This is the greatest video essay of All Time


  • penguinz0

    Animation by

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  • Guarr

    Bro ur gatekeeping literally everyone knows what blockbuster is

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  • kobra6660

    Not buying Netflix is just a big question on why they didnt get bought out and they could have changed things if they started the redbox

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  • HentaiHistorian

    I miss video rental stores...

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  • Sora NioStaur
    Sora NioStaur

    this . . . was a really good video, thank you my dude

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  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Bro, I just pirated my shit back then

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  • Bryce Butt
    Bryce Butt

    Fuck Blockbuster, and Fuck Netflix

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  • Risky Bisky
    Risky Bisky

    Wait how young was I when I last went to a blockbuster? 5? 6? Dang...

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  • FermiGBM1

    Nice eulogy for Blockbuster lol

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  • Sean Minor
    Sean Minor

    I will always remember the day when 12 year old me was at the local blockbuster that was just giving away all its shit for free.

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  • sato

    dude i fucking remember blockbuster on demand and total access lmaoooo. we stayed with blockbuster until the bitter end too. :'(

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  • Sir white a lot the pagan preacher
    Sir white a lot the pagan preacher

    Basically blockbuster is a library but for videos...but now I gotta wonder why library's haven't went to shit.

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  • AngloRebel

    "the lessons that we learn are carved on the tombstones of others"

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  • Spanky Dough Dandy
    Spanky Dough Dandy

    My local block buster became a gym and i was so sad when i went back to my home town and saw people exercising in MY BLOCKBUSTER

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  • kyler124

    You keep bringing up Netflix but Netflix wasn't really that big either. Blockbuster started dropping pretty early because their prices were just too much. I remember my Blockbuster only lasting like a month then closing. I think Redbox and family video is what killed it. Netflix was kinda a joke back in 2006 so I don't see much of an impact.

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  • the orangebear
    the orangebear

    extra vision were irelands blockbuster

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  • ChrisHazFun

    If Blockbuster were to come back it should be as some sort of Cafe/Rental mashup store, before my local video shop shut down I thought what better addition to a place like that would be than a section where you can sit down and chill while your kids look for something to watch back at home, double down on the experience it offered.

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  • ChrisHazFun

    The Last Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon: The 8th wonder of the world

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  • Sfg116

    “Live PD the game” hahahah that is great

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  • Michael

    dude this was a really cool funny and suprisingly interesting video

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  • Alex Ryan
    Alex Ryan

    Problem i hate with netflix lets be real a lot of the movies and shows on there are mediocre or bad and they take a lot of the good movies and shows off thats why i loved blockbuster

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  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller

    I was born August 1st 2004 and I have fond memories with my dad of the final days of blockbuster

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  • canti

    Wait. Netflix is beginning to die now itself. Slowly, but its dying. The last Blockbuster may outlive the company it wanted to compete with, decades later.

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  • nuclearcheese

    Take a shot every time he says Blockbuster

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  • Shtuffy does Stuff
    Shtuffy does Stuff

    I REALLY like this animation style, its like an amazing combo for Crititical

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  • blidrob

    There's STILL a Family Video open down my street. They mostly sell CBD.

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  • Brandon Ferrell
    Brandon Ferrell

    No mention of RedBox?

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  • Bombastic Dev
    Bombastic Dev

    Woah, that copy of Monkey Trouble brought back memories.

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  • exactinmidget92

    how bout that Hollywood video?

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  • NRT Danteツ
    NRT Danteツ

    Cut hair

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  • exactinmidget92

    0:16, these are the people that think 40k copied Starcraft.

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  • Ethan Reid
    Ethan Reid

    What ab redbox tho

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  • nnickerson100

    i have a copy of yoshis story that i rented from blockbuster but never actuly returned. still have it even after they went under.

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  • Cheezeitzrice Insert-last-name-here
    Cheezeitzrice Insert-last-name-here

    Dude I miss Blockbuster and I shed a tear every time I walk past the Redbox in my local Safeway

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  • nadia

    I used to go to blockbuster with my family and get movies and some cartoon seasons that we would watch together, you could get sonic underground and weird barbie movies, god i miss those days so much

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  • EKG Eric Kelly Games
    EKG Eric Kelly Games

    I never got to go to blockbuster only a few times because my mom didnt go after they asked for her SS#

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  • Kazoio

    As a kid, I'd always go to Family Video with my parents and pick out a video game or a movie. Only recently it shut down. A lot of people went there, though. I already miss that Family Video and it's been gone only 2 months.

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  • random

    I want an alternate universe where Blockbuster and Enron got in on the whole streaming service thing

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  • Happily Ham
    Happily Ham

    Blockbuster was still profitable in Canada, but when the American Blockbuster went under, the Canadian Blockbuster was left with all of their debt and could no longer survive.

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  • The Goddess Of Edge
    The Goddess Of Edge

    Animated Charlie is a precious boi. Protecc him.

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  • RC Doomslayer
    RC Doomslayer

    I was a child when our towns blockbuster shut down. All I can remember is the hot emo chick who worked front counter... AND THE SMELL!!! It’s a smell I hated as a kid, but would pay loads of money just to have a “blockbuster candle”. It’s an indescribable that I can only describe as hot-topic meets an antic shop.

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  • Jon

    By far the most advertiser friendly video I've ever seen Charlie put out. Nice work my guy.

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  • patchchrist

    Nah, I actually hated Blockbuster. I don't remember them as fondly. My memories of them are ridiculous late fees, overpriced, over-edited tapes, and stores colder than a meat locker. Good riddance.

