How to Get Rid of Dust and Bubbles in Wood Finish Remove dust and bubbles in your wood finish from DIY expert and author Bruce Johnson.
When you begin your finishing project, putting the first coat on is easy, but it's hard to avoid dust. To solve this, start with a piece of 220 sandpaper, and give your piece a light sand to remove any small particles.
Then apply mineral spirits to a rag and wipe off your loose dust. At this point, you will have one coat of finish with some scratches in it.
Next, apply your second coat, Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane, with a natural bristle brush, not a foam brush. A foam brush leaves air bubbles in the finish. Brush on a nice, thin, even coat. Work it into the wood and then smooth it out. The polyurethane will stay sticky for about four to six hours, leaving time for dust to once again land.
Lastly, move up to a 600-grit black sandpaper with some mineral spirits and lemon oil added to it. This will grind off the dust that is in the top of the finish, but will not remove any finish. Wipe this off, and you've got a perfectly smooth, professional finish.
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