I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...
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    haha grape

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    Weenie hut general

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    Give us more adam with glasses A-f*ckin-dorable

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  • Michael Paine
    Michael Paine

    When I had wisdom tooth surgery I felt the same way, I had boosts too, it took so long for me to be able to even open my mouth all the way

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    Toxik Mewtwo

    ey ur song was pretty gud so im glad u has ur mouth nows!

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    Levi Waschenbecker

    I just gotta say that I love the new style. I did honestly lose interest for a while, nothing against the old videos but, I gave this video a watch and decided to start watching again.

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  • can't get a laugh
    can't get a laugh

    What would you do for 1 million dollars Him:ha I would probably suck censored

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    Isabella Rosati

    How painful was the surgery

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    2 days until your birthday *cough cough June 17th*

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    4:01 anybody else saw that

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    Did anybody else see demonetizations ass?

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    Gorira [gorilla] Kujira [whale] Gojira=gorira+kujira Origin of the name godzilla

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  • CORN on da cob
    CORN on da cob

    THE STORY OF CHILD SPIRIT... So, me and my family where going down this path in Austin that had a bridge with a river under it. There was a guy wearing blue swimming trunks (or boxers) and he was probably in his twenties. We were sitting on a bench when we saw him jump off that f*cking bridge and actually survived with absolutely no injuries what so ever, but he was like 6 inches away from landing on a big rock. The bridge was about 40/50 feet up away from the river and he climbed all the way back up and we said to him that it's illegal to do that and he said that he doesn't care. So he kept trying to get my sister to do it and she was saying no and my mom was getting so mad about it. So he eventually said to her that she should do some squats and slapped his butt and walked off. He started to walk off into a trail and walked right behind us and just started staring at us. We started laughing at him and we were saying that he was an adult and that he should act like on so he said that he's not an adult, he's a child because his child spirit is alive and we couldn't stop laughing and he just became a meme to us.

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  • RGuy OwO
    RGuy OwO

    Adam does sound a lot better and you can't here anymore slurring. Good to hear u feeling better👍

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    5:51 - 6:12 is my fave

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    Demonitize comes in. "Ima kick your ass " Tight jaw man. "Not this time mother #$%^*@"

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    The Phanthom

    Watch "The Phanthom" on IT-stream it-stream.com/section/UCHAIqMlLZlc75g8zounznWQ

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  • Shaced

    this is like tabbes lmao

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  • Sophie

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled out and couldn’t eat for a month and I would watch food eating channels as well!!!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one hahaha

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    The Red Fox

    The most cliche word of this entire video issssssss bUtT

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    The $'s butt though

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    grapes are cool tho

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    adam x tomato soup cue the fan fictions

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    2:14 Adam: wEvE bEeN taKinG foOd fOr GraNiT- Me in my head: **granted

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    I want a burrito so bad now!!!

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    Adam:I WILL EAT U Me:.,......What The-

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    Arc Bananaz

    what if he had a stuffy nose...

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    yum yum not 4 u tho

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    12:22 like that smash button

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  • Gaming Gladiator06
    Gaming Gladiator06

