Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!

So many people ask me all the time about my race, ethnicity, or nationality; I decided to finally take a DNA test and check out my Ancestry! 😄 Time to see if i'm actually Asian or not 😳 Join me as I check the results! ❤Expand me❤
Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!
#Pokimane #DNATest #23AndMe
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My name's Imane, but you can call me Poki/Pokimane :) I'm a creator and streamer who plays Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends. Subscribe!
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  • Pokimane

    Thank you all so much for watching

    9 mesi fa
  • Felix Greth
    Felix Greth


    13 giorni fa
  • RyanGaming 20
    RyanGaming 20

    I am muslim, Filipino but I'm in Saudi Arabia I look like an Japanese but my true thing is that I'm a Filipino and i look like only because of my eyes and i dont how to speak Arabic only 😢

    2 mesi fa
  • Célian

    Parles tu couramment français ?

    4 mesi fa
  • Wil Ajikovic
    Wil Ajikovic

    In Philippines 🇵🇭 we colonized by Spanish for 300 plus years and Americans invaded us during 1899-1902 war against Americans so we mixed on Indonesian, Chinese, Spanish, Mexicans, Malays, Americans and others

    4 mesi fa
  • Der Stotterer
    Der Stotterer

    Your IRL videos are very entertaining

    2 ore fa
  • MrMangarillo

    southern European is probably from France

    3 ore fa
  • AceShadow_09

    Tu parles Le Francais 😜 That's so cute pokiiii

    4 ore fa
  • Mohammed Khalifa
    Mohammed Khalifa


    4 ore fa
  • Mohammed Khalifa
    Mohammed Khalifa

    Your borther from sudan

    4 ore fa
  • Paddy Leddyy
    Paddy Leddyy

    مريض لم أكن أعرف أنك مغرب

    6 ore fa
  • Masooma Tahir
    Masooma Tahir

    I wanna marry you

    6 ore fa
  • Masooma Tahir
    Masooma Tahir

    You look very beautiful without makeup too

    6 ore fa
  • TheTraitorOne

    Your mother is so cool

    9 ore fa
  • 《 Angello 》
    《 Angello 》

    I have a crush on asian girls !

    13 ore fa
  • SageNode

    I think Pokimane would look good with a shaved head

    13 ore fa
  • maarten is drowning
    maarten is drowning

    So we gonna 90% ignore the fact that shes a bit asian

    15 ore fa
  • Wasted Potential skateboarding
    Wasted Potential skateboarding

    Poki gets the results back 100% Antarctican

    18 ore fa
  • Mr. Yeet
    Mr. Yeet

    Tbh she looks more hispanic than asian 👌🏼

    20 ore fa
  • Willyice

    6:21 why is your elbow like a 120 degree angle

    Giorno fa
  • Liam Evans
    Liam Evans

    I read it Is Pokemon Asian 😂😂🤦

    Giorno fa
  • Irfaan Habib Y7H
    Irfaan Habib Y7H

    At the end y is her neck so long

    Giorno fa
  • Yuuf Eternal
    Yuuf Eternal

    Maybe the East Asian comes from Chinese defectors to the Mongolian swarm. They reached as far as the Levant. There are actually a sizeable population in Iran and Turkey that have East Asian dna because of Ghengis Khan's expansion westward.

    Giorno fa
  • Yuuf Eternal
    Yuuf Eternal

    Your mom saying what I been saying: the world is our playground, borders are stupid, and people should be what matters, not nations.

    Giorno fa
  • Camp Droopsy
    Camp Droopsy

    In broadly European, Malta (my country) was mentioned, it is an island which is independent. It is not Italian and has never been under the Italian influence. The language is Maltese and knowing that you may be partly Maltese is INSANE!

    Giorno fa
  • Yuuf Eternal
    Yuuf Eternal

    I mean Spain is just across the Strait of Gibraltar....and the Moors from Morocco ruled Spain for centuries so there were bound to be Iberians who settled in Morocco at that time, and stayed. Also the Sudanese come from Nilotic people who migrated into the deserts, like the Fulani and Tauregs, and some mixing with Moroccan Amazigh. Don't know where your East Asian comes from....pretty weird.

    Giorno fa
  • Passakke Darren TODING
    Passakke Darren TODING

    You asian

    Giorno fa
  • GoldPhoenix99

    The Spanish/Portuguese DNA likely comes from either immigration across the Straight of Gibraltar. It's like two feet between the countries. I doubt it goes back to the Iberian invasion, but maybe 700 years ago your family were part of the crusaders of Spain and Portugal. =P

    Giorno fa
  • Joe Lolley
    Joe Lolley


    Giorno fa
  • MoonMoonMelody

    You don't need people in your current family to be from X country, it probably goes back A LONG time :p also, how you got the Spanish/Portugal part? Most likely colonisation.

