BROKE vs PRO Gaming

The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
Ken's setup - Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:
Austin's setup - Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:
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  • TWICE Nayeon
    TWICE Nayeon

    My pc is worth 120$

    4 ore fa
  • Kyle 96
    Kyle 96

    How can you tell that a keyboard is a membrane keyboard?

    4 ore fa
  • aristhe_godYT

    My setup Samsung Galaxy s7 Im broke

    4 ore fa
  • Allround

    1800 you get ripped hard eww

    5 ore fa
  • Popkill

    He should have gotten some razer gear, they're expensive but good

    5 ore fa
  • AXxx TRAP_Wonder XxxA
    AXxx TRAP_Wonder XxxA

    My setup A lawn chair A $100 laptop that you can only play roblox (barley) and Minecraft on but it puts you at 30fps and 300-800 ping every time you play

    5 ore fa
  • Leo Huang
    Leo Huang

    I could buy a whole setup with ken's setup LMAO

    5 ore fa
  • Jah Gonzaga
    Jah Gonzaga

    lol this guy trying to act like hes the good guy, how much did you pay at least your pal to be the bad guy ha?

    6 ore fa
  • SoloGamersTvV

    My setup : ps4 pro A chair A 1080p tv 30€ ps4 gqming headset 😢

    6 ore fa
  • Jamie Bui
    Jamie Bui

    Although ken has better gear, He didn’t save $3.40 on his mouse. I think you made the smarter move here

    6 ore fa
  • nottacop

    $1600 on a 144hz monitor and $250 for a 10 year old headset lmfao this dumbass got ripped off HARD

    7 ore fa
  • Brenton W
    Brenton W

    those blue headphones are the ones i have

    8 ore fa
  • nottacop

    ugh this channel is so cringe. how is this guy doing better than timmy joe...

    8 ore fa
  • nottacop

    hotswappable keycaps? huh?

    8 ore fa
  • GamerStar 123
    GamerStar 123

    my setup my brick nokia phone

    8 ore fa

    He feels so proud of the money he spent🤣🤣🤣🤣love it

    8 ore fa
  • Crazyralph 09
    Crazyralph 09

    Astro suck

    8 ore fa
  • King of Kings & Ruler of Rulers
    King of Kings & Ruler of Rulers

    My Setup: -Ps4 -thats it

    9 ore fa
  • Dylan Cremin
    Dylan Cremin

    My set up A couch Xbox1 70$headset 45+inchTV

    10 ore fa


    10 ore fa
  • Mark Kilian
    Mark Kilian

    Should of played quake heads up

    10 ore fa
  • fastzajac #official
    fastzajac #official

    I also watch linus tech tips

    11 ore fa
  • White Flamingo
    White Flamingo

    Overwatch lol

    11 ore fa

    My setup Samsung tab a6 My rooms'# bed And a normal earphone It's so comfortable!!!!

    13 ore fa
  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno

    2O DOLLARS for the red dragon that's MECHANICAL

    13 ore fa
  • Jose Moreno
    Jose Moreno

    you should have bought the Red Dragon k552 keyboard

    13 ore fa
  • Jitendra & Vani
    Jitendra & Vani


    14 ore fa
  • Jitendra & Vani
    Jitendra & Vani


    14 ore fa
  • Wyatt Lee
    Wyatt Lee

    My setup Samsung galaxy tab e lite Minecraft IT-stream Roblox Pewdiepies tuber simulator

    14 ore fa
  • ymellow

    My setup 3ds + couch

    14 ore fa
  • yLuukzZ__-

    My Setup LG 75hz Monitor HyperX Mars RHB Pulsefire Surge HyperX Fury S HyperX Cloud II Ordinary office chair

    14 ore fa
  • Tyrese Moses
    Tyrese Moses

    My setup Windows exp computer Stolen airplane head phone Keyboard that is mostly broken Kitchen stool

    14 ore fa
  • MixedOnYoutube

    my setup my pc 800 my mouse 50 my ketboard 50 my monitor 50

    15 ore fa
  • Orcadox

    My setup 13 y.o office chair £80 laptop A box A Microsoft mouse

    15 ore fa
  • D4ad_ Gaming
    D4ad_ Gaming

    You call that a broke's computer i dont even have a computer lol

    15 ore fa
  • Nitro tv Xpired
    Nitro tv Xpired

    My set up: 30$ headset 10$ gaming chair from my cousin(his old one) 100$ large mointor x3 50$ keyboard 20$ mouse 20$ mic 30$ face cam It ok I from my money :/ *reply with your setup* -this took forever-

