I'm Gay - Eugene Lee Yang

Eugene comes out as gay in his original, deeply personal music video, featuring music by ODESZA.
Written, Directed, & Choreographed by Eugene Lee Yang
A Moment Apart” & “Intro Instrumental” - listen now at odesza.lnk.to/amaYT
Set Photography by JD Renes Photography
Executive Producer - Cathleen Cher
Producer - Sally Sujin Oh
Director of Photography - Adam Lee
Production Designer - Matt Soko
Editor - Jonas Thorhallsson
Colorist - Jakob Thorhallsson
Hair - David Dang
Makeup - Arianna Chaylene Bean
Stylist - Farren Jean Andrèa
Stylist Assistant - Kali Mackay
Hair for Ensemble - Cayla Solomon
Makeup for Ensemble - Kasha Lassien
Oscar Utiérre
Farren Jean Andrèa
Malan Breton
Eugene Lee Yang
Sister - Grace Yoo
Brother - Intae Kim
Mother - Terumi Shimazu
Father - Gary Murakami
Girl - Sophia Oddi
Boy - Joshua Blaine
Kim Chi
Jazzmyne Jay
Rhea Litré
Mayhem Miller
Curly Velasquez
Arisce Wanzer
Jason Beaubien, Ryan Blake, Sol Deleo, Mitchell Flores, William Fryt, Mario Godiva, Delaney Goodman, Carter Lee, Jake Mason, Ava Minett, Loretta Minett, Rene Punzalan, Hector Sanchez, Donavan Sanders, Daniel Suarez, Aus Wang, Roman Young
Hind Boa, Justin Chen, Isaac Chu, Felicia Coito, Maiquel Denee, Kate Duffy, Alexandria Herring, Gideon Jacob, Samuel Johnson, Dyan Jong, Aris Kakkis, Danny Lam, Jeremy Lam, Shantell Lamb, Doinelle Macabugao, Lesha McBride, Annie Nguyen, Pat Nguyen, Robyin Nguyen, Devin Parker, Nick Rufca, Alyssa Santos, Zain Shami
Assistant Director - Clyde Goins
2nd AD - Dolly Gray
Music Supervisor - Cathleen Cher
1st AC - Dawson Taylor
2nd AC - Oscar Martinez
Gaffer - Devon Wilson
Best Boy Electric - Vince Valentin
Key Grip - Huan Manton
Best Boy Grip - Justin Lee
Art Director - Spencer Trent
Set Dresser - Devin Parker
Crane Operators - Ryan Elliott, Mike Pusatere
Production Assistants - Delaney Goodman, Izzy Mojamiid, Sergio Ochoa
Catering - Humberto's Catering
Weho Dodgeball
Now More Than Ever Artists
East West Players
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Adam Foley & Ninja Tune
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  • jooniehas jams
    jooniehas jams

    Ik this was released a while ago but can we just talk about how strong eugene is. Like this made me cry. Especially that part where his getting beat up becuz he is gay and his family not helping him. I love this with all my heart. Thank you eugene for being the amazing human that u are.💕

    11 ore fa
  • Shweta Shailendra Nath
    Shweta Shailendra Nath

    I literally cried, this is a beautiful piece of art💙

    11 ore fa
  • hazelue

    the message is so beautiful ;-;

    13 ore fa
  • Heythats prettygood
    Heythats prettygood

    Honestly this is what IT-stream was made for. To broadcast *yourself* it is so pure.

    14 ore fa
  • 啵糖分

    *stay true to yourself you deserve it Eugene*

    17 ore fa
  • Xine Fenton
    Xine Fenton

    when this video came out I had just finished filming a music a music video in Toronto. I had been following try guys for awhile, so this video just came up when we opened my laptop. We all sat down after wrap to watch the video... PRIDE Toronto was just getting started and some people from cast made signs that said "we

    20 ore fa
  • Sofia Smith
    Sofia Smith

    As a gay female (before i had discovered i and eugene were gay) i had thought he was cute

    20 ore fa
  • HyperBen

    this dude gay lol

    21 ora fa
  • katisclean

    He's a god among men... A force to be recond with and the beauty of the darkness from inside us...

