Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

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Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco - including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in massive devastation. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all Super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix are excited to unveil Marvel’s Avengers, an epic action-adventure game that combines cinematic storytelling with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Developed by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software, and Crystal Northwest, Marvel’s Avengers will release simultaneously for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Stadia, and PC on May 15, 2020.
#EmbraceYourPowers #Reassemble #PlayAvengers
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  • DragonsEdge84

    Great Valu Avengers

    59 minuti fa
  • Javitousa

    is haw keye not a real avenger

    Ora fa
  • Aykay Games And Mods
    Aykay Games And Mods

    This looks like a 2008 xbox 360 game

    Ora fa
  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer

    I like how Thor can just float

    Ora fa
  • Is live Worth it
    Is live Worth it

    Fact to shoot at or beat a bailed out tank crew member is a war crime making Hulk a war criminal

    Ora fa
  • Adam Martin
    Adam Martin

    Why are Thor and cap so wide?

    Ora fa
  • Andy Rivera
    Andy Rivera

    Ayyyyyye Cap Died! Totally buying this game!

    Ora fa
  • kakashi gamer
    kakashi gamer

    That's the spirit

    Ora fa
  • Daniel Pieri
    Daniel Pieri

    The iPhone games have better graphics

    Ora fa
  • Emre Durhan
    Emre Durhan

    Where is cap fighting in elevator

    Ora fa
  • Eduardo Bráulio
    Eduardo Bráulio

    seriously... if u play games you KNOW..... this game will suck... hard!

    Ora fa
  • The Lost Soul
    The Lost Soul

    I'm getting this game

    Ora fa
  • Fanaa Events
    Fanaa Events

    Are Marvel actually making another movie? Someone pls tell me because I thought Endgame was the last Marvel movie

    Ora fa
  • Marc Scott
    Marc Scott

    Nope after Far From Home Marvel will have phase 4 movies.

    58 minuti fa

    I this a game or a Movie??? @Marvel Entertainment

    Ora fa
  • BiggieFromDaBurg

    you guys mind watching my reaction to this video, it would make you and I’s day!

    Ora fa
  • Kamrul Syahmi
    Kamrul Syahmi

    Why cant marvel make an mcu game

    Ora fa

    Who's in iron man suit? I don't remember him xD

    Ora fa
  • ElBrandon ACM
    ElBrandon ACM

    Ps4? O nintendo wii

    Ora fa
  • GamingPriests

    What's that giant thing at the end?

    2 ore fa
  • Infected Lemonz
    Infected Lemonz

    I need it in my life

    2 ore fa
  • Razor Coolguy
    Razor Coolguy

    A-Day........ =D-Day?

    2 ore fa
  • Nova TheGachaMusicChannel
    Nova TheGachaMusicChannel

    Did They Not Add Hawkeye Because They Thought He Would Look Stupid With The Others

    2 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand

    One of the dumbest comment sections in the history of IT-stream....

    2 ore fa
  • Birbloaf but sadder
    Birbloaf but sadder

    Tonys bf died

    2 ore fa
  • navy mike
    navy mike

    Um no offense to the character but like why dose this look like a ps3 game

    2 ore fa
  • Elvar Chris
    Elvar Chris

    Black widow, and Thor looks so weird, even Captain America's face looks like BJ Blazkowicz.

    2 ore fa
  • Gabriel Luiddí
    Gabriel Luiddí

    Uma merda

    2 ore fa
  • Mr xD
    Mr xD

    Spider-Man PS4 and marvels avengers should be in a pack

    2 ore fa
  • light moon chris
    light moon chris

    please work on captain America

    2 ore fa
  • Goose Milk God
    Goose Milk God

    Doesn’t look that good tbh Please respect my opinion

    2 ore fa
  • yederismoffline

    Where the fck is Clint?

    2 ore fa
  • john peter
    john peter

    I'm so h now

    2 ore fa
  • Kat Lynne
    Kat Lynne

    Where is Hawkeye? And my goodness this game looks excellent!

    2 ore fa
  • Abdillah Arkenstaen
    Abdillah Arkenstaen

    Dude, thor cant fly. He just using the momentum of his hammer, and wheres my avenger intro/outro...

    2 ore fa
  • Aarav Killa
    Aarav Killa

    Subscribe to Aarav Killa my chanel

    2 ore fa
  • kylie rose
    kylie rose

    On the

    2 ore fa
  • victor mariaca
    victor mariaca

    Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas

    2 ore fa
  • Shutthebeep

    Nah I think I’ll pass

    2 ore fa
  • Arima Kishou
    Arima Kishou

    That's not trailer. That's end of the game.

    2 ore fa
  • fayezfaye

    So a fat builder wearing hockey pads (I'm not wearing hockey pads), Angry Joe, Mark Ruffalo?, some red-haired guy and T.J. Miller from Silicon Valley via Wrestlemania wearing cake plates and/or Compact Discs walk onto a bridge......