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  • Senor Corbuiser
    Senor Corbuiser

    Peak your fucking cap bud. Its been annoying me for ages but no one has said shit. Baseball caps need to be bent into a triangle to be any good at blocking sunlight when walking. Otherwise you may as well be golfing with that silly green hat shit. Great upload as always btw. Love your work.

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  • Memesbeforepuns

    I totally forgot that Netflix used to mail you your movies. I just blocked it out of my memories

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  • Comrade Seb
    Comrade Seb

    The blockbuster in my town went pretty strong until about 2013, sadly it died that year

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  • Sergio Andres Muñoz Castillo
    Sergio Andres Muñoz Castillo

    The lipsync in this video enlightens me

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  • PsychoGaming

    What about Family Video?

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  • Extremely depressed Memebreath
    Extremely depressed Memebreath


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  • Faller boy
    Faller boy

    No mention of redbox ?

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  • geostillo78


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  • RINX

    Now Netflix is in trouble because of everyone pulling their movies out

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  • hungryninja123

    Forgot to mention when blockbuster tried to copy redbox.

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  • Aura Productions
    Aura Productions

    what about hollywood videos?😓

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  • kobra6660

    Blockbuster would be around if they just bought Netflix they wouldn't have died out because they fell behind on the technologu

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  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    I jus LUV how the title of the vid is simply "Blockbuster". Made me feel like i was gonna watch another one of Charlie's sincere and philosophical sh## 👍 👌

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  • Olive Yaclosov
    Olive Yaclosov

    Gaming is a different beast people still prefer physical media on that end

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  • Red Tail
    Red Tail

    I mostly rented 360 games from blockbuster, and I forced my family to pay for the movie Alpha and Omega and the game adaptation of Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (which I remember as the best fucking game in the world) I was low-key pissed as hell when our Blockbuster closed because that was the only place in town that sold games for a good few years until we got a small game store that also happened to close like two years ago

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  • holden marksbury
    holden marksbury

    they were also homophobic

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  • sam knows
    sam knows

    1:56 this guy looks like *Jordan* *Peterson*

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  • Generic Jonathan
    Generic Jonathan

    Now netflix is fuckin up

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  • xxero

    What about RedBox? I thought RedBox really lit a fire under BlockBusters ass for a long while.

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  • Creative X
    Creative X

    You should use this animation style more because it looks 👍

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  • Garrett Feathers
    Garrett Feathers

    Can you make a video of you going to the last remaining blockbuster?

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  • Parker Beck
    Parker Beck

    I thought you were joking about the Enron part. I can't believe that was real!

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  • Apple Tek Support
    Apple Tek Support

    But there's one in Alaska

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  • Ur Boy Seth
    Ur Boy Seth

    I got F3AR from blockbuster, and a lot more.

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  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo

    Netflix is gonna take another soldiers life. Family video

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  • LaBelle's Workshop
    LaBelle's Workshop

    I loved Blockbuster for trying Xbox 360 games

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  • NightLocket 64
    NightLocket 64

    I want more like this

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  • GoonaTV

    bro "They speed ran bankruptcy" had me dying XDDD

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  • Keenan Wright
    Keenan Wright

    When Netflix was a dvd delivery service me and my dad used to burn all the dvds onto blanks and now we just have a stupid large collection

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  • Jake Skehan
    Jake Skehan

    I watched this high and my god, very good.

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  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez

    I remember I had a blockbuster near a Denny’s went there to many times

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  • Minor Pear
    Minor Pear

    honestly you would think people would rent like 20 movies the day before blockbuster declared bankruptcy and then never return the movie

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  • Digitial Konnections
    Digitial Konnections

    I was a Hollywood video customer

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  • Brian Cows
    Brian Cows

    I remember my dad telling me this story of how blockbuster started and ended just out of the blue... and then I get a recommendation from Charlie's video

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  • Cory Ellis
    Cory Ellis you're telling me that Blockbuster IS still alive?? As long as there's one :) My family was die-hard for Blockbuster, we had the membership where you get a movie in the mail each month and special deals on rentals and stuff. And we would pick up a movie at least once a week, times were great.

    Giorno fa

    The first I ever remember hearing about Blockbuster was from the South Park parody of the Shining from 2012 where Randy buys an abandonned Blockbuster store for $10,000 and forces his family to work there with him, then he goes insane because there's no customers and he's in denial about video rental stores being obsolete.

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  • Dude523

    I had my birthday party at the Blockbuster Golf & Games near my hometown. That place closed in 2000 but I remember it fondly to this day.

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  • Big Anndy
    Big Anndy

    Block buster was the shit they had the best candy with those big ass gummy snakes and popcorn buckets

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  • Non Player Character Number6
    Non Player Character Number6

    I live a couple hour outside of bend Oregon. I’m gonna make a trip up there just to do it and have the memories come back.

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  • FTB Games
    FTB Games

    Well boys, it's time to visit the last Blockbuster in existence

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  • GoldPrince2468

    My mom still has a couple of Blockbuster movies she was going to return but the store was DONE when we showed up. Can’t return movies if there’s nowhere to return to so we kept them.

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  • Andrew Lietz
    Andrew Lietz

    I wish the old you was secretly in a basement prison. I miss your old content. Maybe you'll make a u-turn at 80. I'm still entertained by your work, its very different. I'll be subbed, and hopefully you hit the big pictures one day.

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