    22 ore fa
  • rikky aduwak
    rikky aduwak

    I'm speechless. . . Beautiful and detailed

    22 ore fa
  • unicorn dog girl
    unicorn dog girl

    Me too

    23 ore fa
  • Eline Van den Eynde
    Eline Van den Eynde

    This is really a work of art.

    23 ore fa
  • Make memes in my comments so I’m popular Please
    Make memes in my comments so I’m popular Please

    He doesn’t seem like the type

    Giorno fa
  • AWeirdGuyOnAScooter

    So are you gonna Demonitize your own video now?

    Giorno fa
  • itsme urchild
    itsme urchild

    Omg I love Eugene and the other Try guys but this was BOMB BRUH

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  • beverlyswnb

    So beautiful. What a masterpiece.

    Giorno fa
  • Sheon Art
    Sheon Art

    Holy moly this is beautiful

    Giorno fa
  • Renae Dream
    Renae Dream

    Is there anything Eugene can't do! Amazing as always! Very emotional

    Giorno fa
  • vivien _s_w
    vivien _s_w

    Soo cool

    Giorno fa
  • Lewis Reeds
    Lewis Reeds

    Has anyone else realised that he used the Forza horizon 4 theme?

    Giorno fa
  • JoeAD

    Lewis Reeds Nah really?

    Giorno fa
  • Min Hosook
    Min Hosook

    Everyone: gay people are famine and not manly enough Eugene as a most manly man in try guys: let me just-

    Giorno fa
  • Molly Ben
    Molly Ben

    Wow this was fucking art

    Giorno fa
  • The Pancake God
    The Pancake God

    This video is really, really comforting for me right now. I'm really scared about how the whole supreme court situation is going to work out, and seeing this video and reading the comments are helping me a lot. It's reminding me that I'm not the only one afraid of the chaos and that my LGBT+ and straight ally friends and family are going to support me through this.

    Giorno fa
  • Vuderox

    I'm straight, but even with that, I support LGBTQ+ and think this is the best IT-stream video ever made.

    Giorno fa
  • Riya Roo
    Riya Roo

    every time i see this video i cry, because it reminds me just how much hatred some people receive when they come out.

    Giorno fa
  • nyctrophobia has entered The chat
    nyctrophobia has entered The chat

    3:04 This looks painful as hell ;w;

    Giorno fa
  • nyctrophobia has entered The chat
    nyctrophobia has entered The chat


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  • Waffle Productions
    Waffle Productions

    Hear me out. I love the "Try Guys", and I had no idea that Eugene was gay. (Disclaimer is you read: I have no problem with gay people) I think that when people say that they are gay people will beat them. To be honest I think that they are asking for it. In this world people look at being gay is a good thing and hey if you like your same gender then go for it. I'm not stopping you! But just keep it out of our lives. Don't advertise it saying "I am better than you and I deserve attention". Personally I don't think being gay is a good thing. Because God made "Man and Woman to be together". But when someone comes out they will be beaten up. I am just trying to say is that if you are gay then just either 1.) Keep it to yourself OR 2.) Just say your gay and move on with your life and don't advertise that you are or you will be beaten up. I hope that if you took the time to read this you understand that I am NOT trying to say "All gays should burn in Hell". I am just giving my opinion. Have a great day.

    Giorno fa
  • kate24689101


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  • Jouku Sora
    Jouku Sora

    Still and will always be a gorgeous piece of art. They put so much Emotion and Information and Heart into just a couple minutes. I have a bisexual friend, and she’s just the most amazing person. Her family is extremely hateful towards her sexuality, and they verbally and physically beat her down for it, but she keeps on going through the pain. She keeps on walking forward, through all of the judgement and torture, just to show people that she won’t change who she is to be excepted! Personally, she’s been the only reason, the only light that I’ve had to help me through a dark tunnel of fear and doubt. She‘s the strongest and the bravest person I know.

