7 FUN WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD TOYS || Make Old Toys Great Again!

Why would you want to repurpose toys?
Because you have unused, broken toys that you can’t really give away.
Because you want to make a memorable and special gift for your friends - something to treasure from their childhood that won’t look childish.
Because you’re feeling nostalgic and want to find a way to still keep your old toys nearby.
Because the toys are cute and you want them.
Whatever the reason, it’s time to dig out your box of toys and get crafty!
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  • Kandace Gattuso
    Kandace Gattuso

    Ok who wantsba dino in thier ear

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  • Toyarefun199!!!!!

    4:19 No hate but did she just say *I'm feeling poor already!*

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  • Nathan and Lyric
    Nathan and Lyric

    The girls are Mother fuckin dumb niga

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  • Yo Anna Ochoa
    Yo Anna Ochoa

    Do some cell phone case diy

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  • Terse RL
    Terse RL

    Is this about 65 million years ago? Because dinasours, dinasours and more dinasours 🤦😂

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    Brittany love

    My favorite color is not pink dum dum

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    Calie Gerhardy

    4trrt2 ;(

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  • birb lover
    birb lover

    Just donate them

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  • Jessica McDougall
    Jessica McDougall

    who tf has that many random dinosaurs in their house

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  • Finley And Fun
    Finley And Fun

    🦄I ❤️

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  • na Lidia arcia Almaraz
    na Lidia arcia Almaraz

    I. Love you

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  • sashaine wilson
    sashaine wilson

    you guys help me out well

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  • Emily Murray
    Emily Murray

    At the first bit me and my sister did exactly the same thing

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  • RedAZurE

    Or just glue the giraffe together instead of wasting a plate.

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  • Sara S
    Sara S


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  • RedAZurE

    Even worse than Troom Troom and 5-Minute Crafts combined

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  • Angela Barnes
    Angela Barnes

    Ok what grownup plays with dinosaurs ive never Evan had one god there such babies

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  • Hai I’m a Potato
    Hai I’m a Potato

    “Oh look toy dinosaurs” **grabs toy cow** *are you sure about that?*

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  • Saima Tariq
    Saima Tariq


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  • Lelgroma Gogra
    Lelgroma Gogra

    The girl with the earings: I just happen to have on for you too! Me:.....awe heck na!!

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  • สุกัญญา ตุ้มนิลกาล
    สุกัญญา ตุ้มนิลกาล

    I told you Mia was rude but she was beautiful when she puts her lipstick on

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  • Fortnitepro Reza
    Fortnitepro Reza

    Almost all these toys include dinosaurs

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  • Melissa Pitt
    Melissa Pitt

    Gospel trttd66yo

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  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan

    They are the one who made dinosaurs extinct

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  • Get Personalized
    Get Personalized


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  • Samir

    yup ill definitely put dinosaurs in my ears and get bullied

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  • Nadeille Dure
    Nadeille Dure

    Oh I thought I clicked on 5 min crafts

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  • Sabiha Sadek
    Sabiha Sadek

    Cool cheese why did you have to try blur out a curse word and try to say it in front of the 123 GO! Fans now nobody will watch 12 GO! SO COMMENT SORRY NOW OR LATER OR TOMORROW

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    Kayla Harding


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  • Sabiha Sadek
    Sabiha Sadek

    Dinasours are so useful but can you use something else please like mammoths

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  • Sabiha Sadek
    Sabiha Sadek

    You forgot to say to cut the dinasour

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  • Royal__Twistt 12
    Royal__Twistt 12


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  • Robert Reader
    Robert Reader


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    Uhhhh THATS a COW not A DINOSAUR🤣🤣🤣🐄

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  • Minecraft Gaming
    Minecraft Gaming

    Ur ruining good toys insted of donating them to Kids who littery have nothing

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  • Fortnite Pros
    Fortnite Pros


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  • Billy Eyelash Gacha
    Billy Eyelash Gacha

    Why TF would u want a giant @$$ dinosaur going through your ear.

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  • Drawing with Jorja
    Drawing with Jorja

    Wow little toy dinosaurs *pulls out cow*

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  • Olga D.
    Olga D.

    Seven ways to recycle dinosaur toys.....hello

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  • Kendall Pranks
    Kendall Pranks

    The bloopers are fake

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  • Elephanty And Friends
    Elephanty And Friends

    Dolly vs Teddy

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    eliana dudorov


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  • Annie Marsh77
    Annie Marsh77

    0:57 the phone has legs

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  • Claire Mirei Vlog
    Claire Mirei Vlog

    the ideas that you display are e traordinary ... old toys that we can repair again become useful 💖

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  • Dobranszky Patrik
    Dobranszky Patrik

    At 4:38 it's obvious cuz you broke that can. I forgot it depends on the material but it is plasric, and the plastic does not break from falling

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  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson

    Me looking at cover of video:WHAT DA FUQ!!!!!!!! HOW DA HECK DID DAT FIT ON YOU EAR!?!?!?

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  • Panda_pan7

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like WHY WOULD YOU WANT A PLASTIC DINOSAUR AS A TONGUE PIERCING, If you swallow your likely to pull the dinosaur out of the piercing (Ouch) and swallow it! I'm not trying to hate btw

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  • Mychelle Mata
    Mychelle Mata


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