Cringing at Rick & Morty Memes w/ The Show's Creator Justin Roiland

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  • h3h3Productions

    Hey ya'll we shot this video weeks ago and it was 90% finished when Yung Theodore was born, so here it is - Hope you guys enjoy it! Please support ya boy Justin Roiland's new game, Trover Saves The Universe out now on Steam and PS4 🙏 Also the colorblock hoodie is back in stock over at 🙏

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  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller

    h3h3Productions congratulations 🎊🍾🎈🎉 you’re a hell of a beautiful family!!!

    6 giorni fa
  • Fernando Ceja
    Fernando Ceja

    I get myself out of bed and right away 10 seconds later I'm doing an interview.

    8 giorni fa
  • JailaL Badgurjar
    JailaL Badgurjar

    Mother fuckee

    9 giorni fa
  • FoXy

    Hi Ethan I thought about starting a reaction channel with the same sort of criticism and jokes and memes sorta style is that all good or goof.? Thnx

    13 giorni fa
  • Ya Boi Catlord
    Ya Boi Catlord


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  • Sophii Sherman
    Sophii Sherman


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  • Na. Dip
    Na. Dip

    This is gay I really was about to try in buy the game but it's not on xbox one 😣🙃

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  • TheAvirus

    Is H3h3 high? 1:21

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  • cbnunley12

    H3 are you on crack?

    2 ore fa
  • Power Flower
    Power Flower


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  • Blunt Tip
    Blunt Tip

    Oh look an ad for a game. Guess what the point of this video was, guys.

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    12:22 your rick & morty impressions sound as if mickey mouse and popeye were doing them LMAOOOO

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  • Solrac Etazra
    Solrac Etazra

    Why does Ethan sound like Edgar Frog from the Lost Boys when he does a Rick impression lmfao😂😂😂

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  • xThreeYearsx

    Imagine how upsetting the RAM fans that made the fanart feel watching this vid lmao

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  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle

    Ethan: What is the minimum IQ to watch Rick and Morty? Justin: 0 *normies: Its free real estate*

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  • Menace312

    So much honesty in the words of these guys. I'm overloading! Not used to that at all! But it is very welcome. Also, "a way of life"? Its a TV show man. A very good one. But still just a f'ing show! Jesus...

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  • zenmasterjay

    Search for me on insta. Morty memes.

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  • John Mabe
    John Mabe

    You've gotta make mcds bring that seschwan sauce back.

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  • Jay Vallissa
    Jay Vallissa

    pickle wick!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Epicfoxy143

    12:48 he sound like marge simson

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  • Nicholas Leclerc
    Nicholas Leclerc

    2:19 OF FUCKING COUSE you won’t see the same thing : Rick & Morty appeals to more people and is superficially understood and interesting (in terms of plot, style, appearance and characters) to more people; then, you have a memorable, edgy, nihilistic scientist, *so the dumb fans will catch on to that and actually buy into the idea of how much smarter the show is because they’re too dumb to understand the show completely and REALIZE that it isn’t : Dunning-Kruger effect; they’re too dumb (ignorant) to realize how dumb (ignorant) they are*

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  • Nicholas Leclerc
    Nicholas Leclerc

    0:39 Question : “What is the minimum IQ required to watch _Rick and Morty_ ?” *Literally the fucking co-creator of the show* : “Uhm... 0” Welp, there you have it.

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  • tigrey tigrey
    tigrey tigrey

    Whats up with this dudes eyebrows?

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  • Dropout TBH
    Dropout TBH

    I love Rick & Morty ☺

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  • Michael Serra
    Michael Serra

    I watched this video again just for the eye brows

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  • Hadi Shamli Oghli
    Hadi Shamli Oghli

    You should do a video on Scarlet Johnson cast as black James Bond

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  • Morrissey Kuc
    Morrissey Kuc

    So, Ethan you bastard, this is why they haven't made season 4 because you're inviting Roiland round to look a bloody memes.

