

    I think this is a Russian girl or maybe a Ukrainian. She has the inscription on the photo cap “borsch” and all the inscriptions in Cyrillic. Well done. Toiler. She mastered men's specialties. The Russian writer Nekrasov wrote about Russian women: "He will stop the galloping horse, he will enter the burning house."

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  • dzhellek

    This woodworking project has been brought to you by the letter R

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    Marina Gozha

    😂😂😂 hey all my shit is ryobi as well. Works great

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    alauddin islam

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    fahad fad

    I want to learn this ...can you please help me...?

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    koukou mounia

    تحفة فنية رائعة جدا 🌼👍⁦ 👉⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦☺️⁩😍 very nice

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  • Eric R
    Eric R

    the second one was not that great

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  • The ELmeansDuh
    The ELmeansDuh

    That first table. She did an amazing job.

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  • Валерий Пират 333
    Валерий Пират 333

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  • Zizzi Davide
    Zizzi Davide

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  • Alfredo Salari
    Alfredo Salari

    Stodoys scripts includes most of woodworking plans you can find.

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