    15 ore fa
  • Aidan Grimm
    Aidan Grimm

    My setup: Razer Hunstman TE Logitech g403 Arozzi Arena Desk Alienware 240hz Monitor Corsair mm300 I came from an xbox and a controller that had a rotating joystick and a terrible tv, be humble and work hard and u will achieve greatness

    15 ore fa
  • Mass Bass
    Mass Bass

    That Dreamville Shirt 🔥

    16 ore fa
  • Milan Ramakers
    Milan Ramakers

    They have a budget of 1000000 dollar but a mouspad nonono

    16 ore fa
  • M4ZK3N

    my setup is razer ornata for 69$ Gaming laptop cepter for 1250$ gaming noname mouse for 0.90$ and westrom mosepad for 10$ Acer Predator for 1699$.......what!!!!

    16 ore fa
  • TheCraftedEnder

    My Setup iPhone 7 Kindergarten Chair

    16 ore fa
  • TSW_ Reaper
    TSW_ Reaper

    I got the astro a60

    16 ore fa
  • Scarfy Ops YT
    Scarfy Ops YT

    What pc are you guys using?

    17 ore fa
  • Down Syndrome
    Down Syndrome

    Asus gaming laptop 800$ Hyper X alloy core Rgb (because my laptop had a french keyboard) 56$ Logitech G502 50$ Trust Gxt mouse pad 15$

    18 ore fa
  • Thieu Quang Trung
    Thieu Quang Trung

    Ken doesn't look like he's a pro at this game tho.... I mean who gonna try hard a fps game without a mousepad and with a super heavy mouse like g502?

    19 ore fa
  • Patrickis Nub
    Patrickis Nub

    Broke but a Pro player Rich but a noob player hmm seems true

    19 ore fa
  • It's Abdullah
    It's Abdullah

    My setup not joking: A 600$ monitor Rtx 2080 Elgato 4k 500$ finalmouse 300$ keyboard In my dreamss 😂😂

    20 ore fa
  • Alf Dubs
    Alf Dubs

    My setup is sofa, iPad 6th gen and some good headphones (Not complaining btw, I’d just rather talk to people on the sofa than in room on my own)

    21 ora fa
  • Adhi Xo
    Adhi Xo

    My setup a 3000$ gaming pc a gaming chair and a mini fridge 240hz monitor:)

    21 ora fa

    No keyboard or mouse?

    19 ore fa
  • Adhi Xo
    Adhi Xo

    Which mouse was in 0:19

    21 ora fa
  • bonkfacee

    Here where i live red dragon is expensive if you see someone with it you would be like DAM BRO

    22 ore fa
  • tamer boomyyt
    tamer boomyyt

    This is the 1 keyboard that I got 1:16

    22 ore fa
  • Aldave RJ
    Aldave RJ

    Ok IT-stream I've watched it

    23 ore fa
  • Alexavier HCH EN
    Alexavier HCH EN


    23 ore fa
  • I’m a OTAKU
    I’m a OTAKU

    My setup: A laptop Headphones I stole from school A mouse that I took from someone My bed Basically that’s all

    Giorno fa
  • ketanrm

    My broke gaming setup laptop 300 $ headphones 1.2 $ mouse 3 $ first copy of gaming mouse with 2 thumb buttons at very low settings 720p my setup give me up to 40 to 55 fps in fortnite and I'm from west part of india so ping is very high still i manage 7 8 kills in each match. your cheap setup is my dream setup

    Giorno fa
  • Ace XO
    Ace XO

    My setup Ps4 Ps4 camera 1st gen And a kitchen chair

    Giorno fa
  • Flanishiea Eastep
    Flanishiea Eastep

    Your trash dude f u

    Giorno fa
  • Erik Glassford
    Erik Glassford


    Giorno fa
  • Colin V
    Colin V

    I have a rizer. Laptop. And mince

    Giorno fa
  • RonaldMc 4343
    RonaldMc 4343


    Giorno fa