Dendoncker & Cutrone see off the Hammers | Wolves 2-0 West Ham United | Highlights

Take a look back at the highlights from the Premier League fixture between Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Ham United at Molineux.


  • Excuse U
    Excuse U


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  • 9/12 /15
    9/12 /15

    Cutrone torna al Milan⚫🔴

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  • The real Crix
    The real Crix

    Cutrone back home

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  • Asim Sulaimani
    Asim Sulaimani

    Love wolves

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  • Mattia Belponte
    Mattia Belponte


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  • jesus alberto rodriguez gonzalez
    jesus alberto rodriguez gonzalez

    Lobos nómadas 2 - 0 Jamón del oeste unido.

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  • Carlo Martinelli
    Carlo Martinelli

    Great Patrik from one of your great Milan fan. We have not forgotten you 👍👍👍

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    Os Wolvinhos subiendo posiçaos en la clasificaçao, maravilhoso

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    grande cutrone!!!!!!!, hasta ahora no supero que lo hayan vendido

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  • Asslam Dåm
    Asslam Dåm

    Hands 0:30 0:47 Dulce 1:07 Respeto 1:19 Agridulce Oll korrect Nuno

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  • Poohlizie 83
    Poohlizie 83

    Cutroneeee ♥️🖤♥️🖤

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  • Mando DG
    Mando DG

    Viva el cutronismo 👐

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  • Andre Marreros
    Andre Marreros

    @Mando DG Con San Patrick Cutrone todo es posible...

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  • Mando DG
    Mando DG

    Andre Marreros eso espero

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  • Andre Marreros
    Andre Marreros

    Que Cutrone te guarde en salud y sabiduría...

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  • Link to Fire
    Link to Fire

    This pack of wolves is getting better and better. Greetings from Mexico.

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  • dimas anton
    dimas anton

    cutrone..... mantap !!!!!!

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  • Lamico81

    Grande bomber

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  • Raoul Alessandro Nita
    Raoul Alessandro Nita

    Paaaaaatrick Cutroneeeeee❤💪

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  • Texas Charm
    Texas Charm

    Best team with big one coach

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  • vijay ippagunta
    vijay ippagunta

    I really hope the manager & the players stick together for a long time. This team is very well capable of winning the europa league more than once. I really love watching wolves... Hope they kick on and build on the progress they made during the last two seasons.

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  • Borgas

    I hope Patrick will come back one day... his career and history in Ac Milan is not finished yet

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  • Julian Rodriguez Lopez
    Julian Rodriguez Lopez

    En el primer gol, Raul Jimenez jaló a tres marcadores para que pudieran hacer el gol.

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    The wolf bites again!💪💪🏿

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  • Andy Thomas
    Andy Thomas

    Did nobody else think we should have had a penalty when the keeper was wrapped around Johnny??? Great result though and great performance, well done lads. UTW

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  • alanmx1380

    They need to finish...too many wasted chances,,, RJ9 needs more balls in the box for him.... Glad they are working hard though!!!

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  • cshekar14 arkati kharvi14
    cshekar14 arkati kharvi14

    Congratulations 🎉winners💞👍👏

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  • Shermeister3000

    cu cu cu cutrone!!!!! cutrone!!!!!!

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  • FaFa Lucy
    FaFa Lucy

    Patrício and Moutinho were superb 👌🏿

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  • Indra sswael
    Indra sswael

    I love wolves🇮🇩🇮🇩

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  • Massimo Greco
    Massimo Greco

    Forza Cutrone

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  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Wolves ay buena sincronía ese es un equipoo

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  • Souvei Pairson
    Souvei Pairson

    Black horses in particular.. This Wolves team are simply under rated

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  • zLyon 88
    zLyon 88

    Underrated guy 🔥🔥🔥😱

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  • Josh Shelby
    Josh Shelby


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  • Steven Jacobus
    Steven Jacobus

    Cutrone....😥 Please come back to milan 😥

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  • Vitaliy N
    Vitaliy N

    когда лучшего игрока команды - Арнаутовича, который реально их тащил, выгнали, то я сразу понял, это команда низшей лиги.

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  • Andrea Timpano
    Andrea Timpano

    Grande Cutro da un milanista che non ti dimentica ❤

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  • Marco  Gallo
    Marco Gallo

    "Se c'è in campo Cutrone Se c'è in campo Cutrone Se c'è in campo Cutrone é gol" ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

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  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge Moreno


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  • Alcatraz93


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    Cutrone quanto mi manchi😢

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  • Mattia Celestre
    Mattia Celestre


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  • ejmur 10
    ejmur 10

    Back to 5th! Come on boys! 🐺🐺

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    Cutrone 💙💪✌️

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  • Reno Michigan
    Reno Michigan

    Wolves are exciting.... Cutrone is doing 50% of what he is really able to do.... Adama can still improve and become a world class winger.... and, of course, Wolves MUST keep this coach....

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  • Serati 9779
    Serati 9779

    What’s name of the commentator ? Credit also to him.

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  • Michael Deveney
    Michael Deveney

    Serati 9779 Mikey Burrows

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  • Andre10110

    Spacca tutto Patrick!

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  • Kenny

    Well done lads, 5th in table, through in Europe - you're making us proud in such an entertaining way.

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  • Aram Samin
    Aram Samin

    cutrone ♥♥♥♥

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  • Charles-Henri Descalzi
    Charles-Henri Descalzi

    Grande Cutrone! Forza Milan !

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  • Joseph Martins
    Joseph Martins


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  • Avelino Santos
    Avelino Santos

    Montinho Bargain of the century

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  • Kalaala Sports tv
    Kalaala Sports tv


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  • Thomas Preece
    Thomas Preece


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  • mervin roring
    mervin roring

    Woves Indonesia 🐆

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    Wolves... ¡ Un equipo que juega ofensivo,con alegría y convicción de lo que tiene que hacer en la cancha! Felicidades al equipo sensación de la premier league y al jugador sensación Raúl Jiménez. VAMOS WOLVES...

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  • Filippo Olari
    Filippo Olari


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  • David Bates
    David Bates

    Great team effort lads well done Patrick and Donk fantastic Would have liked more of Patrick celebration at the end of the video

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  • Killer1984able

    Watching Wolves play is like watching mates playing on the evening, so much happiness and passion shared with each other. What a joy to watch.

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  • zinho skeske
    zinho skeske


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  • We Wez
    We Wez

    Cutrone good job 👍

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  • tino7milan91


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  • Manee Love
    Manee Love

    I'm very happy that Wolverhampton won I watched many times 🇹🇭⚽⚽

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  • Federico Puppo
    Federico Puppo

    Bravo cutro 🇮🇹

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