Grace Carter - Waiting Room (Live Session)

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Music video by Grace Carter performing Waiting Room (Live Session). © 2018 Grace Carter, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited
Tickets on sale now for European tour this March/April:

24/03 Gorilla | Manchester, UK
25/03 The Blue Arrow | Glasgow, UK
27/03 O2 Institute 3 | Birmingham, UK
28/03 Electric Brixton | London, UK
29/03 Concorde 2 | Brighton, UK
01/04 Luxor | Cologne, DE
02/04 Stage Club | Hamburg, DE
03/04 Lido | Berlin, DE
05/04 Exil | Zurich, CH
06/04 Dude Club | Milan, IT
08/04 La Boule Noire | Paris, FR
09/04 Bitterzoet | Amsterdam, NL


  • nobay

    I FEEL her pain. Connects right to soul. Damn.

    2 giorni fa
  • Sammy 020815
    Sammy 020815

    pls stay the way u are :) ly

    12 giorni fa
  • marwa Hichri
    marwa Hichri

    You're Perfect !!!!

    19 giorni fa
  • Simply_Sey


    Mese fa
  • Renad Hamouda
    Renad Hamouda

    just found her, and i'm in love

    Mese fa
  • muleya mpokosa
    muleya mpokosa

    Grace always soothes my soul. Zambia with love 😍

    2 mesi fa
  • Olympus Tech
    Olympus Tech

    she feels my pain with her songs

    2 mesi fa
  • messvillosaurus Ier
    messvillosaurus Ier

    This girl feel what He sing

    2 mesi fa
  • Divine Katy
    Divine Katy

    I so love her. Her and Faouzia should make a song together 😌😌 they will sound so good together

    2 mesi fa
  • Darkchild Moodie
    Darkchild Moodie


    16 giorni fa
  • Robin Gift
    Robin Gift

    Gurl your videos need more views how are you not famous!!

    3 mesi fa
  • Yami Magana
    Yami Magana


    4 mesi fa
  • Adela Cristina
    Adela Cristina

    Walking Central Park in complete darkness, extremely cold

    4 mesi fa
  • Marco Ver Ver
    Marco Ver Ver


    4 mesi fa
  • Whack you with this notebook
    Whack you with this notebook

    This is beautiful, oh my God. I love it!

    5 mesi fa
  • SienaMusic

    You are amazing😍✨

    6 mesi fa
  • a D
    a D

    6 mesi fa
  • justbreath2018

    She looks Latina. Well in the USA she would he seen as such. Pretty

    7 mesi fa
  • Brenda Hutton
    Brenda Hutton

    Amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    7 mesi fa

    I am here open listen to out standing singer sing song

    8 mesi fa
  • Keziah Massock
    Keziah Massock

    Il y'a encore des gens qui chantent avec leurs âmes

    8 mesi fa
  • fiorella ramirez
    fiorella ramirez

    I wanna cry

    8 mesi fa
  • noel amutabi
    noel amutabi

    Amazing powerful voice and song. Such a star 😍😍😍😍😍

    8 mesi fa
  • Gemma Beavon
    Gemma Beavon

    What a voice 😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 so stunning 😍🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    8 mesi fa
  • Donna

    She's absolutely superb every word every song 👌👌 and she's a georgus baby too xx 😍

    9 mesi fa
  • Zeynep Duman
    Zeynep Duman

    this voice touches something inside me.

    9 mesi fa
  • Donna

    Soooooooo amazing love it ❤❤❤❤❤xxx

    10 mesi fa
  • Nicola Newey
    Nicola Newey

    I love Grace she's amazing

    10 mesi fa
  • Devin Robinson
    Devin Robinson

    the piano player could get it.

    10 mesi fa
  • Ntandoyakhe Tshuma
    Ntandoyakhe Tshuma

    I really love and appreciate your music.

    10 mesi fa
  • lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones
    lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones

    Wow what a Deep soulful song !👌 great lyrics 🎶🎵one amazing lady nuff love & respect from Da Swansea crew 2019 ❤💌Xx

    10 mesi fa
  • Ana Vlahović
    Ana Vlahović

    It feels like she had to get this out of herself, just like Adele wrote an album after her heart was broken. And we can all relate to this so easily. When she sings you can see how she feels every note and every word. Love her!!! Hopefully she shines very soon and sets up some records in music world. Go Grace!!

    11 mesi fa
  • Delzean Arendse
    Delzean Arendse

    mine wont go either,very good music fallen in love with you

    11 mesi fa
  • Lucy T
    Lucy T


    11 mesi fa
  • Ochimu Isioma
    Ochimu Isioma

    I listened to this song like 100 times a day, there's just something about this song that touches my soul and grace thank you and I love you and all your songs and your voice its so beautiful. I will always be your no1 fan.

    11 mesi fa
  • kelly b
    kelly b

    you can feel pain and i want to cry

    11 mesi fa
  • Hillary Mulungi
    Hillary Mulungi

    Your dad shouldn't have left.....

    11 mesi fa
  • 백씨

    She is a burning star won't go down

    11 mesi fa
  • André Luiz
    André Luiz

    Come to Brazil, Grace !!!

    Anno fa
  • El kamar-channel
    El kamar-channel

    Her music is as amazing as her style ❤

    Anno fa
  • Yousra Ahh
    Yousra Ahh

    All I want is you, for you to want me too

    Anno fa
  • Gabriel duarte
    Gabriel duarte

    i Love you grace Carter .😍🎶

    Anno fa
  • Mathew Creighton
    Mathew Creighton

    Best Fugazi cover ever!

    Anno fa
  • Moany Mike
    Moany Mike

    First listen and this vocal smashed it, I sense a pain. Good luck to you Grace.

    Anno fa
  • Ella Hudson
    Ella Hudson


    Anno fa
  • Livia K.
    Livia K.


    Anno fa
  • Kimberly Goodwin
    Kimberly Goodwin

    It's not rap, but I get such a Yoon MiRae vipe. Strong voice, talent and message.

    Anno fa
  • Caitlyn Newton
    Caitlyn Newton


    Anno fa
  • Iman Boudjema
    Iman Boudjema

    AMAZING !!😍

    Anno fa
  • Balogun Opeoluwa
    Balogun Opeoluwa

    I really do love your voice❤❣💝😍😘

    Anno fa
  • Nicola Pegues
    Nicola Pegues

    Grace you are amazing!!!!!!!!! it was so cool that you came to our school!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE YOU

    Anno fa
  • Doyinsola Olopade
    Doyinsola Olopade

    Wow, her voice is so amazing.

    Anno fa
  • TMS2022 Macey T
    TMS2022 Macey T

    You are so pretty and you have the best music ever

    Anno fa
  • Phat_Grooves

    there's still an hope for today's music! Thank you, Grace

    Anno fa
  • Lysz Simmons
    Lysz Simmons

    i love her fashion style and sining style. silence is my fave song so far

    Anno fa
  • Mazi

    Damn This Girl is Fire 💐💜

    Anno fa
  • Jonny Rolling
    Jonny Rolling

    Relief to hear real songs instead of the usual programmed robotica beats.

    Anno fa
  • Catalina Sweet Music
    Catalina Sweet Music

    You are talented sweetie.... I like it!

    Anno fa
  • Badia Bouhraoui
    Badia Bouhraoui

    Karaoke? 💗

    Anno fa
  • Beatriz Diniz
    Beatriz Diniz


    Anno fa
  • Lindokuhle sifiso
    Lindokuhle sifiso

    Every song she wrote is just moving and touching seriously💖

    Anno fa