Joyner Lucas - Will (ADHD)

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  • Geoffrey Pass
    Geoffrey Pass

    where is gemini man

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  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    Where was Hancock at ?

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  • Benedicta Izukwe
    Benedicta Izukwe

    Best !

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  • MathM 23
    MathM 23

    « Yeah, I grew up on a legend and I gotta show it I learned a lot from him and I owe it Homie's my idol and don't even know it, ooh » that part 🤙🏾👏🏾

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  • Radit Moerdani
    Radit Moerdani

    joyner: "Writes a song without a curse word" NF: "Proud of you,son"

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  • nwike ndulue
    nwike ndulue

    Crank Lucas in the building

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  • Freddy Brainy
    Freddy Brainy

    Will Smith is a legend! Joyner is slowly becoming a legend! And those are facts! You’re the man Joyner 👊🏾✨💫⭐️

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  • Brandon Sanchez
    Brandon Sanchez

    Bendiciones de cristo para ustedes excelente canción sobre will :) que buen tema!!

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  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife

    Yo where Hancock though?💭

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  • YKL Yella
    YKL Yella

    You can hear this got a da baby type beat😂 Like if you agree

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  • Jackzilla Vlogs
    Jackzilla Vlogs

    Wish he did Hancock

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  • Angel Champagne
    Angel Champagne

    Man, love this. Truly love this.

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  • Mr. TJ the Box
    Mr. TJ the Box

    Lucas: Will Will Smith: Yes? Lucas: Will: No Lucas: Will: NOO Lucas: Will: fine

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  • big willie
    big willie

    Anybody else peep the white girl tho sheesh

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  • Mike-Wayne Django II
    Mike-Wayne Django II

    Joyner is probably the best rapper alive right now

    10 ore fa
  • Jaden Scott
    Jaden Scott

    he should make a pt 2

    10 ore fa
  • Ybdank 90744
    Ybdank 90744

    Yoooo this shit hit 🗣🔥

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  • Papa Luigi
    Papa Luigi


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  • T Z
    T Z

    Hitch didn't inspire him?

    10 ore fa
  • Globin


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  • Kenneth Lipkins
    Kenneth Lipkins

    Man this sums up how everyone who grew up watching Will Smith feels. Greatness and didn't even cuss.

    10 ore fa
  • Delvon Pitts
    Delvon Pitts

    Crank Lucas doin big things

    10 ore fa
  • Ed Carlos Ribeiro Da Silva
    Ed Carlos Ribeiro Da Silva

    Fantástico vc fosa cara devils work returno pac hell thug Life

    11 ore fa
  • Capelo Capelo22
    Capelo Capelo22


    11 ore fa
  • Super Mario
    Super Mario

    Now this what I call rap.

    11 ore fa
  • Ninguemtroll

    Can we get an extended version with the rest of the movies??? Love the song❤️

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  • Tommy Davis
    Tommy Davis


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  • Steve Alexander
    Steve Alexander

    This is talent beyond an average man’s imagination. Pure genius.

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  • KeyStonesPrimo

    MORE MUSIC LIKE THIS F the Dr.Seuss Rappers

    11 ore fa
  • Myles Rodriguez
    Myles Rodriguez

    For the culture ✊

    11 ore fa
  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson

    Nice Illuminati symbolism flashing the pyramid. Trash

    11 ore fa
  • Zoham Imam
    Zoham Imam

    He left out Deadshot

    11 ore fa
  • christ vleyee
    christ vleyee

    Didn’t even know he played in shark tale 💀

    11 ore fa
  • conor cox
    conor cox

    It's like all the mumble rappers have died and iv gone to hevan 🔥🔥

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  • Kennith Morgan
    Kennith Morgan


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  • Jefe Loni
    Jefe Loni

    Omg is all ima say 🙌🏽🙏🏽🤞🏽

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  • Sultan A
    Sultan A

    Soo suck man 🤘🏽

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  • Looking For A Name
    Looking For A Name

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> real shit right there we have taken life for granted too many times

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  • Get money
    Get money

    Why he kinda look like Reggie Wright in this vid lol

    11 ore fa
  • Christy S
    Christy S

    I am a HU-U-U-U-GE fan of Will Smith. This rap was (let me tell you that I am a white 66 yr old grandma and I can't think if a better word) YO, this rap was DOPE! 😜

    11 ore fa
  • Muataz Elnour
    Muataz Elnour

    Watching this video give hope to everyone that (YES YOU Can make it)

    11 ore fa
  • Beez _ OutTheTrap
    Beez _ OutTheTrap

    Joyner always doing something ill & different, he's gonna be a g.o.a.t .💯

    11 ore fa
  • Ciera Lee
    Ciera Lee

    Who’s seen all of these movies 😅

    11 ore fa
  • 360leafy

    Joyner:WILL Me:Carlton must be sooo jealous rn

    11 ore fa
  • KindredJazz Tees
    KindredJazz Tees

    i have to take back my like ... i only saw 4 non-whites waaaaay in the background ... you could've have more upfront!