    I had a problem very similar to your’s, but not like i got my jaw wired shut, but it really felt like it. So, for context, when i was younger, me and my brother got into a fight because we had a ps2 and had it on our dresser (mini context: we lived in a small apartment with our mom, older brother and older sister, and it was a 3 bed, 2 bath kinda place, so we had little space for just us, let alone the stuff that we brought with us.) so, it was in a position where we had it dargerously near the edge on account that the dresser was very tall and the only seats were just the bed a little bit in front of the dresser, and if ps fans can remember, those controllers were not wireless at the time and were rather short. So, to get to the point, me and my little bro were playing lego star wars (a classic) when i got mad at him for darth vader choking me over and over and i threw the controller down, which apparently was enough force to send the ps2 off the dresser and on the floor, he got mad at me, we argued, next thing i knew, he kicked me in the face and knocked a tooth out. Many years afterwards, i needed braces because the kick caused my adult tooth to become misaligned and would peek out of my lips, so it was there, saying hello to anyone i was facing. I had to get braces for about 2 years, mostly for the tooth, but also on account of having my front jaw stick out more than my back, which i was unaware of and spent the last few weeks with a piece of rubber attached from one side of my face to the other. Let me tell you, braces are not fun, first thing they tell you is that your not allowed to eat certain things like apples or popcorn because they’ll either mess up your braces or just get stuck in them, those things are also super uncomfortable and very scratchy, especially when i had to go in to get the wires replaced. And, even though my mom paid for the clear ones (not that clear strip, just some braces that are very clear) i did not want to smile because i thought that having a big piece of metallic string across my teeth would look wierd. It’s been about a year or so, and i don’t have to worry about any of the stuff i had to do when i had braces (and it was a lot) but i still have to have a permenant retainer on the back of my teeth, but it’s not too bad. It’s basically a thicker piece of metallic string that they have super glued to the back of the teeth that were once crooked, and after about 5 years you get the option to have them removed from your mouth if you want, but you’ll have to start wearing a retainer for the rest of your life. Now, why did i say in the beginning that i related even though it didn’t seem like i went through the same as him? Remember that i said that my jaw was a bit messed up and i had to have a rubber band across my teeth. Yeah, it was like that. That thing was so tight because it was so close to my due date that they had to give me their tightest, most hardly stretchy rubberbands they had, and those things basically locked my jaw shut. It was just so hard to get them on my braces, because i had to stretch them from one side of my mouth to the other. I can still feel how hard the resistance was on those things and how painful it was to get the old one off and put on a new one. I remember one time, i was trying to put one on, and to let you know, some parts of the braces have this small extended part to make it easier for you to get the band on, and while i was trying to put one on, i lost my strength for a second and the rubber band slid my finger across my braces and the extend brace part went into my finger, leaving a big opening in my finger and some blood on my braces, and the band was still pulling down on my finger, so it was horribly difficult to get my finger out. Lickily i got it out and, after getting my folks opinion, did not need to go to the hospital as the wound wasn’t very big. It still hurt like hell, i got some blood in my mouth, and was really at the point of just wanting to tears the stupid things out and live with how my teeth looked. I guess there’s a lesson in this: don’t get your brother pissed when he’s standing on a bed and his feet are at your head’s level, because that’s just an oppertunity waiting to happen.

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  • carsen Jackson
    carsen Jackson

    its like gordon ramsay served it himself with a bedtime story and a loving KIASS

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    pinkpig Quaresma

    I've had jaw surgery before, I broke my jaw

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  • Aslan Tate-Alderson
    Aslan Tate-Alderson

    Happy bday

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  • Luke Martinez
    Luke Martinez

    The part where he talks about living vicariously while drinking boosted milk feeling good watching people eat stuff he would love to eat is so relatable... everytime i go on youtube and watch some amazing food being eaten while eating wack food from my fridge 😭

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    Aaron Cruz


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  • mini toons
    mini toons

    1:33 Top 10 anime battles

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    Sandy Ichiidino

    You ripoff. . . Ripoff them braces -

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  • xX_Weirdness Kween_Xx
    xX_Weirdness Kween_Xx

    I kinda understand not wanting to smile in pictures I had fucked up teeth until last year and i was in starting high school

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    Charlie Barton

    You look like Harry Potter

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    Aahhhhhh beautifuuul

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  • Nails Rose
    Nails Rose

    I was born with a facial deformity on the right side of my face, which left the right side of my jaw unformed in the uterus. I was also born without an ear on that side, leaving that part of my face smooth. I've been through a lot is surgeries and one of them resulted in me also getting my jaw wired shut. AND YOU ARE A 100% RIGHT. IT SUCKED. IT SUCKED SO BADLY. Though, at one point I found a faulty wire and I created a little hole where I could stick a straw in and drink something without having to be fed through the tube in my stomach. (Don't do this by the way!) The most recent of my surgeries is one where I was given a titanium jaw prosthetic to replace the jaw bone that never grew. And while my jaw wasn't wired shut for those long months, I had to have this fabric wrap around my head to keep my jaw in place. And let me tell you, IT ALSO SUCKED. Anyway, the reason I wanted to share this is to just say, I sympathize with you dude. And I hope your jaw is doing a lot better now. Edit- Just got to the tomato soup part and I swear to the heavens. I had so much soup that by the time I could eat regular foods again, I just couldn't eat soup anymore for a good solid month or so

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  • Addison K
    Addison K

    I took food for granted too. A few months ago (like maybe 5 or 6 or 4) I went on a perminate diet. This diet was designed for people with a certain disease (I actually don’t have the disease). This diet will last for my hole life, up until I die. I can’t eat sugar, dairy, wheat, grains, and soy! I agree with Adam though. For some reason, watching people eat food that you can’t eat makes me feel just a little better. For anyone struggling please don’t give up. I know it’s hard trust me. I’m only 11!

