Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)


  • 하양눈빛

    싫어요 누른 사람 나와

    8 ore fa
  • rohan gadagade
    rohan gadagade

    This song really bring my memory back.....

    9 ore fa
  • MIR HASHIM ALI 160417738046
    MIR HASHIM ALI 160417738046

    He looks like captain america.

    9 ore fa

    malakai pryce

    9 ore fa
  • Cecil New YouTube channel
    Cecil New YouTube channel

    I be your Fan I like your songs

    9 ore fa
  • raji prabh
    raji prabh

    Everybody hurts somedays everybody hurts sometimes osum lines

    9 ore fa
  • 유리

    고인의 명복을빕니다

    9 ore fa

    Himmmm novemberere

    9 ore fa
  • 초록세균

    이 영상의 참된점은 이렇게 좋은 노래를 만들었음에도 광고를 달지 않은 점이다

    9 ore fa
  • meet suthar
    meet suthar

    Drinks brings back memories ❤️🥂

    9 ore fa
  • David Sonnweber
    David Sonnweber


    10 ore fa
  • zakariya panathur
    zakariya panathur

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> Any മലയാളീസ്

    10 ore fa
  • Mlvin Sia You Hao
    Mlvin Sia You Hao

    Best english song ever!!!!!!

    10 ore fa
  • GalaxyClan

    Umm are u using tune or is that ur rl voice cuz it's a good voice

    10 ore fa
  • Maryam Katouni
    Maryam Katouni

    Très bien 😍😍❤

    10 ore fa
  • chirayu saran
    chirayu saran

    Such a lovely song Like if you agree 👍👍👍

    10 ore fa
  • Kungyhing _lax
    Kungyhing _lax


    10 ore fa
  • Brian Obelar
    Brian Obelar


    10 ore fa
  • Jups He
    Jups He


    10 ore fa
  • Filmy Dude Reaction
    Filmy Dude Reaction

    This song I dedicate especially to my girlfriend 😭😭😭❤

    10 ore fa
  • Michael Manzini
    Michael Manzini

    Searched for this song after hearing of my friend's passing... And I wasn't told We had already planned things we will do, did bookings and all, we were to have a time of our lives and then there was silence... I thought probably she had phone problem or lost her phone or something... Waited and waited... Until I so a post from her brother saying #RIP 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I simply don't understand life...

    10 ore fa
  • 임윤택

    몸이 이상해 지는 노래 입니다!!!

    10 ore fa
  • Annu Maria
    Annu Maria

    Dont know why this song make me cry

    11 ore fa
  • Angelique Mensink
    Angelique Mensink

    I miss you and whan to say its allricht

    11 ore fa
  • Mochamad bagus Amin
    Mochamad bagus Amin

    memory card😅

    11 ore fa
  • Zahra Ejaz
    Zahra Ejaz

    Memories bring back,memories bring back you👣

    11 ore fa
  • Sttzyx _
    Sttzyx _

    OMG you are such a good singer 👩‍🎤

    11 ore fa
  • kawe


    11 ore fa
  • HuppNupp Gamer
    HuppNupp Gamer

    When the music starts. I feel calm .. When the music ends I fell in love with Maroon

    11 ore fa
  • Ranjit Singh
    Ranjit Singh

    I lost my dog who saved me from falling terrace . After this song im felling better 😔

    11 ore fa
  • Diane Walker
    Diane Walker

    Let's dedicate this to George Floyd RIp bruh' 😢😞😓

    11 ore fa
  • 진왕서

    이노래 뮤비 뜯 이해하몀 슬픔 ...

    11 ore fa
  • Bad Boruto
    Bad Boruto

    I got dumped over text during quarantine and I cried while listening to this

    12 ore fa
  • Daniel Respekts
    Daniel Respekts

    Memories of no qwarinetien

    12 ore fa
  • Emma Awati
    Emma Awati


    12 ore fa
  • Ej Estacio
    Ej Estacio

    Lost my grandmother yesterday, I will always treasure all the memories we've had. And I will still continue the dreams I promise her even she's not here anymore, she's always in my heart.

    12 ore fa
  • Pretty Dank
    Pretty Dank

    Mom:honey why do u drink Me:Cause the drinks bring back memories (Im saying this for my sister even tho i dont drink)

    12 ore fa
  • 코lin woo
    코lin woo

    Is this song for who?

    12 ore fa
  • Mara Kizi
    Mara Kizi

    good job 😊

    12 ore fa
  • Fernando Sandoval
    Fernando Sandoval

    It's V sause am I right?