    2 ore fa
  • Fachri Akbar Sikumbang
    Fachri Akbar Sikumbang


    2 ore fa
  • Carlos Mondragon
    Carlos Mondragon

    Thor parece Jesucristo xd

    3 ore fa
  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen

    Captain America wears a "special needs" helmet.

    3 ore fa
  • LaVar Ball
    LaVar Ball

    Uh I think they made this before Endgame

    3 ore fa
  • Stunfisk Stunfisk
    Stunfisk Stunfisk

    This game doesn’t have anything to do with the MCU.

    2 ore fa
  • Weforgotthecrackers Lad
    Weforgotthecrackers Lad

    I think I like this more than most, but why does Black Widow have a squarer jaw than Thor?

    3 ore fa
  • Sigve Tande Sjøvoll
    Sigve Tande Sjøvoll

    Why only on PS4 why not on Xbox to please Marvel

    3 ore fa
  • I´m NeXus
    I´m NeXus

    Wuao!!! Is so incresdible.-!!!

    3 ore fa
  • Will Farrelly
    Will Farrelly

    Looks awesome

    3 ore fa
  • World Famous Footballers
    World Famous Footballers

    Waiting for your captain

    3 ore fa
  • Dennis Freeman
    Dennis Freeman

    So im confused about The content(characters locations missions) that's supposed to be released for "years to come". Are those characters locations in missions going to be available for offline play as well or the characters at least or is it that after you complete the offline campaign there no additional content I would really like to know if this "year's of content" and " adding all your favorite characters for years to come" would be for available via download for single player as well.... if anyone knows please let me know no one has asked this question yet that I could find online.

    3 ore fa
  • yolo swaggy
    yolo swaggy

    Why do they look and sound like shitty off-brand gas station avengers, I guess that's what you get when you trust an overrated studio like square enix

    3 ore fa
  • Samual Mordraid
    Samual Mordraid

    Where is Hawk eye.......???

    3 ore fa
  • Aqib.A.C

    But why does Thor look like Clancy Brown?

    3 ore fa
  • Joshua0531

    To everyone who thinks this game sucks just because they didn't do 3D models of the actors in Marvel Studio's movies. You know there are multiple iterations of the Avenger characters, right? The comics are a lot different than the movies, and even though the game sucked, but MVC Infinite had a different take on the Avengers as well, and no one looked like the actors in the movies. Plus this is made by Marvel, not Marvel STUDIOS. Big difference, Marvel refers to the comic books, and Marvel Studios are the one that is under Disney. Comic book Marvel is NOT Disney Marvel. Also I hope the X-men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Galactus, The Living Tribunal, Adam Warlock, Ghost Rider, and all iterations of Spiderman makes a cameo appearance in this game.

    3 ore fa
  • Fredo Preciado
    Fredo Preciado

    Hulk pretty much looks like his mcu version, this Nat is a 3/10 compared to Scarlett. Caps look is just plain ugly and Thor looks like a cheap plastic toy. Just my opinion. But if they said they’re doing their own universe, so why make some of them kinda look like their mcu counterparts and not the others ?

    3 ore fa
  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor

    Also people who are complaining that they don't look as they do in the MCU, STFU, cause Spiderman PS4 didn't have an MCU look and did just fine, give it a chance and stop yo bitchin I swear, they already said in the live stream that there will be costumes you get to choose from, which means....... MCU, so stop complaining

    3 ore fa
  • Mckenzie MJ Robinson
    Mckenzie MJ Robinson

    Is this PS4 exclusive

    3 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand


    2 ore fa
  • Matthew Hudson
    Matthew Hudson

    The voices suck not the real actor voices

    3 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand

    Just like almost every other superhero cartoon and video game....

    2 ore fa
  • gamenews persian
    gamenews persian

    very good

    3 ore fa
  • Sandblazter

    I don’t like how they don’t look like the movie actors

    3 ore fa
  • Agustin Balcarce
    Agustin Balcarce

    Muy Bueno

    4 ore fa

    Huh? Caps dead now

    4 ore fa

    Контент пошел

    4 ore fa
  • Funny videos
    Funny videos

    Все супер но это другие((.

    4 ore fa
  • Big Boi Bob
    Big Boi Bob

    Nah.. Black Widow looks deadass like Price Charming from Shrek.

    4 ore fa
  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis

    I hope they really do throw in other marvel playable characters in this game, and not just Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Wasp, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Vision, Falcon, War Machine, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, But most the one's that haven't hit the MCU yet, Like Quasar, Namor, Wonder Man, A-Bomb, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Dare Devil, Punisher, Power-Man, Iron Fist, Nova, White Tiger, Cloak & Dagger, Stingray, Captain Britain, Hercules, Adam Warlock, Hulking, Captain Universe, Ghost Rider, Machine Man, Miss Marvel, Captain Ultra, Inferno, Swordsman, Sentry, Sleepwalker, Flat Man, Reptil, The Howling Commandos, The Inhuman royal family U name it

    4 ore fa
  • OOferYam

    isint thor supposed have storm breaker the whole time?