    Giorno fa
  • Gabriele dc
    Gabriele dc

    Poki i'm italian and i eat a lot of pasta and spaghetti!

    Giorno fa
  • Bloodiamondeyes

    honestly, she looks like she's like 25% Asian and 75% Spanish.

    Giorno fa
  • Inaya Esmie
    Inaya Esmie

    Pokimane Talking To Mom: Здраво мамо бла бла ама * глупости * (I don't know if this is what she speakes I used Google Translate and I don't know what langauge) Me: ??? Bruh that a lode of gibberish

    2 giorni fa
  • August Bjørnsti
    August Bjørnsti

    Poki’s mom: your friends are so nice. While Micheal is making a tazer desk

    2 giorni fa
  • ulitimate richter main
    ulitimate richter main

    i am algerian so like i cant watch u anymore

    2 giorni fa
  • Gofastt


    2 giorni fa
  • Kcyrie Elare
    Kcyrie Elare

    Without makeup she doesnt look asian at all.

    2 giorni fa
  • fortnite is leuk
    fortnite is leuk

    j'aime poki

    3 giorni fa
  • Maximus Kstu
    Maximus Kstu

    3:45 french

    3 giorni fa
  • Máęsțro ķïņğ
    Máęsțro ķïņğ

    Whaaaaaat?? Are you Arabic??

    3 giorni fa
  • MAss 2006
    MAss 2006

    Me when I lose in a minecraft hardcore map 0:53

    3 giorni fa
  • Ryker Quackenbush
    Ryker Quackenbush

    You’re beautiful!

    3 giorni fa
  • KL Rider
    KL Rider

    I think it's her hair that fooled many people. There are Arabs with soft East Asian features, but their hair becomes an identifying marker. Poki's fans should convince her to show her natural hair.

    3 giorni fa
  • DPaniel 556
    DPaniel 556

    Hold up, something else, does that mean that Poki could pass out N word passes?

    3 giorni fa
  • DPaniel 556
    DPaniel 556

    Poki could now say Ni......

    3 giorni fa
  • Hunnyxx

    there is a app called poki.

    3 giorni fa
  • Deathstrider

    She's got coronavirus

    3 giorni fa
  • unholyblue

    *me seing people thinking that if you are morro an you can say the n-word* Me again:🌚

    3 giorni fa
  • Saw Ywalay Pu Lawpoe Si
    Saw Ywalay Pu Lawpoe Si

    It’s because of her eyes

    3 giorni fa
  • MusicStockerX

    U look exactly like ur mom , how can u be adopted . Those poeple wqnt to make other people confesed 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    3 giorni fa
  • Vuljo ygo
    Vuljo ygo


    4 giorni fa
  • shay

    Are you muslim? if yes ):

    4 giorni fa
  • Barbarossa_Togasa

    I'm gonna buy an army of Pokimanes. Also Pokimane speaking French is the sexiest thing ever.

    4 giorni fa
  • Yandel Lopes
    Yandel Lopes

    No u suck on mine

    4 giorni fa
  • Yui

    Your language is kind of like Spanish

    4 giorni fa
  • Kouhai Terd
    Kouhai Terd

    i didnt know u speak frenchhhhhhh omg

    4 giorni fa
  • Kray Kreenie
    Kray Kreenie

    Poki: I’m 100% from Morocco. 5 mins later... *talks to her mom in french*. Me: Tf

    4 giorni fa
  • Ludhotte Qc
    Ludhotte Qc

    *Me being from Quebec* I understand the french :) I understand the english :)

    4 giorni fa
  • Emmanuel Ballestas
    Emmanuel Ballestas

    Bruh your not French?

    4 giorni fa
  • AdamTyler Martins
    AdamTyler Martins

    Hey I'm half Portuguese your related to me 👌🏻

    4 giorni fa
  • Eivysion

    Poki can say the N-Word.

    4 giorni fa
  • Ja Cob
    Ja Cob

    You speak French?

    4 giorni fa
  • Daddy Treesus
    Daddy Treesus

    0.1% Asian Poki: I BELONG IN THIS HOUSE Bro that’s 1/1000 Asian. That’s tiny. I wouldn’t consider that to be asian.

    4 giorni fa
  • Nutella Yoshi
    Nutella Yoshi

    she was joking

    4 giorni fa
  • Niqht_ Sunny
    Niqht_ Sunny

    Mah italiano sis UwU

    5 giorni fa