    11 ore fa
  • Karthick Srinivas
    Karthick Srinivas


    11 ore fa
  • Zachbot


    11 ore fa
  • Henry V.
    Henry V.

    FACTS 🔥!!!!

    11 ore fa
  • Noah Davis
    Noah Davis


    11 ore fa
  • Marien

    Will when he sees this: "Ah thats hot, thats hot."

    11 ore fa
  • Kareem Wilson
    Kareem Wilson

    Will gonna reply in the comments and its gonna get pinned

    11 ore fa
  • Gabriel Njoroge
    Gabriel Njoroge

    dear life, please let this one live longer ...blessup joyner

    11 ore fa
  • chyni.kaé

    😎🔥🔥 love this man! ❤️🤧🔥🔥

    11 ore fa
  • 10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
    10k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    "So give 'em a rose while they still alive" This is how you pay tribute to a Legend !! Not after his death .. do it right like joyner

    11 ore fa
  • Deep Rymes
    Deep Rymes

    Type Da baby

    11 ore fa
  • Kyle Larkins
    Kyle Larkins

    Real hip hop

    11 ore fa
  • Demi Buizon
    Demi Buizon

    I love How Will Smith inspire people with his words,, Thanks Joyner for making this song🙂 Greetings From Philippines, STAY SAFE everyone.

    11 ore fa
  • Libertate Veritas
    Libertate Veritas

    Shout out to Crank Lucas for concocting this sick beat. Two of my favorite Lucas working together! ❤️

    11 ore fa
  • The gamer The gamer
    The gamer The gamer

    This nigga Joyner is the shit he really deserves to be on Eminem's top 10

    12 ore fa
  • Rap Tale
    Rap Tale

    Hey, I have made a fan video for Will. Go through the channel let me know the feedback.

    12 ore fa
  • JuicyFruit

    ahaha... Thats hot, thats hot.

    12 ore fa
  • Lord Scavenger
    Lord Scavenger

    Best video of the year

    12 ore fa
  • Eric Cartee
    Eric Cartee

    Joyner Lucas is fire this song is fire love it will smith great actor definitely in my top 5 I’ve seen most of his movies and the wild Wild West bar dude so much fire in this song

    12 ore fa
  • Vicente Alexander Cisternas Figueroa
    Vicente Alexander Cisternas Figueroa


    12 ore fa
  • Lee Hampton
    Lee Hampton

    This man got 10mil in 6 days

    12 ore fa
  • johntae jackson
    johntae jackson

    This is greatness video and lyrics!

    12 ore fa
  • Naiomi Ruiz
    Naiomi Ruiz

    this is a dope video big ups on this keep it up stay home n save Blessings world wide!

    12 ore fa
  • KJ 10
    KJ 10

    Joynet Lucas is legit phenominal! Soo much thought, and creativity goes into his work. The dude is one of the all time best, and he hasn’t even peaked.

    12 ore fa
  • Sexy Marsa
    Sexy Marsa

    It's beautiful when in selfish times like these, people still recognize, appreciate and celebrate other people's accomplishments and effort. Great project :)

    12 ore fa
  • Ryder432

    I was wondering if he would do the movie Hancock or not

    12 ore fa
  • Youssef

    Like when you like Will Smith

    12 ore fa
  • Deadly Raver
    Deadly Raver

    Damn Joyner. I don't listen to much rap these days, but I'm super glad I caught this one. Props man.

    12 ore fa
  • Tez Haze
    Tez Haze

    Whoever dislikes this can eat a dick

    12 ore fa
  • peterdagreek goon
    peterdagreek goon

    mad respect and truth a legend and great role model he is thanks bro "respect"

    12 ore fa
  • Nicholas Larsen
    Nicholas Larsen

    Love it.

    12 ore fa
  • Problems Spadelyfe
    Problems Spadelyfe

    🔥🔥🔥 dopest tribute I seen in a long time.

    12 ore fa
  • XD TURTLE 69968
    XD TURTLE 69968

    1st time: ok this alright 2nd time: wow this fire 3rd time: IM FEELIN LIKE WILL

    12 ore fa
  • Brandon Nelson
    Brandon Nelson

    Wow I'm speechless

    12 ore fa
  • leeroy lerato
    leeroy lerato

    Eminem isnt lying when he says Joyner is up there serious he is.

    12 ore fa
  • Ragin

    at the end of the song Will Smith: Ha! its rewind time!

    12 ore fa