Elder Scrolls Food But in Real Life

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  • Jacob B.
    Jacob B.

    This was trash, but in the good kind of way where you're bored as sh!t and this randomly scrolls across the IT-stream feed along with the other trash videos you never watch and you actually find it mildly entertaining. 10/10

    29 giorni fa
  • Milesofgaming

    God this video was hilarious.

    Mese fa
  • Tactical FlipFlop
    Tactical FlipFlop

    this video is soooooooo underrated

    Mese fa
  • JR Maxwell
    JR Maxwell

    *I do the raping*

    2 mesi fa
  • Egg Bag
    Egg Bag

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="518">8:38</a> This is unintentionally a perfect reenactment of when you have to trap a dragon in Whiterun and how the Jarl reacts to it.

    2 mesi fa
  • Sean Perry
    Sean Perry

    “Slow Down”! 😂😂🤣🤣

    3 mesi fa
  • Panda boy
    Panda boy

    I don’t know why I found this shit so funny

    5 mesi fa
  • Lil Guay
    Lil Guay

    Mxr anyone?

    5 mesi fa
  • B0bby

    I love this video so much. It's clear that more of the real Reice and Tyer are being shown because they were hanging out one last time. The way they joked around like the good friends they are makes this video 10x better.

    6 mesi fa
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    I didn't give my people food to steal in the first place

    8 mesi fa
  • Baby Chan
    Baby Chan

    im drunk and bought the cookbook thx rease

    8 mesi fa
  • Am Done
    Am Done

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> been using it for a year huh?

    8 mesi fa
  • Dark Magic Gaming
    Dark Magic Gaming

    Borderlands food in real life

    8 mesi fa
  • ethan edwards
    ethan edwards

    that accent tho

    8 mesi fa
  • Dallas&Trooper

    Can we get 69 dislikes

    9 mesi fa
  • Catchcheese

    That.... was a weird how to train you dragon “fanfic”

    9 mesi fa
  • Gojira1105

    Literally the best colab I’ve seen this year

    9 mesi fa
  • mutha trucka jones
    mutha trucka jones

    Lol is he supposed to be the cat.

    10 mesi fa
  • branden Mclarty
    branden Mclarty

    "We've come to rape your churches and burn your women"

    10 mesi fa
  • aKG

    Oh look, another episode of "People of Walmart"

    10 mesi fa
  • Charles .H
    Charles .H

    Why does Tyler look like capt jack sparrow

    10 mesi fa
  • Nick

    You memey fuckers admittedly make some pretty okay content.....cunts.

    10 mesi fa
  • Rayan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="562">9:22</a> ur welcome

    10 mesi fa
  • S1mulation 0ne
    S1mulation 0ne

    Can we just take a second to appreciate the edit at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a>

    11 mesi fa
  • nakyer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> When the guests first come in, at first I thought you'd invited JonTron. Then I saw it was a meaningless nobody who should probably have been eaten by that dragon, rather than be riding it. You dirty, dirty deceiver. Your beard should really have one half cut off with scissors while you sleep, some day very soon. What's Joey's phone number?

    11 mesi fa
  • nakyer

    I'm catching up and am really, really disappointed, Mitch. It's bad enough that this is apparently Tyler's last video, but you went and wore half decent costumes. THIS IS NOT THE SLOPPINESS WE PAY FOR. If you can't do videos as the bunch of useless slobs we're used to, then don't even try. Don't let this happen again. Your next costume video better involve toilet paper and duct tape or I'm phoning the Better Business Bureau...MITCH.

    11 mesi fa
  • Handsome White Man
    Handsome White Man

    We’re in the Endgame now which means 5 more years of Riece nearly killing everyone around him and Joey wanting to die (also liquid fire)

    11 mesi fa
  • pickle jar
    pickle jar

    that dragon thicc af

    11 mesi fa
  • illegal burrito 713123
    illegal burrito 713123

    This video made y'all look like bigger virgins

    11 mesi fa
  • TBC Shadow_412
    TBC Shadow_412

    Most self conscious dragon

    11 mesi fa
  • Coca_cola:man726 I love cocacola
    Coca_cola:man726 I love cocacola

    Leap up the good work Reese I’m gonna miss Tyler being in all the videos

    Anno fa
  • Coca_cola:man726 I love cocacola
    Coca_cola:man726 I love cocacola

    Fuck I can’t spell

    Anno fa
  • That Radical Guy
    That Radical Guy

    Someone make a Skyrim mod that adds whatever the hell I just watched to the game

    Anno fa
  • Baked Banana
    Baked Banana

    the skin on my foreskin is peeling

    Anno fa
  • Armontek

    What is this a crossover episode?

    Anno fa
  • pabensil

    The end of an era

    Anno fa
  • EMAN 225018
    EMAN 225018

    Did anyone else think that he was supposed to be Jack Sparrow at first

    Anno fa
  • CodytheNerd

    Are all the boys gonna live in the new house?

