Korean high school exam week vlog


  • Apple_an

    Woww she can actually use both of her hands for writing..amazing..btw I'm a southpaw

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  • D unbOxer
    D unbOxer

    Sometimes even I become An ASIAN a day before exam

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  • Rudra Jadon
    Rudra Jadon

    It is nostalgic, me and my friends used to study like this for IIT-JEE exam for 3 years straight (although I wasn't able to qualify it). My results were pretty crappy 95.14%ile but one of my friend made it into IIT-Delhi by securing 1900 rank out of 1.2 million students, very happy for him, he used to study much more than us, probably 11 hours a day for 3 years.

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  • Angela

    This video is so calming, it inspires me to study 😂

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  • Rupali Agrawal
    Rupali Agrawal

    Wow!!girls Roaming around/going home at 1am in India,it's like strictly prohibited by the society...you know if you know Ps- not saying my country is bad or what so ever every country has its own problems(but this one is way to serious)

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  • nate

    and i saw jaehyun from nct on the phone screen lol

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  • kermit is gay
    kermit is gay

    This is actually my life

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  • dipali das
    dipali das

    the environment is so good for studying😭

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  • ҡσσҡเεรɓæ

    Where did u get that cute pencil case 🥺 5:00

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  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen

    I don't think you study a lot 😂. I am also going to the university next year. Everyday, i get up at 4am to study, 6:30, i have breakfast, 6:40 go to school, 11:15 return home, 1:20pm go to extra classes until 6:30pm, sometime i have to learn until 9pm, and have dinner, then continue to learn until 11pm. I think my education crazier than yours 😂

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  • Priyanshi verma
    Priyanshi verma

    Imma die if I had such an education system. Like Indian students have this mentality that their system is the worst but noo!!! What the heck is this. How can someone do that.

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  • Ruma Bhattacharya
    Ruma Bhattacharya

    In india, there's so much pressure. The method of studying is not the issue the exams are the real headache

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  • Hamza Tarek
    Hamza Tarek

    You're so great just keep going and you'll be such a great person. Now I gonna study but I wake up late today actually it is 8 am but I wanted to woke up earlier than it but it's OK I still have time...

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  • Iiwa iiwa
    Iiwa iiwa

    I have exam tomorrow and I am still watching this 🙄🙄

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  • Miftahul Jannah
    Miftahul Jannah

    How u can study for 9 hours. Just sit and study for 25 minutes, i will feel bored and sleepy :")

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  • Aakrati Gupta
    Aakrati Gupta

    I love the place where all can do self study......i hope it would be in india too

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  • Rupali Agrawal
    Rupali Agrawal

    So true 😭this also give us motivation to study and stay away from phone🤦

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  • Aakrati Gupta
    Aakrati Gupta

    I love cha eunwoo

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  • vilili

    48% for your math? Bro, I have 35% for math....

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  • Kpop X Anime High
    Kpop X Anime High

    During exam weeks I studied for like 14 hours. I went to sleep at 3 or 4 am. Thankfully I can study a lot during exam week. But when exam finishes I can't concentrate. Other than the exam weeks I can't study more than 2-4 hours lol.

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  • Jimena Jurado
    Jimena Jurado

    Wells... i justo wanna say that if i returned to my home at 1am probably my mum will call the cups or think that someone kidnapped me... how lucky you are girl!

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  • pinky diwakar
    pinky diwakar

    U study 9hr and I study 4or5 hr but I improve my study hours because of u . U work so hard

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  • fresshia eunkook predraza pariona
    fresshia eunkook predraza pariona

    I am trying study alot before my examen! But is not easy, there are a lot of distration

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  • tieyyah nur
    tieyyah nur


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  • Hitisha waghela
    Hitisha waghela

    I bet she is a science student 😂

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  • joo yaraa
    joo yaraa

    Just gonna say, that's crazy

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  • kim taehyungna ARMY
    kim taehyungna ARMY

    Who else is watching this vdo before one day of exam like me 😂

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  • J. P
    J. P

    Shouldnt we all be youtuders

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  • moon j
    moon j

    No puedo estudiar 3 horas porqué empiezo a llorar 😔😔😔 pd: a la 1 de la mañana se van para la casa...WoW la seguridad en Corea es muy buena

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  • Memos Gaming
    Memos Gaming

    Hey please your Fb or IG username?

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  • rehab

    Are you muslim?

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  • L Cuisine
    L Cuisine

    Good luck sis i luv your routine for studying 💙

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  • qwertyuiopa.skdlw abdjj.
    qwertyuiopa.skdlw abdjj.

    Let me give u a friendly advice to you.. You waste 50% of you're time in useless stuff and in food you should concentrate In study not just time

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  • Hafsa Ali
    Hafsa Ali

    I am from Pakistan also and I am a night owl. I used to study like whole night and sleep at 7am then wake up at 11am and then continue to study! Obviously this is on holidays or vacations .now I have completed my 12th grade but..when I had to go to college in past, I was used to sleep at 4:30 or 5 am in morning and wake up at 7am and then went to college after packup time at 2pm I came home and 2 hrs nap if I got a chance I mean I didn't arrive late at home or else I had to learn academy tests and went to academy at 5pm to 8pm . And this goes on.... Ahhh that was tiring and tbh it affected my health a lotttttt. It became worst!

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  • aanna ko
    aanna ko


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  • CutiePie Pie
    CutiePie Pie

    Wow korean students are hardworking.

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  • Solanna Soleil
    Solanna Soleil

    I love how they study but it's too much. I can relate on how they study tho.

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  • Ananya Singh
    Ananya Singh

    you korean guys are very sincere then why there is need to go yaja .....study at home.....

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  • p j.2405
    p j.2405

    Why they mark on book ???🤔

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  • Ameena Hafar
    Ameena Hafar

    I have to start studing guys🌚

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  • gemm pronghs
    gemm pronghs

    whoop~ i can only study for 2 hours long for daily exam and 5-6 hours (including breaks) if it’s midterm/ finals!!! ur level of concentration is just💯💯💯💯

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