Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs

Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith open the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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  • Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs:

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  • Chris Thornton
    Chris Thornton

    +Lincoln clay how can he be a 5 time draft dodger? Please explain.

    3 ore fa
  • saetyr

    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs ... Michael Obama has bigger balls than his gay husband...

    4 ore fa
  • saetyr

    Michael Obama has bigger balls than his gay husband...

    4 ore fa
  • oldsexy

    +Steve Allen Same thing about that traitor trump in collusion with Putin. When that unfit president sales the US to Russia, what you gonna say then? Learn your Russian.

    Giorno fa
  • xoxoxo xoxo
    xoxoxo xoxo

    She stil the first lady for me Obama is the best. .

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  • BmB Xtravagant
    BmB Xtravagant

    Miche Obama always think about Beyonce

    9 minuti fa
  • DJT TV
    DJT TV

    This country need Michelle Obama

    10 minuti fa
  • John Tabs
    John Tabs

    The first time watching any part of the Grammy’s and I’m realising how pathetic it is smh

    11 minuti fa
  • DJT TV
    DJT TV

    Alicia Keys Always been the goat 🐐

    13 minuti fa
  • Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi
    Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi

    Who runs the 🌎world? Satan.😈

    20 minuti fa
  • vania w
    vania w


    48 minuti fa
  • 기갈지니쪼임공쥬

    04:39 BTS ♡

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  • Kyanna Virgil
    Kyanna Virgil

    Michelle Obama: *breaths* Crowd: GOES WILD!

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  • snow white
    snow white

    Obama get off

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  • Mike Wall
    Mike Wall

    Jlo's hat had me dying laughing. Man o man does she look silly.

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  • indigo2go

    Just my opinion but i'm tired of the Obamas period. I love the other 4.

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  • ariana reyes
    ariana reyes


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  • falkyxx

    GAGA rules. She is very cute and touchy. ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Nairobi Divas
    Nairobi Divas

    sweet massage for free

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  • Patti Adams
    Patti Adams

    Well it looks like michele thinks satan runs the world by her hand gestures. he is defeated by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST! Repent people before it is to late Time is short, the book of Revelations is being fulfilled! Give your hearts to Jesus, before its to late.

    3 ore fa
  • kemi dolapo
    kemi dolapo

    I'm just, wow, speechless. It's not humanly possible to love this more than I already do. Those #5 ladies are just incredible! and have so much impact when they speak. Add Beyonce to the mix and you've got extra incredible. I'm stoked

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  • Joey Vallone
    Joey Vallone

    Is it just me, or has Gaga been acting strange lately? It must be the medication she takes for her health.

    3 ore fa
  • Jacqueline Keriakes
    Jacqueline Keriakes

    All I can see is not a love of music ,its all of you lost your souls and mid as well for a $ .You are not representing powerful womans .You are representing yourself . Fake ,liers and puppets.

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  • Your_Bike_Is_Mine

    Michelle Obama - hello Any crowd anywhere - OMGAHHHHHHHHHHHOHMYLORD

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  • anthony velaquez
    anthony velaquez

    When Michelle Obama spoke oooman💪💪💪

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  • jboles


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  • Gurkha Aashis
    Gurkha Aashis

    Agree that music took your soul

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  • saetyr

    Why do u idolize the elitists?!?

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  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion Lannister

    A Michelle Obama foi bastante aplaudida, não entendi absolutamente nada do que todas elas disseram, mas senti que foi um momento emocionante. Não gosto desse culto a pessoas de carne e osso como nós... Essa coisa de ídolo, a meu ver, não deveria existir... As pessoas (fãs e ídolos) perdem a noção das coisas... Cada pessoa é um mundo, cada um é dono de sua história, senhor ou escravo do seu destino... Viver é um sopro... somente um supro... somente!!

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  • haur li
    haur li

    the right side lady,i dont know her

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  • Edson Pinas
    Edson Pinas

    7:14 5 trannies on stage😂

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  • Vanou Moise
    Vanou Moise

    Mrs Obama I’m begging you run for president I will work for free in the White House for all 4 years and more!!!! We need you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • saetyr

    Michael Obama has bigger balls than her gay husband...

    4 ore fa
  • saetyr

    Michael Obama has bigger balls than her gay husband...

    4 ore fa
  • saetyr

    Michael Obama has bigger balls than her gay husband...

    4 ore fa
  • Mike Usselman
    Mike Usselman

    Big mike

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  • Beyo God Child
    Beyo God Child

    Michelle: *breathes* Everyone: *screams & claps*

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  • Sweet ivi
    Sweet ivi

    #MichelleObama2022 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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  • hello lyda
    hello lyda

    The amount of weave and hair extensions that Grammy night LAWD....

