I Found A Mysterious Box In My Backyard And It Changed My Life

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  • DaGeometryBoi

    That metal box is probably a time capsule

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  • Slowpoke Slowpoke
    Slowpoke Slowpoke

    I breathed air ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith

    If you find this comment I wish you all the best and hope that whenever you find it that the world is prosperous and that people will have figured out how to fly to the stars. - Joseph, 2019

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  • UnfrendlyBlackHottie™

    What a beautiful story!

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  • CatVader :3
    CatVader :3

    **reads title** watch it be drugs (jk don't do drugs kids)

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  • Jelly Chan
    Jelly Chan

    Wow... I guess I should try it. Still not sure since my village will be replaced into a hotel full of buildings. And I want to let the Future know of what it was like to live here.

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  • kagan shorty looks
    kagan shorty looks

    I found a key with map marked it is japan map and a letter it has written x=560 y=813 what does that mean and a remote and some old silver coins and some old bw pic it is not clear pls help me

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  • A Wild Doggo
    A Wild Doggo

    I was listening to Shane koycxan and I somehow ended up here.

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  • Ravist Gacha
    Ravist Gacha

    I think at 60 years cars fly cellphones are now able to fly and all vehicles can do everything

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  • A Wild Doggo
    A Wild Doggo

    If I found that box and saw the note and etc I would not of had the time, or interest to search for her. Congrats. I think. Also uh... It didn't necessarily change your life to a large extent. But nice video.

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  • Nikita Alexandrova
    Nikita Alexandrova

    #2 on trending :o

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  • Sunidhi Srivastava
    Sunidhi Srivastava

    Whoa this is so cool

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  • Indigo Prophecy
    Indigo Prophecy

    Nobody: ACTUALLY HAPPENED: "Trending on IT-stream"

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  • im-a-differentbreed

    Why wouldn’t you show us the actual video lol

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  • Ezicks

    I Found my phone in my Pocket *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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  • Flex Seal™
    Flex Seal™


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  • roxxylala26

    Save U Some Time...she finds a time capsule of a girl named Darla. Finds her in a nursing home & then decides to do the same. 😐

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  • Hector Ramirez
    Hector Ramirez

    When I first moved to my house, I found a rat with its head cut off in my backyard. Try to top that.

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  • CatKat Animations
    CatKat Animations

    Awwwweeee this is awesome.. Life is so fast, I dont even know I passed gr 4 lol.. I AM STILL DUMB

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  • Aidan Mcdaniel
    Aidan Mcdaniel

    3:13, "Get off my lawn!"

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  • Alondra Solis
    Alondra Solis

    I love these comments lmfao. I want to do this and I doubt anyone would find it

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  • Tanya Vu
    Tanya Vu

    Congrats on #2 on trending!!

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  • Jean P. Padró
    Jean P. Padró

    I would’ve included Darla in the new video. That way people would see her change as well!

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  • Toni Toni
    Toni Toni

    Anyone else watch actually happened like every day or is it just me 😂

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  • Benjamin LaVallie
    Benjamin LaVallie

    2 thessalonians chapter 1 verse 9 who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the lord and from the glory of his power

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  • Mia khalifa
    Mia khalifa

    I found a mysterious dildo in my backside... 😱😱😱😱😱 ........... funny

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  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast


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  • Herowebcomics

    That is awesome! Who knew how much that little bit of stuff could affect you and everyone around you?!

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  • mephis topheles
    mephis topheles

    Unfortunately, the next generation will still be able to play Carla's film but not your flash drive, which will hold the data up to no longer than a decade. That is sad.

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  • DevilPlayz

    School stands for: Six Cruel Hours Of Our Live Math stands for: Mental Abuse To Humans Homework stands for: Half Of My Time Wasted On Random Knowledge 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • Anna Horn
    Anna Horn

    Congrats on trending!

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  • bench of lemons
    bench of lemons

    This is legitimately saddening

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  • Kabo Lesego Puso
    Kabo Lesego Puso

    You should've left a note. What if there are no usb friendly devices at all when the box is unearthed?

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  • Benjamin LaVallie
    Benjamin LaVallie

    anyone send me your address if you would like some free musick cds

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  • Shaggy 25.9% power
    Shaggy 25.9% power

    I found a bag a chips, want some?

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  • Golden F
    Golden F

    Wow this was nice video it shows how short life is 😔

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  • Deepthy Tennison
    Deepthy Tennison

    I found a toy camera📷 in my garden

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  • シFariha

    How is this trending 2 ?

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  • Regina Quiroz
    Regina Quiroz


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  • Sades

    I wish she showed the actual footage ☹️

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  • Miranda Elaine
    Miranda Elaine

    I found a mysterious box in my yard. It turned out to be the miscarried baby of the previous house’s owners.

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  • ALLnightALI

    That was very anticlimactic.

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  • How to be a idiot 101
    How to be a idiot 101

    I did a whole investigation on this channel to see these stories didn’t actually happen

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  • Gus JaKa
    Gus JaKa

    I found my brother's "homework" folder and it changed my life

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  • bonk w. a. ter
    bonk w. a. ter

    *~what's in the box~*

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  • saloni

    This is nice

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  • Gavin Burrage
    Gavin Burrage

    Haven’t watched the video yet but I’m guessing it’s just an old box with photos Yeah I’m right

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  • flare los
    flare los

    I did this years ago and my mom found it and it was akward

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  • Kiing X SuLief
    Kiing X SuLief

    I Accidentally Killed My Cat With A Book *Actu-* You Thought

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  • Mr. idk the name just leave me alone idk
    Mr. idk the name just leave me alone idk

    So I have to wait for 60 years to see a part 2 of this video?

