Locked in a car for 24 HOURS with my roommate

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  • Coolcreep 1465
    Coolcreep 1465

    I hate him but he’s also hilarious

    5 giorni fa
  • it's Choco
    it's Choco

    So basicly just went homeless for 24 hours

    7 giorni fa
  • Jack McDonald
    Jack McDonald

    12:41 Nah its clouder you dumby. Stupid ...... oh, you just made me think of my truuuuck, I love my truuuck

    17 giorni fa
  • LoL Gamer
    LoL Gamer

    its proxima centauri it has twi suns like in starwars

    18 giorni fa
  • LoL Gamer
    LoL Gamer


    18 giorni fa
  • random gamer
    random gamer

    Mr. Beast 2.0

    19 giorni fa
  • Swifty Smithy
    Swifty Smithy

    12:10 great accents lads *sips cup of tea*

    29 giorni fa
  • Tyler Norton
    Tyler Norton

    Kolochki are a polish Christmas cookie

    Mese fa
  • Ya Kahoot
    Ya Kahoot

    In the Thumbnail he looks just like itsjusta6

    Mese fa
  • Alaskan Gamester
    Alaskan Gamester

    go vegan for a week challenge :)

    Mese fa
  • Ya Boi Yoshi
    Ya Boi Yoshi


    Mese fa
  • D L
    D L

    “He’s black he’s black”😂😂😂 oh man today’s society would rip that apart

    Mese fa

    I love joeys voice its hilarious

    Mese fa
  • Glitchy 76
    Glitchy 76

    Tyler: Aw dude i love this song pump it! Reice: It's not me it's the radio outside. Tyler:Well pump it anyway.

    Mese fa
  • Maverick McFarlane
    Maverick McFarlane

    Can’t pay me enough to get into a Range Rover. Things are death traps.

    Mese fa
  • mr. yeast
    mr. yeast

    His accent is insulting to people from Wisconsin

    2 mesi fa
  • Mason Immer
    Mason Immer


    2 mesi fa
  • Mason Immer
    Mason Immer

    When you said Venus it's time just like

    2 mesi fa
  • Allah


    2 mesi fa
  • The Husky
    The Husky

    Hey you do not talk to the super duty like that!! OK!

    2 mesi fa
  • The Banana Republic
    The Banana Republic

    I love how both of you have Samsung phones, I have the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. A 5 year old phone. Hoping to get the Samsung A20

    2 mesi fa
  • Piercey

    Your friends a meanie

    2 mesi fa
  • Daniel Graf
    Daniel Graf

    This is some funny shit love it

    2 mesi fa
  • The Afternoon Insanity Bros
    The Afternoon Insanity Bros

    7:25 homeboy really has 6074 unread messages

    3 mesi fa
  • reyes robledo
    reyes robledo

    11:37 rule one in texas bruv you never EVER mess with a man and his ribs ill eat nearly a full rack of ribs if I have not eaten all day

    3 mesi fa
  • radiotower1

    i have seen a similar challenge 2 years ago but the fucker locked himself in the trunk and it was winter

    3 mesi fa
  • INA kun
    INA kun

    Joey: gives middle finger to Reese Also joey : I got Donuts

    3 mesi fa

    0:25 when your mom checks in on you at midnight you find anywhere to lay to make it look like your asleep

    3 mesi fa
  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    I like how they still blur out their address but yet we’ve seen their license plates plenty of times and it only takes a quick search online too find what addresses the license plates are registered too XD.

    4 mesi fa
  • Doublestorm 9084
    Doublestorm 9084

    I spent 48 hours in a car

    4 mesi fa
  • bullhorn fly
    bullhorn fly

    Ameturs. I spend 90 hours in a car with 7 other people each week.

    4 mesi fa
  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano

    bullhorn fly when I’m curious

    2 mesi fa
  • Dipboi69 Yeeha
    Dipboi69 Yeeha

    What is a cars asshole the exhaust of the fuel intake

    4 mesi fa
  • 3RDi NoMaD
    3RDi NoMaD

    Pull him over...HES BLACK HES BLACK ! 😂😂😂

    4 mesi fa
  • pikkisful

    that wan't he pornhub app tho

    4 mesi fa
  • IlllI IlIll
    IlllI IlIll

    Kenny Vs Spenny did it better

    4 mesi fa

    And camera man

    4 mesi fa
  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    2 copies of For Honor. Does he play that?

    4 mesi fa
  • Fuzzyfoot88

    24 hours in a backyard kiddie pool

    4 mesi fa
  • Beemer

    24 hours in a car? More like a few hours in a car a few times. Don't be a pussy, piss in a cup and don't drive around so much. You shouldn't get a tank..

    5 mesi fa

    6:30 quality content

    5 mesi fa
  • Young BZ
    Young BZ

    But was it a pornhub app?

    5 mesi fa
  • Jeff Crouch
    Jeff Crouch

    Wal-Mart 24 hour challenge wouldn't need bathroom breaks because they have bathrooms and also everything else you boys would need 😉

    5 mesi fa
  • influenza

    "why" "weight reduction." "weight reduction? in a fucking ranger rover?" this channel is so great

    5 mesi fa

    14:40 🤣🤣🤣🤣 “improper fraction”

    5 mesi fa
  • Seth Hixie
    Seth Hixie

    I drove 12 hours straight to Florida no rest stops just gas. That had me wanting to be dead so

    5 mesi fa
  • Kai Robin Courtney
    Kai Robin Courtney

    shipleys is the besttttttt

    5 mesi fa
  • derek hinosena
    derek hinosena

    Does this make jojo a reference to this??!

    5 mesi fa
  • GizmoThePieFaceMan

    I love you guys. Wish I could buy a disappointment hoodie

    5 mesi fa
  • Nicholas Pitti
    Nicholas Pitti

    You dont know what Quinoa is yet you pronounce it perfectly?

    6 mesi fa
  • Fetus Deletus
    Fetus Deletus

    17:32 this is why love joey

    6 mesi fa
  • Cosplay Drawing Freak
    Cosplay Drawing Freak

    I was in a car for 24 hours with my ex

    6 mesi fa
  • * Loads LMG with religious intent
    * Loads LMG with religious intent

    It’s called being homeless

    6 mesi fa
  • the dissolution
    the dissolution


    7 mesi fa
  • Tominator5555

    24 hours playing minecraft incorrectly

    7 mesi fa
  • Yasuii uwu
    Yasuii uwu

    20:35 thank me later

    7 mesi fa
  • Devon Abbott
    Devon Abbott

    "I somehow slept to 11 o'clock in here" at 22:50 *immediately shows clock that says it's 9: 19

    7 mesi fa
  • Randal


    7 mesi fa
  • Comrade Austin Fox
    Comrade Austin Fox

    My uncle has been doing this challenge for 9 years

    7 mesi fa
  • Raccoon

    its 11 aclock the laptop said 9...:|

    7 mesi fa
  • The gaming plague
    The gaming plague

    "and 2 copies of For Honor" made me smile

    7 mesi fa
  • Succ Nasty
    Succ Nasty


    6 mesi fa
  • testosterone0

    best driver seat setup

    7 mesi fa