Dr DisRespect's "Illegal Bathroom Stream", Gender-Swap Filter Arrest & Hong Kong Extradition Protest

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Today’s Stories:
Student Uses Snapchat Filter to Catch Cop:
Protests in Hong Kong:
Dr DisRespect “Banned” From Twitch:
More News Not Included In Show Today:
CA Gov. Calls for Racing at Santa Anita Park to Stop:
Life of MaK Vows to Quit IT-stream:
Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Over “Handmaid’s Tale” Themed Party:
Ex-Cop Gets 12.5 Years:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones, Cecelia Applegate
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Sami Sherwyn
#DeFranco #DrDisRespect #HongKong


  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    Here are those timecodes: Snapchat Filter Helps With Arrest (00:12), Dr DisRespect Banned/Suspended (3:01), TIA (6:35), Protests in Hong Kong (8:27)

    Mese fa
  • labobo

    @spongygames I would be pissed that the person wasted my time.

    Mese fa
  • spongygames

    With that Snapchat Filter having this much power, and I'm not surprised one bit at all that this arrest has happened, my anxiety levels have increased even higher to who I could even be talking to these days, most particularly to new acquaintances. The power of anonymity is great and impressive to utilize, but being less careful for even just a moment can have it come to bite us all in the back. One moment, we're believing to be seeing someone we like or really dislike then, in the next, they reveal to be someone we didn't come to even think about, and then they'll be screenies of texts of the stupidest stories that have ever happened to mankind, albeit generated at a greater rate than when people who faked their identities were just cosplaying in physical costumes. I do, however, applaud that the arrest has been made.

    Mese fa
  • labobo

    @Philip DeFranco You look like a woman I had intimate relationship with. Im sort of turned on and confused right now. Sigh! Cold shower here I come.

    Mese fa
  • Abraxus Ice
    Abraxus Ice

    I just commented that on odd1sout old vid, wtf

    Mese fa
  • Cats

    Aaron Kortas I think the major thing was that it was a livestream. When you record offline for a vlog to edit later you don’t run the risk of broadcasting strangers’ dicks for all to see. Could’ve even been dicks of minors which is an entirely different dumpster fire.

    Mese fa

    That thumbnail makes you look like a very young version of Malcolm in the Middles mom!

    11 ore fa
  • Maddy Glenz
    Maddy Glenz

    14:51 pppp

    5 giorni fa
  • Ryan Orest
    Ryan Orest

    The thumbnail was a picture of Paula D

    6 giorni fa
  • Ayyy lmao
    Ayyy lmao

    Female-filter Phil looks like Aki 😂

    8 giorni fa
  • JustPassingThrough

    Once again I find myself in the shameful position of praising another country's people's solidarity, action, and bravery, while I myself sit here and do next to nothing about the bullshit in my own country. I feel so... fake... when I say those things. So, I'll continue to do the very fucking least by saying that I hope the people of Hong Kong manage to succeed in striking down that clearly duplicitous legislation. It seems yet another nation has fallen under the shadow of crisis... a trend that seems all to virulent these days...

    9 giorni fa
  • JustPassingThrough

    I never really liked Dr. DirRespect to begin with, so I see this as an absolute win lol. Not to mention that what he and that camera man did here was pretty unacceptable.

    9 giorni fa
  • Melodica

    RE Dr Disrespect at E3 and the "younger person" in the bathroom - no one under 18 is allowed into E3. Doesn't make the situation any better, but there were no minors in the bathroom!

    9 giorni fa
  • milxl

    THE GOOD OLD DAYS Under British rule, Hong Kong’s public had no say in political appointment and the Governor, who was Commander in Chief of military forces, could do anything short of sentencing people to death. Wiretaps didn’t require warrants; when police denied demonstration permits the courts could only review their paperwork; the legislature was a rubber stamp and there was no political opposition. Under Communist oppression, the courts review police decisions for reasonableness, citizens elect their legislators, the government has a political opposition, and the Chief Executive can neither declare martial law nor call out the military. Some things haven’t changed, however: it is still illegal in Hong Kong to join the Communist Party of China. southfront.org/hong-kongs-poisoned-chalice/

    13 giorni fa
  • Jennifer Mommy
    Jennifer Mommy

    More of trump kissing the ass of other crazies, lol.

    14 giorni fa
  • Jennifer Mommy
    Jennifer Mommy

    Cuz China doesnt have a history of pulling that crap. I will never leave Canada (besides going to the US) for any reason. I'm most safe here and my country is beautiful to. I'm so lucky to have been born here.

    14 giorni fa
  • Aozotra

    Phil's gender swap looks like some lady that "needs" to see the manager

    17 giorni fa
  • epr1

    Phil. The grandmother thing is too much. This is from a viewer of yours when you still had a “girl of the day” or whatever that was

    21 giorno fa
  • David Wiedenkeller
    David Wiedenkeller

    This first story really sounds like entrapment to me...

    22 giorni fa
  • alex mcdonald
    alex mcdonald

    My grandmother is dead so if you want to drop kick a corpse I guess you can

    24 giorni fa
  • Crystal Rain
    Crystal Rain

    that loop hole still needs to be fixed i feel for that woman who was killed by her husband

    27 giorni fa
  • Wesocracy

    Dropkick my grandmother!? I didn't know you joined the Assassins. Should of told us. We would help scout.

    27 giorni fa
  • Abbi and allison
    Abbi and allison

    The bathroom live stream is the camera man's fault because he followed Dr Disrespect into a public bathroom.