    5 ore fa
  • Given Family
    Given Family

    Alicia is the BEST host ever!!!! She is genuine and her smile brightens the whole room

    5 ore fa
  • Emma F
    Emma F

    Michelle Obama name first in the title**

    5 ore fa
  • Monsoon Thapa
    Monsoon Thapa

    I’m not a speech specialist but they ALL sounded really nervous. Their voice was breaking .. ! I know it coz it happens to me too 🤧

    5 ore fa
  • Anita Tamez
    Anita Tamez

    Michelle Obama, the best, classy, real, honest, open, once in a lifetime time First Lady we have ever had. You can always feel the love when she walks into a room!

    5 ore fa
  • princesscrafttube

    # Grammys so black

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  • VeroSweetHobby

    Please please please Michelle, run for President. We all love and respect you so much!

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  • Angelina Tan
    Angelina Tan

    0:22 there is jk,rm,and jimin❤❤

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  • Aly's Adventures Volgs
    Aly's Adventures Volgs

    I don’t watch the Grammys anymore as it’s to liberal and of the left but what is Michelle Obama doing there she isn’t in the music artist just my opinion

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  • Ann Cannon
    Ann Cannon

    I LOVE THAT!💜💜

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  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden

    LOL! 😂 Good effort ladies; that was cute..

    6 ore fa
  • Melissa Workman
    Melissa Workman

    Absolutely True For Everyone! Helps Express Our Emotions With Whatever We May Be Going Through In Life!🙏❤️🎶

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  • Z Z
    Z Z

    I loveee GAGA

    6 ore fa
  • Nhi Arslain
    Nhi Arslain

    So much love and mutual respect! Sisterhood is so beautiful to watch.

    6 ore fa
  • Asia Palmer
    Asia Palmer

    It looks like jlo and Lady Gaga swapped clothes

    6 ore fa
  • nikkiniceness Francis
    nikkiniceness Francis

    I got goose bumps! The best award show ever! Powerful ladies!!! I love it! I am in awe!! Bring Alicia keys again! And again! She is so smooth! Like some good old fashioned nice cornmeal porridge(l😍

    6 ore fa
  • dmarkslove

    “Who runs the world?” And Michelle Obama points down🤔

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  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Michelle Obama is only famous because of her husband. She is such a false idol and a racist.

    6 ore fa
  • Karakyn Sladka
    Karakyn Sladka

    Wow the comments about the wife of another war monger drone ordering baby killer is enough to make the outside world looking in on America vomit. What a programmed society that look up to Satanists and those that spread messages through song such as being in love with Judas and that she (Gaga) wont cry for jesus crucification etc. Idolosie away fools.

    7 ore fa
  • Karakyn Sladka
    Karakyn Sladka

    Is that why Obama points down when asked who runs the world?

    7 ore fa
  • Nicki Queen
    Nicki Queen

    Michelle Is the Queen 👑

    7 ore fa
  • Miss Gee
    Miss Gee

    Fake azz no singing j-lo only use blacks to further your career! Gurl bye!

    7 ore fa
  • Jayden Franklin
    Jayden Franklin

    M Obama made my day

    7 ore fa
  • Cindy B
    Cindy B

    Michele Obama Elizabeth Warren debate would be historical

    7 ore fa
  • Dao Ph
    Dao Ph

    O Michael Obama liar 🤥

    7 ore fa
  • D Taylor
    D Taylor

    bts wooow

    7 ore fa
  • Afsana Perveen
    Afsana Perveen

    I saw bts lol I had to

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  • PisaCake9

    I promise you I came for the speech's but when I saw my babies I screamed 4:37

    8 ore fa
  • Taylor


    8 ore fa
  • Pearl Hanna
    Pearl Hanna

    Alicia Keys is adorable!

    9 ore fa
  • A Van der weide
    A Van der weide

    God almighty, Big Mike Obama is towering over all of the other, real, women. How long is everybody going to pretend they're not looking at a transgender? Fine, but let's stop the lies, like "I had two miscarriages" etc.

    9 ore fa
  • Millie Cruz
    Millie Cruz

    We love us some Michelle Obama

    9 ore fa
  • Unique Creation
    Unique Creation

    I don't know why after watching Michelle Obama speech for the 2nd time, I almost just cried. It just makes my heart so happy as us black women are portrayed in America and around the world to be the most hated and least desirable. I love this moment, it teared me up.

    9 ore fa
  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia

    Michelle Obama looking more manly the older she gets..