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  • Supreme dank
    Supreme dank

    When are we going to see a video about hooman tv

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  • Mr. cat
    Mr. cat

    The show isn't even that good lol. You guys act like multiverse cartoon is something new. This one just has bad sex and dick jokes and cringy catch phrases like wubaluba dubdub

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  • Tunga Troll
    Tunga Troll

    you didnt quite get the rick james one, it's genius

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  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    black mirror: WOT IF TECHNOLOGEE WOZ BAD

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  • Rug hani
    Rug hani

    andddd he vanished again

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  • Newfoundland Man
    Newfoundland Man

    Buddy what’s with the eyebrows doing the wave every 2 seconds 😂

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  • T

    @Skittle Trash mhm

    3 ore fa
  • Skittle Trash
    Skittle Trash

    He has tourette's

    16 ore fa
  • Jake Barnes
    Jake Barnes

    When he said god read the room. All I thought ab was when rick said the same thing

    Giorno fa
  • DamperMicrobe63

    the weird thing is, I hate the show and I hate most of the hardcore fans but I love the creators' comedy, he reminds me of muyskerm

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  • North Shore Riding
    North Shore Riding

    Ethan: How can I make content without actually putting any effort into the process. Ahh yes, use a celebrity for clickbait. And somehow it still ends up being not funny.

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  • Clover Goldngreen
    Clover Goldngreen

    Was anyone else hoping to see Justin's reaction to Pickle Rick making out with Larry the Cucumber?

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  • Devo Blanco
    Devo Blanco


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  • Anthony Bryan
    Anthony Bryan

    Ifunny gang what up!

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  • User Bottom Text
    User Bottom Text

    I love the fact that he tried to say "reply to this thread or your mother will die in her sleep" but then he realized he couldnt say that in real life because it sounds dark and also implies he browses a certain website so he changed it to cancer in a damage control way but it was to late to change the dark and ominous part. Xavier renegade angel is better but that doesnt mean rick and morty is bad. I liked it from the start but it got overrated very quickly and the fans are garbage. I like it as a casual thing but wouldnt buy a t shirt like a certain obnoxious fake nerdy gamer girl would. Also forgot he uses normies in a way but he could have gotten it from reddit. If he's trying to hide it its probably not though.

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  • User Bottom Text
    User Bottom Text

    @T r/dank memes, its pretty edgy and hardcore. I wouldnt recomend it.

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  • T

    what? Which website are you implying dude, I literally have no clue. (plus I'm curious)

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  • Mr. IKnow
    Mr. IKnow

    What is the background music in the beginning

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  • King Widow
    King Widow

    I’m a straight guy but Ethan threatens to gives me wood, owing to his relatable, meta-*cough* chat, that’s more impressive than a Nick and Lorrie fan’s IQ distribution. ‘F#@* White Rabbit. Throw the charging IPad in the tub when Midget Matzah peaks! *BUNG!*’. *RRRRrrrrRrRrrrRrreeeeEeeeeEEeEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEeee*

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  • MarsManiac

    I like the Jewish Elmo.

    Giorno fa
  • Gumbo

    Ethan should do this but it will be called “Cringing at ethan memes with the creator, ethan’s dad”

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  • zerrez

    Ethan got his wish to make a video with Justin Roiland granted. Good on you make-a-wish foundation.

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  • zerrez

    not a hater but couldn't resist making this joke

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  • Where's the Freedom?
    Where's the Freedom?

    This Roiland guy so so boring.

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  • gabrielle elise
    gabrielle elise

    I hardcore understand Justin getting second hand embarrassment from the video of the guy jumping up on the counter

    Giorno fa
  • Adam Browne
    Adam Browne

    When is season 4 coming?

    Giorno fa
  • DoomedX

    Is this is late but congrats on the baby now we have a heir to the h3h3 throne

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  • Alan  Choi Chang
    Alan Choi Chang

    the veggie tales meme with father son mother and neighbor was waaay to obvious... wtf justin?

    Giorno fa
  • Alan  Choi Chang
    Alan Choi Chang

    seems like justin is pretty humble and down to earth. praising his team instead of taking all the credit. nice guy

    Giorno fa
  • Alan  Choi Chang
    Alan Choi Chang

    also, the rick james one, you probably would have had to understand the whole "im rick james bitch" to fully get it.

    Giorno fa
  • gennysis

    At 16:38 when he is like “I can’t watch/I fuckin’ hate it”. Truly the cringe of creating monsters. I loved it.

    Giorno fa
  • What’s Up
    What’s Up

    “What’s the minimum iq to watch Rick and Morty?” “0”. Me: God damn it.

    Giorno fa
  • Amy Saylor
    Amy Saylor

    h3: So, what is the minimum IQ to watch Rick and Morty? Justin: 0 Me (With -12 IQ): Dangit!

    Giorno fa
  • Pakemovies

    10:59 Did you assume my gender?

    Giorno fa