    28 giorni fa
  • Symply Sym
    Symply Sym

    On one hand I really don’t want my grandmother to be drop kicked. But on the other hand I’m really interested to see if it will really happen... sorry grandma😬 gotta risk it

    29 giorni fa
  • Arthur

    Fake girl baits him, saying she's of age. Then after continuing to chat with him eventually says that she's slightly younger than mentioned. Guy never explicitly says that he'll have sex with her, especially since she's clearly making random things up at this point, and now, all everyone wants to treat him as a child molester and get him fired. That's fucking ridiculous.

    29 giorni fa
  • millgiass

    16 is the age of consent in Ohio among other states. Wouldn't even be able to claim the dude was a pedophile. Also this kind of devious cat fishing is just plain shitty. If the cops do it it's called Entrapment. Why this isn't entrapment when this guy goes out and does this stuff is beyond me.

    29 giorni fa
  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles

    Are guns banned in Hong Kong?

    Mese fa
  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles

    Don’t jump into it! Walk on eggshells into it!

    Mese fa
  • Molly Rogers
    Molly Rogers

    My boyfriend is from China and has a degree in journalism, and one of the reasons he actively sought out positions in the US was because he feared his outspokenness against the government would make him a target. He hasn't been able to go home in three years, and right now we're scared of his visa running out and him being sent back to China. It's a very real possibility the US government won't let him come back

    Mese fa
  • Joe Gaston
    Joe Gaston

    Phil, you are more than welcome to drop kick my grandmother.

    Mese fa
  • theresa rhoguns
    theresa rhoguns

    Ha I actually don’t like my grandma so go ahead

    Mese fa
  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Phillip you can threaten me but not my Grandma.

    Mese fa
  • Cody Charpentier
    Cody Charpentier

    Wow that last public statement by Chief Executive Lam is extremely revealing. She views her constituents as children and "mother knows best." Get her out of office, she's completely delusional and totally forgotten that she's a public servant not an overlord.

    Mese fa
  • nick lai
    nick lai

    Thank you for mentioning the protest and why we r doing it, we need it ! Thank you for the supports from everyone ! We will keep fighting for our right !!

    Mese fa
  • Lucy Anne
    Lucy Anne

    Loving the beginning of your videos lately!! Always cracks me up ... ALWAYS reminds me to hit that like button!! 🤣

    Mese fa
  • CauselessKid

    Hang the pedo cop. Hang him on live television for the world to see.

    Mese fa
  • Katarina Smith
    Katarina Smith

    No, that's to far. Don't touch my grandma

    Mese fa
  • Rogue Malus
    Rogue Malus

    Phillip you forgot to mention that Dr Disrespect told his cameraman to stay and his cameraman ignored those things

    Mese fa
  • Patrick Williams
    Patrick Williams

    lol....that thumb nail

    Mese fa
  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado

    I got a build a wall ad on this vid that was disappointing

    Mese fa
  • Ominous Owl
    Ominous Owl

    Twitch's guide lines? Like the one that says no sexual content yet women can stream themselves boby painting and be partners yeah fuck twitch's guidelines they did the right thing in this ONE so Don't preach to me about twitch's "guidelines".

    Mese fa
  • Jesse

    "Protesters for all woks of life" :)

    Mese fa
  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Looking extra Melissa McCarthy there, bud.

    Mese fa
  • Chi_squared

    *Me expecting a throat punch threat* Phil: "... drop-kick your grandmother..." Well that escalated quickly O.o

    Mese fa
  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    "It is impossible that this is action that loves and protects Honk Kong" she says while 1/7th of HONG KONG protests HER ACTIONS. What an ignorant monster! I pity her kids!

    Mese fa
  • Alex Hendel
    Alex Hendel

    "with intent of invading other peoples privacy." well if that is the case, he'd probably end up getting his account back plus winning the lawsuit if it came to one, as I doubt he did that with the *intent* of breaching peoples privacy. #semanticisfunisntit!?!?!!

    Mese fa
  • K Wolfe
    K Wolfe

    FAV MOMENT...WAIT ...Who's using a PERISCOPE!! LMAO!!

    Mese fa
  • Tydra Hurd
    Tydra Hurd

    Ohhh no not my granny! 😂😭

    Mese fa
  • Angel Face
    Angel Face

    Tired of dirty cops. Thats all my city has. Funny how everyone is always guilty..EXCEPT those in government positions.

    Mese fa
  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles

    I’m tired of criminal blacks and browns trashing our cities and robbing and murdering with impunity!

    Mese fa
  • free meow
    free meow

    Phil are you in the Guinness world of records for the fastest talking news guy xox love your face

    Mese fa
  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    Phill for the win

    Mese fa
  • Missed Lethal
    Missed Lethal

    In most states, technically, you can record in the bathroom as long as it's not in the stalls or directed at the urinals. Even in California. The part of the bathroom without stalls isn't considered a "reasonable expectation of privacy" Like I can walk into the bathroom and see you not in the stall, so it's not a reasonable expectation of privacy. Weirdly there's already case on this, lol. Basically trhe stall is a reasonable expectation of privacy (Despite those huge gaps in the door, fucking america i hate your bathrooms), but the area outside the stall isn't.

    Mese fa
  • Eunoia

    Makes me think of the UK Vigilante pedophile hunters.

    Mese fa
  • MajorKoala

    What Trump was trying to say was "China, China china china china. China, china love china!"

    Mese fa
  • Kelsey D
    Kelsey D

    Oh my heart hurts for Hong Kong.

    Mese fa