    Anno fa
  • im miata mike
    im miata mike

    "I would like a taste her" 😭😂

    Anno fa
  • im miata mike
    im miata mike

    Do a house tour

    Anno fa
  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    Is that fur, coming out of you ears?

    Anno fa
  • Dank Jaycobi
    Dank Jaycobi

    the whole ods kingdom will know that reice has bad cream

    Anno fa
  • Villar

    😥 why, this house and the old house where the best

    Anno fa
  • Ash Leey
    Ash Leey

    Anyone came for MamamaX?

    Anno fa
  • DrKeks

    I am gonna miss Tyler:/

    Anno fa
  • pug joe
    pug joe

    Me watching this video: yo bro I'm straight up having a good time

    Anno fa
  • vt L0VE
    vt L0VE

    You guys had to of been blazed

    Anno fa
  • wolverinebigtime

    Burn more shit

    Anno fa
  • Fantaco

    I found your channel from the fucking weapon guides from fallout you’ve come a long way. It’s sad i hope you guys come back on top. You guys peeked at the skits I miss those the most. Edit:this shit is exactly like the old videos love it.

    Anno fa
  • Wheresmyeyebrow

    I’m so sad that Ice got to him. We’ll be seeing him on the other side

    Anno fa
  • Strasbourg Videos
    Strasbourg Videos

    What the heck is this ahaha

    Anno fa
  • samuel mcafee
    samuel mcafee

    Tyler got nice tittles UwU

    Anno fa
  • JJ.

    TBH. I came here from max

    Anno fa
  • Shopun Itsnami
    Shopun Itsnami

    Who else came here cause of Max's hentai review?

    Anno fa
  • Dumbicus Maximus
    Dumbicus Maximus

    I couldn't stop laughing when they were yelling at the dragon lmfao!! XD

    Anno fa
  • nix mix
    nix mix

    Ridge can sponsor another vid You guys: QUICK WE NEED TO MAKE A VID FASY

    Anno fa
  • Sneg S
    Sneg S

    Give chi a shout out

    Anno fa
  • Qayyum N.E.M
    Qayyum N.E.M

    Pls subscribe to mamamax or mamamad for hentai review Pls

    Anno fa
  • Fwonchie

    A more ambitious crossover than endgame

    Anno fa
  • Gaming nerxp
    Gaming nerxp

    Awsome mamamax

    Anno fa
  • En Freak
    En Freak


    Anno fa
  • Blaze

    but why max of all people

    Anno fa
  • Jacob Overturf
    Jacob Overturf

    Absolutely loved this video. I ordered a wallet mainly to support the channel, but I also liked the look. Keep up the great work.

    Anno fa
  • Ultima

    so i stopped watching these guys and i found out 2 things 1)they left the old house 2)they are moving out of the new one

    Anno fa
  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    ODS= over dosed suicide

    Anno fa
  • Marc Kappauff
    Marc Kappauff


    Anno fa
  • neki0 playz
    neki0 playz

    Press f for house number 2

    Anno fa
  • Anime Hunter
    Anime Hunter

    wait so why cant tyler come to the new house?

    Anno fa
  • Simp Slayer
    Simp Slayer

    “We have come to rape you’re churches and burn you’re women” DEAD

    Anno fa
  • Evangelion

    Just like how you predicted fallout 76 can you try to predict fallout 5? Like the actual fallout 5

    Anno fa
  • Shanoa Dawn
    Shanoa Dawn

    So that's what happened, that other dude kidnapped Tyler

    Anno fa
  • Logan Cameron
    Logan Cameron

    I have the same book and king costume

    Anno fa
  • Ian McDonald
    Ian McDonald

    I've been here since "fallout 5 confirmed" why you ask? I don't know myself to be perfectly honest with you.

    Anno fa
  • luke

    rest in peace old house you shall be missed

    Anno fa
  • Shaun Passmore
    Shaun Passmore

    Gonna miss that house

    Anno fa
  • Spookattz

    To Kill an Empire is an even better quest than I remember.

    Anno fa
  • The capitalistic Boy Scout
    The capitalistic Boy Scout

    I found you guys when I was depressed and you guys were the ones here for me when no one wasn’t it makes me sad that you are splitting up but it’s your decision to split up but I’m going to miss Tyler (no homo) so this is bringing me back to my depressed stage but I love you guys of course no homo

    Anno fa
  • Freddie Twenty
    Freddie Twenty

    This was one of the funniest I've seen in a while!! Such a shame that Tyler ain't joining you in the new house D':

    Anno fa
  • joe keigans
    joe keigans

    dude is so high

    Anno fa
  • RacerRyan 86
    RacerRyan 86

    Is it just me or does Reece seriously resemble Crazy Dave from plants vs zombies if he had a pot on his head

    Anno fa
  • xFOX yt
    xFOX yt

    What's wrong did someone take your sweet role

    Anno fa