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  • Average MKW
    Average MKW

    Cool story bruh

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  • Average MKW
    Average MKW


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  • Wolfy Stars
    Wolfy Stars

    How did this change your LIFE???

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  • Sara Sandor
    Sara Sandor

    But what if they don’t have laptops/computers and they can’t use the flash drive

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  • Yara Flores
    Yara Flores

    Me: *sees random IT-stream channel getting 1 on trending* Get ur coin! *sees actually happened trending* ****why doe****

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  • Louis Yama
    Louis Yama


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  • Scarlett Michael
    Scarlett Michael

    This video is so sweet ☺️☺️

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  • Mac Kobalt
    Mac Kobalt

    I found a box in my backyard it sadly it was just filled with snacks and bones the box said kitty on it must've belonged to that person

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  • SupaDude16

    Why is this trending

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  • kaysa chanツ
    kaysa chanツ

    Wait she should be dead.

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  • lesandra mantiri
    lesandra mantiri

    This story is quite interesting

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  • captain pro hacker
    captain pro hacker

    I found a mystery bone at my backyard It just a rat bone

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  • David Chairfield
    David Chairfield

    Was it the Book of Mormon

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  • Kristine

    Haven't watched yet....but if it's money, make sure there isn't a transmitter in it, because if there is, get rid of it. And keep a look out for a tall, scary looking individual!

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  • Stephen Haviland
    Stephen Haviland

    When it has a title "actually happened".. it probably didn't

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  • Ultrapika

    Awww! This was a nice story!

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  • zodiactea

    i clicked this video to criticize it

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  • zodiactea

    actually happened didnt actually happen ukraine

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  • kpop hoe
    kpop hoe

    i cant believe this is trending

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  • PatrickCervantez

    This was cute.

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  • Jojo siwa’s Hairline
    Jojo siwa’s Hairline

    I found a box of nothing *and it changed my life*

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  • Caesar's Life.
    Caesar's Life.

    You're telling me you left your 800$ smart watch in the case.... *lol o k*

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  • Better YouTube Spotlight
    Better YouTube Spotlight


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  • A B
    A B

    My cat bit me. *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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  • Cameron jz
    Cameron jz

    I was born... *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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  • Chan TryPo
    Chan TryPo

    ? Lek kmO o,l k “” l.

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  • T3 Marvin
    T3 Marvin

    I need subscribers

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  • Batis Dimarus
    Batis Dimarus

    No affense you kinda sound like Siri on steroids

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  • The Random Video Maker
    The Random Video Maker

    Whats next? A Fox ate my mom?

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  • Curtis

    *Just a friendly reminder that none of these stories ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

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  • Marz Ariana
    Marz Ariana

    You posted this video today omg I am so impressed my gosh I can’t believe You posted this today that’s cool 😎 your a cool person my gosh it’s feburary 16 2019 right now I’m so excited your still alive till this day my gosh I’m so impressed you posted this today alright I gotta get a hold of my self and stop being so excited well you have a nice day and if I meet you in person I’ll say hi 👋🏿 aright ba bye

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  • •itz Cooky•
    •itz Cooky•

    hey i sent a mail about mylife and you didnt make it a video about it i wanted to let my bully get karma of what she did

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  • onagang

    2 on trending

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  • Miko Chan
    Miko Chan

    That flash drive would probably not work 50+ years from now :P

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  • Remington 870
    Remington 870

    DISCLAIMER: did not actually happen, just ukraine

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  • Elaete Orono orono
    Elaete Orono orono

    I hear this voice EVERYWHERE!

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  • Clutch Summitz
    Clutch Summitz

    Hey, who else twisted there foot backwards during the video? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

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  • azalea

    why is this on trending tf??

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  • slime.and_me


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  • 207 Clique
    207 Clique

    I found dog crap in my backyard!

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  • Vanessa lucas
    Vanessa lucas

    Are You Having A Good Year That's My Question????! (Hint: read the first two words) 2019

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  • Спартанец 300
    Спартанец 300

    А я русский знаю!

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  • negima50001

    *WOW!* I wish that we can see the video.

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  • Alejandro Torres
    Alejandro Torres

    Why da hell is this trending

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  • YelloReen :3
    YelloReen :3

    She is still alive?! 1958 to 2019!?

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  • Willy's Toys
    Willy's Toys

    I found my mom's mysterious leftovers in the fridge 😂

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  • 8up Something else
    8up Something else

    I found a mysterious LEGO box in my room It was my brothers ACTUALLY HAPPENED

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  • YelloReen :3
    YelloReen :3

    Cool! I'm gonna try doing that

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  • Matantsa

    Why would you think you found a skull? I would think it’s a rock

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  • the queen
    the queen

    I found a mysterious ant 🐜 And... I killed it MUAHAHAHAH

    3 ore fa
  • Natali Damas
    Natali Damas

    I do rember wen I was little I was playing out side I was like 5 so I did not much I found a box 📦 and it had pic of a man the man was super old so I now he’s not alive but I found the note he left I can’t find it I did not tell no one so wen im big I’ll find out who is it and y they did who knows what will happen next 🌈😎

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