    12 ore fa
  • Fernando Sandoval
    Fernando Sandoval

    But with shaved head

    12 ore fa
  • venkatesh ejjada
    venkatesh ejjada

    I love this song

    12 ore fa
  • wendy avila
    wendy avila

    Adam, has gotten more handsome as ever.

    12 ore fa
  • 유리

    drinks back to the memories memories bring back you

    13 ore fa
  • Rekha Giri
    Rekha Giri

    His voice is heart touching

    13 ore fa
  • There is재미
    There is재미

    한국인 ?

    13 ore fa
  • Arjun Sharma
    Arjun Sharma

    this song reminds me of graduating, even though i didn't go to the graduation ceremony...

    13 ore fa
  • Luís Eduardo Monteiro
    Luís Eduardo Monteiro

    Cade os brasileiros com bom gosto?????? MANIFESTEM-SE!!!!!!!!

    13 ore fa
  • New star thakur
    New star thakur

    Me in exam hall Teacher - why you drink alcohol Me- because drink bring back all the memories😂😂😂

    13 ore fa
  • JSH


    13 ore fa
  • 추유진


    13 ore fa
  • SanSibar Gandawali
    SanSibar Gandawali

    Memories Cover by OVCC

    13 ore fa
  • accurate

    To be honest memory is just memory forever

    13 ore fa
  • Jenn Menguito
    Jenn Menguito

    The saddest part of life is the person who love you unconditionally will never be yours.

    13 ore fa

    Me encanta 🤗🤗🎧 La melodía espectacular y la letra excepcional 😌

    13 ore fa
  • Matthew Allen
    Matthew Allen

    To the ones we have lost through this global pandemic 😭😭😭

    14 ore fa
  • Dr. Lynn Wildmon
    Dr. Lynn Wildmon


    14 ore fa
  • AtoZ Everything
    AtoZ Everything

    Who was here after seeing tik tok..

    14 ore fa
  • Isaiah Medina
    Isaiah Medina

    This song reminds me of Kobe 😢

    14 ore fa
  • Erica Mendez
    Erica Mendez

    Memories love 😭😭❤️❤️❤️👏👏

    14 ore fa
  • yatharth gaming yatharth malviya
    yatharth gaming yatharth malviya

    Nice bro

    14 ore fa
  • The CorazonEiEi
    The CorazonEiEi

    Canon​ in​ d?

    14 ore fa
  • Dio Cevin
    Dio Cevin


    14 ore fa
  • Polaki balaji
    Polaki balaji

    I think I'm reducing the views .. day by day.. who watches daily more than 10times... This song...?

    14 ore fa

    I love this song

    15 ore fa
  • Flavecrimi Personal trainer
    Flavecrimi Personal trainer

    Tremendo Maroon 5. Son buenos realmente.

    15 ore fa
  • Ana paula Felix dos santos
    Ana paula Felix dos santos

    Meu amor, nunca uma música falou tanto por mim

    15 ore fa
  • Ris Mana
    Ris Mana

    This song is lit cool😄

    15 ore fa
  • Loop Fountain
    Loop Fountain


    15 ore fa
  • Trey Messer
    Trey Messer

    That happen to me to 😥

    15 ore fa
  • Armineh K
    Armineh K


    15 ore fa
  • Shaik Ahmedakram
    Shaik Ahmedakram


    16 ore fa
  • Patricia Aguilar
    Patricia Aguilar


    16 ore fa
  • Jose Marrero
    Jose Marrero

    Rip George flode

    16 ore fa
  • きよかわあいこ


    16 ore fa
  • Mariana Gamer
    Mariana Gamer

    so sad and happy at the same time, it feels so good

    16 ore fa
  • 꿀잼워치

    조회수 5억 ㅋ

    16 ore fa
  • Roy Long
    Roy Long

    Sounds a lot like pachelbel Canon in D

    16 ore fa
  • ThePS_ Gamer
    ThePS_ Gamer

    My best friend just moved today 😭💔, and I’m never going to see him again, even when school starts again😭. Although we can text and ft each other, it just ain’t the same as hanging out with him at school and shit. This song helped me coped with this pain so far and also brought back the great memories I had with my best friend😭😭.

    16 ore fa
  • Melin Nia
    Melin Nia

    Super good

    16 ore fa
  • Marilene Brito Nobre Marilene
    Marilene Brito Nobre Marilene

    Alguém brasileiro

    16 ore fa