Another awesome F1 race! So exciting to watch!!
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Huge congrats to Charles Leclerc on his second career race win! Incredible drive from him withstanding the huge pressure from a charging Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes threw everything they had at him but the Ferrari managed to stay on top. Certainly one of the greatest feelings ever....winning the Italian GP with Ferrari. Awesome drive by Daniel Ricciardo too. Can't wait for the next Grand Prix 😎
Pictures: Motorsport Images, HOCH ZWEI


  • Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg

    what did you think of the race?? such an intense one!! subscribe at this link:

    5 mesi fa
  • ibra him
    ibra him

    whats name of song?

    4 mesi fa
  • Inderjit Singh
    Inderjit Singh

    @Joe L'Horri and you reached this conclusion how exactly?

    4 mesi fa
  • Joe L'Horri
    Joe L'Horri

    @Inderjit Singh Those last comment really proved you're a biased fanatic.

    4 mesi fa
  • Thomas S
    Thomas S

    Nico. ... no one needs U

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  • Rémi W
    Rémi W

    Rosberg stupid men

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  • Manuel Ricci
    Manuel Ricci

    the top speed is about 378 km/m

    28 giorni fa
  • Kenzie Balbes
    Kenzie Balbes

    Nico: *doesn't really look like an ex-F1 driver but more like a F1 vlogger his whole life*

    Mese fa
  • Dp1ay

    Ferarri Made history indeed. They cheated.!

    3 mesi fa
  • derek mccann
    derek mccann

    Nico the greatest most humble champion of the world 😂👍 And I still love lewis😂

    4 mesi fa
  • Erwan Le Balch
    Erwan Le Balch

    What a Big ego ! Please stop talking about F1, you never had the level

    4 mesi fa
  • F1LeclercFan

    Nico I am a absolute big f1 fan for Mercedes but dont tell Lewis but i think that your better

    4 mesi fa
  • blknsxy10

    Surprised you have not done any reporting about the Russian F1 Race, can't wait to hear from you, thanks Nico R.

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  • Димитрий Ярушин
    Димитрий Ярушин

    The cultural part of the video is impressively satisfying! So, it worths watching over and over, again and again as a brilliant!

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  • vlog and gaming Lp
    vlog and gaming Lp

    I set this video from German channel

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  • Stefan Scholz
    Stefan Scholz

    Already knew ? Nico Rosberg is a record holder in the F1. If he likes it? No idea :) Nico is the driver with the most 2nd place in a season. At the number 10 in 2014 !!!

    5 mesi fa
  • RobiPì

    I latini sono festoso dentro e fuori. I migliori al mondo 😍

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  • szewei85

    Leclerc the new hero and 2019 is the rise of tifosi team

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  • Manca Travel #BoltBucaresti
    Manca Travel #BoltBucaresti

    nico thanks for making the scuderia look so good this year well done

    5 mesi fa
  • ddRoy

    Nur noch schlecht über Seb reden , das macht dir Spaß ? ...... ganz mies! Gib ihn mal einen Tip als einmaliger World Champion ;-)

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  • Marcelo Rox
    Marcelo Rox

    Need legends in português br

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  • Lennart Markovic
    Lennart Markovic

    this is why i love nico so much. he acknowledges to the full how hard a racer hamilton is. the man takes NO prisoners.

    5 mesi fa
  • pablo bagtas
    pablo bagtas

    Nico f1 driver..

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  • Mladen Cabraja
    Mladen Cabraja

    E vak ce da sprica 23🥃🍶🍶🍶Ⓜ️Ⓜ️©️☕

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  • steven wilding
    steven wilding

    This is more entertaining than formula one. Keep it up!

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  • Self

    leclerc seems son of ayrton senna

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  • kais Yaya
    kais Yaya

    nico team up with leclerc !

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  • Jamie Ktenas
    Jamie Ktenas

    what is nicos outro song ???? :D

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  • Руслан Давыдов
    Руслан Давыдов

    I'll have to respectdully disagree with you Nico. Ferrari has won 2 races in the two tracks they where expected to win. Where theres little down force and not too many turns. Once Ferrari can start winning races consistently on other tracks I'll perch up my ears.

    5 mesi fa
  • Luciano Mirão
    Luciano Mirão

    Parabéns Nico!!!

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  • taxi driver
    taxi driver

    Leclerc will be the new Schumacher!

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  • Thomas S
    Thomas S

    Nico Rosberg .... shut up. Every driver in the f1 laughs about U

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  • frukk0

    Impossible not to subscribe to your channel Nico! Grandissimo! Yeah Leclerc Is the future but as a Ferrari fan I still think he deserved a penalty, we gotta be honest.

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  • JLS Cabeçotes
    JLS Cabeçotes

    Great job Nico !! If you had stayed in F1 we would have more great races like this.

    5 mesi fa
  • Simo_Simo

    Tifosi beat ANYBODY ELSE 10-0!!! Sorry people. The only ones that can compete are Verstappen's supporters, but they would be too drunk to make it under the podium!

    5 mesi fa
  • Simo_Simo

    What's going on Nico? Not supporting Mercedes??? What's going on???