    Giorno fa
  • crystal deer
    crystal deer

    As a Korean and a Lesbian, you make me feel like i'm not alone. I hope i can come out to my parents someday. Thank you for this. I don't know how to describe this, but it sure as hell made me happy and inspired. You're brave, and thank you for this amazing piece of art.

    Giorno fa
  • Alure Jones
    Alure Jones

    Tbh I already thought he was gay but seeing how amazing this is I’m proud he came out and I bet he did it exactly how he wanted it to be done

    Giorno fa
  • Mitchismylove

    We love you! No matter what💝

    Giorno fa
  • RaNdOm RaF
    RaNdOm RaF

    Is he actually gay?

    Giorno fa
  • JooterJoy

    wow this is amazing even though i didnt expect this i respect your choice.Keep soldiering on and know we will love you for you not your looks or anything. We will always support you!

    Giorno fa
  • Anessa ???
    Anessa ???

    Omg he’s such a queen like Yassss

    Giorno fa
  • Kate Tyler
    Kate Tyler

    Dosent just come out butifully but shows us he can dance butifully😁

    Giorno fa
  • Nichole Booth
    Nichole Booth

    What's the catch?

    Giorno fa
  • scott rhodes
    scott rhodes

    Eugene- I have been a fan of the try guys for years. The religiously conflicted young man, socially misidentified with familial conflict and a history of physical and psychological abuse -is almost a stereotype of gay man. Unfortunately it is also the truth of a social outcast left with no supports and left to survive on their own. Thanks for making this video and bringing more attention to the trevor project.

    Giorno fa
  • Samantha Rich
    Samantha Rich

    You did a great job you should not care what others think about you do what makes you happy

    Giorno fa
  • Eileen Chung
    Eileen Chung

    Is Eugene actually gay?

    Giorno fa
  • Testimony Oluwatobi
    Testimony Oluwatobi


    Giorno fa
  • kutiejk

    still not over this, i love him:’)

    Giorno fa
  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee

    When I first saw this, I really felt something powerful. Eugene has taught me a lot about self acceptance, and although I don't really accept myself for who I am, he taught me that I was in the LGBTQ community because..I'm asexual.

    Giorno fa
  • Emily Brocklebank
    Emily Brocklebank

    that was fucking beautiful.

    Giorno fa
  • Kit kat
    Kit kat

    1:21 I'm sorry but those moves were so smooth.

    Giorno fa
  • J Lopz
    J Lopz

    Truth, that was fucking beautiful.

    Giorno fa
  • jack dvs
    jack dvs


    2 giorni fa
  • MythicalBeats MythicalBeats
    MythicalBeats MythicalBeats

    This ain't right

    2 giorni fa
  • Ella Seeholzer
    Ella Seeholzer

    Thank you so much for including Aces we feel so left out a lot of the time

    2 giorni fa
  • emerald man guy
    emerald man guy

    U just see a comment from a Korean channel saying uR aDoPtEd

    2 giorni fa
  • Evelpro182 xb
    Evelpro182 xb


    2 giorni fa
  • Markov Soh
    Markov Soh

    But when you use the music for gae practice.. it becomes very difficult to de-gay this song now

    2 giorni fa

    I’m not surprised

    2 giorni fa
  • Cassidy Steiner
    Cassidy Steiner


    2 giorni fa
  • Valarie janowski
    Valarie janowski

    I just adore Eugene...So glad he finally found his way, such a beautiful way of sharing his journey!!

    2 giorni fa
  • Niyah _crystalsweets
    Niyah _crystalsweets

    Dose this mean we get more drag ms pepper !???😂

    2 giorni fa
  • spidy one
    spidy one

    what in the fuck of the world

    2 giorni fa
  • spidy one
    spidy one

    what in the fuck of the world

    2 giorni fa
  • TeslaYT

    I'm here for the music!

    2 giorni fa
  • Best anime anime
    Best anime anime

    Dear Eugene, Have u ever liked one of the try guys?

    2 giorni fa