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  • by ff
    by ff

    "So i didnt smile in photos" me too but its bc i hate teeth in photos lol

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    Audrey H.

    3:20 CHOCOLATE MILK 3:30 nuuuuu!

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    First vid I watched from getting back from vaca

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    10:40 Markiplier is that u? NANI

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    Charlie Barton

    Dos dis mean more videos

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    AlexGamer HD

    To me Adam in real life kinda looks like Tony Stark to me who agrees

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    This Is Mii

    “Earth destroying plastic” Someone is saving turtles

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    mcnuggetboi likes memes

    5:56 you missed a chance to rime tomato soup... taste like poop

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    Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow NoneOfUrBusiness

    12:24 dont forget to like that smash botton Y E E T

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    Sophie A

    I've been considering getting jaw surgery (I'm 14) but this has scared me the fuck out

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    leafy lavender

    My teacher played your song in class

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    you never know the worth of a well until the water is dry? 2:27

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  • Margaret Tabler
    Margaret Tabler

    Hey! Remember that really old video you made about this 29 year old man pretending to be a 12 year old that came to your school? I found out who he is and that he was arrested before that thing ever happened for the same reason in Oklahoma! And it’s even more creepy because I’m young and all I had to search up to find it is “Arizona pediphile”,man what the internet can do....

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    Omg I can’t stop laughing XD I’m gonna show disss to my sister XD

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    adams a grape

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    12:24 don't forget to like that smash button

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    Kwoomy Woomy

    8:28 ceci n'est pas une Burrito

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  • Nashville Tennessee
    Nashville Tennessee

    I feel you buddy. I had my jaw broken in 1998 and had to be wired shut for over 3 months. I got so pissed at Ensure and Boost protein drinks that I once blended up a can of ravioli and slurped the chunks thru a straw. As you would imagine, pieces of pasta were stuck in the wiring and my water pick had to work over time. One of my roughest toughest moments.

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  • Artofficial tears
    Artofficial tears

    i think I have the same pain on one jaw, but I'm too scared to find out with the doctors...

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  • Demented Duskull
    Demented Duskull

    Sooo... basically you turned into GradeAUnderA and had to get surgery?

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  • kaine has no braine
    kaine has no braine


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  • Neophyte Redglare
    Neophyte Redglare

    Bro when I got my separators (basically thin beads shoved between my teeth in preparation for braces) it took me a while to realize I could eat mashed potatoes without agonizing pain. That first potato tasted like Jesus.

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  • I Like Trains
    I Like Trains

    Ok so I'm new to the channel, whats with the coin?

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  • Bleach

    Adam's Jaw before jaw surgery= marley from marley and me

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    6:37 is my favorite part. owo

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    8:55 HOLY SHIT shots fired LOL

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  • Olvin Zuniga
    Olvin Zuniga

    Adam:NO NO SHUT THE FUC- UP Me:k

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  • The Leaf Witch
    The Leaf Witch

    I relate to the mouth pain, i have tmj, tho mine isnt fixed yet

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  • life who
    life who

    *this is hilarious where have I been*

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  • Kwoomy Woomy
    Kwoomy Woomy

    So that explains why you always sounded odd in your voice overs lol, I'm glad you're doing better

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    You look like zuckles

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    Skrillex Loves foxy

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    And I.Swear.To. GAWD

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    Somethingelseyt: tomato soup is gross Me: I know right!

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    Superdoggy 611

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  • Samantha Thompson
    Samantha Thompson

    I have a crooked smile but that's due to damage to my muscles on my left side from an injury when I was five. When I first had a social media account when I was 18 a girl relentlessly tease me for it and other people made comments about it. I like my smile now but use to hide it.

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  • jason weedling
    jason weedling

    I'm sorry for your young life dude

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    12:24 “like that smash button” 😂

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