    4 ore fa
  • savai toler
    savai toler


    4 ore fa
  • عسل كلبي عسل كلبي
    عسل كلبي عسل كلبي

    Who want to play this game

    4 ore fa
  • Kez

    I like how they say this is all in game footage as something to be proud of

    4 ore fa
  • Angus King
    Angus King

    What is Joey Fatone doing in the Iron Man suit.

    4 ore fa
  • Updated8SecondsAgo

    It’s like they have no prior knowledge of Avengers and never seen the MCU. This years E3 theme of refusing to show actually gameplay is really telling about the industry.

    4 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand

    It's like you have no prior knowledge of the Avengers if you think everything Avengers has to tie into the movies.... newsflash: the characters have been around decades before the MCU ever existed....

    2 ore fa
  • Jay With An i
    Jay With An i

    So not on Xbox then no? Ffs 🙄

    4 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand

    It clearly says xbox one at the end of the trailer ffs

    2 ore fa
  • AJMNSDF 82
    AJMNSDF 82

    Disliked Thor is not fat

    5 ore fa
  • Michael King
    Michael King


    5 ore fa
  • TJP Real
    TJP Real

    Hulk looks fat and out of shape.

    5 ore fa
  • Chris Bodall
    Chris Bodall

    No no NO. We FINALLY get a modern realistic Avengers game and it doesn’t use the look or voices we’ve come to know and love from the MCU the last 10 years?! NO NO NO.

    5 ore fa
  • SD Brand
    SD Brand

    Instead it uses the looks people have known and loved for 60 years or more! YES YES YES

    2 ore fa
  • KillerbeamWasTaken

    why does Cap sound like his voice has been slowed down by 50%

    5 ore fa
  • Go do your Homework
    Go do your Homework

    *heavy breathing*

    5 ore fa
  • SonicMemes


    5 ore fa
  • Muaaz Hassan
    Muaaz Hassan


    5 ore fa
  • Göktuğ Güner
    Göktuğ Güner

    Yuzlerin hicbiri bi sike benzemiyo amk 5 para etmez

    5 ore fa

    Am I the only one getting Spider-Man 3 vibes when A-Day was attacked?

    5 ore fa
  • Hiba 23
    Hiba 23


    5 ore fa
  • Dani De Souza Ahmad
    Dani De Souza Ahmad

    Some avengers are hideous like cap and black widow

    5 ore fa
  • Dani De Souza Ahmad
    Dani De Souza Ahmad

    And stark

    5 ore fa
  • Onkel Dom
    Onkel Dom

    Why did the heroes not look like as the actors themselves? I guess they don't have any problems with that 😅

    5 ore fa
  • Dani De Souza Ahmad
    Dani De Souza Ahmad

    Black widow looks like lord farquaad I hate it

    5 ore fa
  • Streeter Johnson
    Streeter Johnson

    0:55 - 1:05 You’re welcome

    5 ore fa
  • Cristian Matei
    Cristian Matei

    Why does Thor look like Hank from Detroit become human?

    5 ore fa
  • Jupiter The Demi
    Jupiter The Demi

    I wonder who the big bad Will be

    5 ore fa
  • Jhoau Huarcaya
    Jhoau Huarcaya

    Si se podrá en español latino.. X q el doblaje español. Es una mrd

    5 ore fa
  • ArtofZen Digital
    ArtofZen Digital

    Trailer: “You know that old saying never meet your heroes?” There’s so much truth here once they show them. These are the flea market toy Re-Vengers that come with The Un-Jolly Green Giant and unrelated characters like Shrek and Donkey, and also Regular Raccoon and Bat-Mantis for good measure.

    5 ore fa
  • Darth Jackular
    Darth Jackular

    I don't really like the character designs, But hopefully it's a good game

    5 ore fa
  • Koray Al
    Koray Al

    bok gibi olmuş

    5 ore fa
  • Bi Rồng
    Bi Rồng

    Tony is look like a Osama bin Laden’s terrorist

    5 ore fa
  • XxOmega315 894
    XxOmega315 894

    Press F for hawkeye

    5 ore fa
  • Die Castellano Films
    Die Castellano Films

    This looks like some transformers game on ps3 lowkey

    6 ore fa
  • Sachin prathapan
    Sachin prathapan


    6 ore fa
  • rayfouddin shaikh
    rayfouddin shaikh

    I really miss them plzzzzzzz come back Avengers mostly ⚡🔨

    6 ore fa
  • Anonìm dude
    Anonìm dude

    Look awesome.

    6 ore fa