    9 ore fa
  • Hambouu 58
    Hambouu 58

    Iconic af ♥♥

    9 ore fa
  • utbr01

    THAT was Amazing!! Just hearing Michelle Obama's voice....just touched me! GOD I miss them sooo soo MUCH!!!

    9 ore fa
  • Hodan Isack
    Hodan Isack

    Jennifer Lopez legend love u

    9 ore fa
  • Karen Hargis
    Karen Hargis

    Dang, Michelle Obama is tall

    10 ore fa
  • Jerrell Ronnie
    Jerrell Ronnie

    Michelle Obama Voice speaks for itself!!! 🤗 LOVE HER

    10 ore fa
  • Dionne Eckstein
    Dionne Eckstein

    Michelle says 2 words and everyone starts screaming and crying ugh her influencr

    10 ore fa
  • Dionne Eckstein
    Dionne Eckstein

    Mother monster we love u 😍😍

    10 ore fa
  • Aime Price
    Aime Price

    Alicia high as f#$K

    10 ore fa
  • Jacquella Mack
    Jacquella Mack

    I swear I only come to this video to see my For ever First Lady Michelle Obama....she's not even in office but they give her PROPS WELL RESPECTED...

    10 ore fa
  • Marco Z
    Marco Z

    All the Garbage of the world...with Obama

    10 ore fa
  • MsJohann44

    Michelle for President

    11 ore fa
  • zoya baisultanоva
    zoya baisultanоva

    У Дженнифер не самый удачный образ, лица не видно

    11 ore fa
  • Last name First name
    Last name First name

    🇺🇸🇺🇸DEAR AMERICA,🇺🇸🇺🇸 Why let some monkey, wall making douche run your country when there is Michelle Obama right here.... hands down she would be amazing!!!!! ... Someone please explain???!!!!???? Thanks, from a person really concerned with your country slightly going down hill from a carrot looking man... 😂😆🙏

    12 ore fa
  • egbenjui julliette
    egbenjui julliette

    I love Jlo's outfit and speech

    12 ore fa
  • egbenjui julliette
    egbenjui julliette

    Wat is Alicia wearing on her God

    12 ore fa
  • Aerron Jarin
    Aerron Jarin

    I want to ask a question to americans:Do you missing the time when obama was president

    12 ore fa
  • Queenette Udi
    Queenette Udi

    I can listen to Michelle all day

    12 ore fa
  • Arnold Schuermans.
    Arnold Schuermans.

    Let's pray GOD shows us, not only in the USA, but all over the world, what an evil person Michelle (Michael) Obama really is.

    13 ore fa
  • Gina Greenlee
    Gina Greenlee

    I LOVE that she is still on her "no makeup" train. "Regla" gals need to see this. And she got her celebrity doo rag on. Love, my sistuh! Love to ya!

    13 ore fa
  • figgypudding

    Good on mish for having the balls to step up there onstage with those women.

    13 ore fa
  • Danny Steeler
    Danny Steeler

    *Feminist has left The Chat*

    13 ore fa
  • Mr. 79
    Mr. 79

    5:09 AJ Styles?! 🤔

    14 ore fa
  • Oussama Almaskine
    Oussama Almaskine

    You can tell that jlo was nervous, Alicia and Michelle they really control the nerves

    14 ore fa
  • Pratibha Kanojia
    Pratibha Kanojia

    Happiness is Little sight of BTS ❤️ between beautiful ladies and their inspiring words

    15 ore fa
  • GFormica1

    Obama is gigantic...never knew how tall she was.

    15 ore fa
  • littlexredradio

    this gave me LIFE.

    15 ore fa
  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina

    I feel like Michelle is the only one to really beat Trump.

    15 ore fa
  • Edgars Grazulis
    Edgars Grazulis

    Truly inspirational speeches! Thank you, ladies, for sharing your experiences and telling how much music has been part of your lives. Of our lives :)

    16 ore fa

    If u watch this and it doesn’t put a smile on u! Nothing can 😂

    16 ore fa
  • Lynn Wyatt
    Lynn Wyatt


    16 ore fa
  • girldairy

    Why all women?

    16 ore fa
  • Jesus Is King
    Jesus Is King

    Look up the interview of Gaga with his mom on Oprah! He admits to being a man! Also, there is a video of Gaga in concert, he (Gaga)gets off a motorcycle, has no undies on, and flashes his Penis! I'm not repeating this anymore! Like I said, look it up yourself if you don't believe me! #Nasty #Trannie

    16 ore fa
  • TR3NCH

    "Who runs the world?" Hmm... :/

    16 ore fa