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  • Miss Childsh
    Miss Childsh

    Why are you buying likes! Stop being fake and be yourself!

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  • Diana Brooks
    Diana Brooks

    Olivia, you have motivated me to start my own IT-stream video as an investigative reporter on scams and the FBI. I'm coming to Los Angeles next week and would love to interview you with my son who never used a college admission coach and we'll share on our video why this legal battle against your mother is a bunch of crap. We're legally able to voice our opinions with your presence on OUR IT-stream channel. My youngest son won state at broadcast news in Indiana and he won an AES scholarship in Computer Science. He will help with editing our IT-stream clip on just how many wealthy parents get away with bribes to the point that the peer pressure to hire admission coaches is so great that when I told a parent that I wasn't going to hire a coach I was belittled behind my back as being a poor mother who wasn't concerned about her son's future. My oldest son earned a degree in 4 years in Electrical and Computer Engineering at a top university. I never paid a dime for a college coach BUT I understand why your mother felt pressured to hire a coach and will defend her on IT-stream with you and my son. All you need to do is be willing to share our video on your channel. We'll do the talking and since we're not in trouble with the law and since I went to the FBI in Dallas to defend your mother by pointing up a lot of crap we can say what ever we want we can legally say what ever can be verified by your viewers to be FACTS and voice OUR opinions about this crap. But we need your physical presence while together we mock and rip apart the whole FBI investigation. BTW, my son's uncle is a retired FBI agent with the highest security clearance....another FACT. I won't charge a penny for your mother's defense. My prediction is that we'll wrap this legal battle dropped after my sons demand President Trump to investigate the FBI for their failure to credit me publicly for doing my civic duty as a woman. This FBI report involved Brett Kavanaugh/Ford investigation in Dallas. If you're interested, then ask your mother's legal team to send an e-mail to 8patbruggeman@gmail.com to arrange a meeting with your mother's attorney. Pat and Joseph Bruggeman are retired Harvard attorneys to the rescue.

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  • Kman

    mum and dad are going to prison

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  • Bailey Paul
    Bailey Paul

    When your mom paid for you to get into college you decided to sleep with one of the administration to get ahead, yeah the world doesn't need that.

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  • Golazo Highlights
    Golazo Highlights

    Y’all mad cause she went to school.. smh

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  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith

    lol your mom got fired from hallmark.. hope it was worth it. you're only back because the money ran out. you're not sorry.

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  • Satara Gonzales
    Satara Gonzales

    One kind word can change someone's entire day! Can you imagine what all this negativity can do to someones day?

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  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, bribery, fraud, 20 years, I think you know what I mean 😊

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  • Safin Hossain
    Safin Hossain


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  • richzeman

    She said that she cannot legally talk about it. That shows how confused she is.

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  • Kyle Freitas
    Kyle Freitas

    row row row your boat the fuck outta here

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  • Niomi Murphy
    Niomi Murphy

    Unsubscribed. If you're going to come on here and talk about parties and lip gloss after all you and your family did...that's bullshit. I recommend you address serious issues in the world that need more attention (The Innocence Project, LeanIn org, hunger & food insecurity) or else not coming back on IT-stream at all. As someone said here before, please dedicate your time to something useful...like volunteer work. So rude that you still feel entitled to deny the truth under the "I can't talk about it because my parents are trying to get away with it still" excuse. That's fucked up. Some of us have a real message for the world and wish we had the resources you do... don't keep spitting in our faces.

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  • Alexander Alvarez
    Alexander Alvarez

    Fuck you!

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  • Emily Jodway
    Emily Jodway

    You suck.

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  • Disney World
    Disney World

    The only classes her and her mother need to be taking are from Kris Kardashian and her daughters

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  • DizzleFoSho

    I just came here for rowing tips

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  • Sayari Mamani
    Sayari Mamani

    This is two cuts away from a much dank vid

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  • Billy Williams
    Billy Williams

    Please share this video,.. Be a speaker for others. You would be amazing at spreading the word. Focus your mind on doing something positive for yourself and others. It will change your life. This is reality all over the world. Including where you live. Spread the word. Thanks. it-stream.com/stream/video-x9sSDTbJ8WI.html

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  • D Mc
    D Mc

    Nepotism at its finest... 🙄... get a real job and try living life like the rest of us. Should have stayed offline.

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  • Dixie Normus
    Dixie Normus

    Ya I don’t care at all what her parents did... that’s my aunt Becky I literally don’t feel differently about her at all after all this t(-_-t)

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  • Ronald Smithy
    Ronald Smithy

    Poor rich girl

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  • Alexandra

    "Moral of the story," - wait you have morals?

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  • tritan74

    Go to a jr college

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  • Susanna Byrd
    Susanna Byrd

    “It’s so hard to try in school when you don’t care about anything you’re learning” Olivia jade the idiot

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  • Kat Elizabeth
    Kat Elizabeth

    this bitch is really acting like she can just go back to her “influencer” (aka I have rich parents) life after KNOWINGLY stealing a spot at a university that belonged to someone else who actually worked for it and then try to act like she had no idea. Like she really thinks the world is as dumb as she is huh. The entitlement of it all is just disgusting

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  • JackiHamm

    Be a better person.

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  • Laura P. Vanderbooben
    Laura P. Vanderbooben

    Your mother used her power and money to push you ahead when you didn't earn it. If she is that competitive, that determined, then one wonders why she didn't just rear you to be honest and work hard instead of teaching you to fake your way through life. Look, I get it. You are a kid. Kids make dumb mistakes and your parent's influence is huge. But you are old enough to know that what you and your family did was wrong and unfair to thousands of students who don't have your advantages. Instead of wheedling on IT-stream, learn from this experience and go out and make a difference in the world. Go be of service to people in our society who need it the most. I'd watch a video of you feeding homeless vets or cleaning up roadside trash, or reading to sick people in hospitals. Do something more valuable with your time and energy than whining and putting on makeup.

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  • Kristinne Celestial
    Kristinne Celestial

    Bitch dont come back. Nobody wants you to.

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  • STtyrone

    Removed from trending?

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  • Erica Lugo
    Erica Lugo

    so excited i missed your channel so much hehe

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  • Patricia

    Olivia, don’t pay attention to all the haters commenting on YOUR video. keep posting whatever content YOU want to post. Haters need to understand that if they don’t like you then they shouldn’t be watching....after all it is YOUR YT channel. Wishing you the best and stay strong💖

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  • Togapower

    So hot

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  • Ruthless Killerz
    Ruthless Killerz


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  • Drip

    It’s fine you’re fit

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  • B Murph
    B Murph

    Imagine being so dumb that you need half a million dollars to get into school lol. your career is over honey. time to find a desk job. mommy cant help you anymore

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  • Geno

    Good for her! It takes a lot of guts knowing trolls will come out of the woodwork to insult a 20 yr old girl that has never done anything to them.

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  • Ian Neumeyer
    Ian Neumeyer

    Shut the fuck up.

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  • Kaitie Harless
    Kaitie Harless

    It’s not your fault gf

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  • Ann Walton
    Ann Walton

    I wish you and your family the best!!

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  • alveesee

    You are making a fool of yourself. Like your parents, you are totally oblivious of the damage you have caused. The truth shall set you free but that’s unlikely from a bunch like y’all.

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