    5 mesi fa
  • Tripod Threefoot
    Tripod Threefoot

    How bitter can one man be, making these statements? Rosberg: “I thought I was the only dumb person at the time that would go straight on at the chicane and actually give up a place. “To go around those polystyrene blocks takes forever. Lewis did the same. “Lewis went straight on and gave up the position to Valtteri which made me feel a little better for once.” It seems that Rosberg thought Hamilton's mistake made him look like a better driver as if a 5 time World Champion made the same error then it was obviously an easy one to make.

    5 mesi fa
  • Photo Éditor
    Photo Éditor

    Victoire mèritè pour nous et Charles

    5 mesi fa

    Well all I see is a lot of copyright claims

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  • Don Zauker
    Don Zauker

    che Grande Nico showman completo!!!

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  • Neo*UPR*2022

    0:10 Sympa ce nouveau festival electro =)

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  • Boris Posavec
    Boris Posavec

    Lewis is always wrong saying "best crowd ever". THIS IS "best crowd ever".

    5 mesi fa
  • robin taylor
    robin taylor

    I'm so glad you are doing this Nico, great content very well done ... thank you

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  • xXZioPeppeXx

    00:26 here I am! Thanks Nico for put me on your video, it's an honor for me

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  • Theak47forall

    It is i Leclerc !!

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  • Andrew Team
    Andrew Team

    Nico vieni in Ferrari con Charles 🏎😀😀

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  • Maxim249

    Does anyone know the song between 2:03 and 2:45?

    5 mesi fa
  • Dhruv Varshney
    Dhruv Varshney

    Enough about listening to how lewis is so great from you. You are bound to piss drivers with your new job and you just need to adapt and move on.

    5 mesi fa
  • Simeon Chappell
    Simeon Chappell

    Nico mate, you've got to stop the cheap shitty music. it's not "edgy" it's just a bad annoying noise. When the video started I thought I was watching Bruno.

    5 mesi fa
  • Patrick Stolze
    Patrick Stolze

    You get on my nerves!

    5 mesi fa
  • Notdraxdes _
    Notdraxdes _

    Leclerc bester❤

    5 mesi fa
  • Dennis Tinga
    Dennis Tinga

    Brittney is a vlogger now🤣

    5 mesi fa
  • Leone Legnoso
    Leone Legnoso

    Please *Nico* come back in F1 like a *Ferrari* driver!!! ♥️🐎

    5 mesi fa
  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    Sloppy Toons Nico provides no bias detailed and expert opinion of what’s going on ! He’s been there, done it all and won it fair and square!! People nowadays are disrespectful! This successful F1 figure is a responsible individual and respect to him is dutiful! But how to earn respect when the FIA itself don’t respect us the F1 real no bias fans, don’t respect applying the rules consistently, the FIA don’t respect what isn’t good for their business! I don’t know what to respect anymore and whether I need to waste my time watching F1 anymore becoming more and more unreal! Untrustworthy! A fake drama for the spectators to keep watching! We’re being sold another form of entertainment! Like Ferrari in Monza can do whatever to win, break the rules, unsafe driving by leclerc almost killing both drivers meant no penalty! Shoving Hamilton out of track with wheel to wheel almost touching dangerously meant a simple warning just to let leclerc win for Ferrari when others get reprimanded! Also making him a national hero for those hopeless Italians who are yearning for a win at any cost! I understand them and it would be great to see that for Ferrari not only Mercedes! But In a legal way, not illegally ! Leclerc broke the rules, put lives at danger and deserved a penalty and he isn’t the real winner of Monza gp! Point on the line! The stewards who have no balls to take real decisions stay home! You make our beloved F1 unreal , you and those who illegally win in reality lose much more! I used to respect leclerc at least, now not supporting him any longer if he’s such an unclean whatever! You

    5 mesi fa
  • Przemo

    Amazing atmosphere in the race, i wish i could go some day to monza, it really feels a beating heart of motorsport :)

    5 mesi fa
  • Luke Sutherland
    Luke Sutherland

    Nico you have the best footage

    5 mesi fa
  • Jonathan Ward
    Jonathan Ward

    Well made IT-stream video. Fair play. 👍

    5 mesi fa
  • * Antonio*
    * Antonio*

    Can someone imagen Lewis and Vettle swap places for next sesone?

    5 mesi fa
  • CP Friends
    CP Friends

    I love this moment. Congrats Ferrari

    5 mesi fa

    A red title will go to leclerc before vettel. Thats pretty certain.

    5 mesi fa
  • TheLogitech91

    I agree with Carlos Ramirez. Spa & Monza are tracks where everyone new Ferrari would do well. Even with everything against him as far as down force & engine power Hamilton was still able to hound Leclerc. Let's see what happens in Singapore. He was in Italy, let's see if he gets away with driving like he did at any other track.

    5 mesi fa
  • Formula Fan Deluxe
    Formula Fan Deluxe


    5 mesi fa
  • Alan French
    Alan French

    My have been a different result if Leclerc hadn’t forced Hamilton off the track. Also blocked by moving from side to side !

    5 mesi fa
  • Christopher Robin Garrish
    Christopher Robin Garrish

    PAY ROSBERG whatever he wants to replace Vettel. Please. FERRARI ARE YOU AWAKE?

    5 mesi fa
  • Apexeon151

    Why dose Nico Rosberg kinda sound like he just hit puberty

    5 mesi fa