MCU characters power level comparison 2018

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  • ledernierutopiste

    */!\ Disclaimer /!\* : Power levels are not a ranking of who would win in a fight nor a ranking of intelligence, it only take into account the strenght, the resistance and the potential energy released from skill/spell, so even if, _as some kid who threatened to kill me because i didn't put their favourite character higher didn't forget to remind me_ , thor could kill thanos at the end, he doesn't have as much potential energy as the infinite gauntlet. So keep this in mind before saying things like "shuri can create a nuclear bomb if she wants so she is higher than hulk".

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  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson

    You can’t even spell infinity you obviously don’t know your ,stuff I’m not being a fan boy I’m just pointing out

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  • Mr. Overhaul
    Mr. Overhaul

    ledernierutopiste Learn what Potential energy is first. 😑

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  • Darthvader Forcefield
    Darthvader Forcefield

    Ego isn’t thor

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  • Darthvader Forcefield
    Darthvader Forcefield

    Why was ego thor

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  • Reinaldo Marques
    Reinaldo Marques

    Thor fanboy

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  • Lâm Đào Tùng
    Lâm Đào Tùng

    Where is Captain Marvel?

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  • bill valle
    bill valle

    worthless without Warlock

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  • Mateo Castro
    Mateo Castro

    King thor

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  • Zane D. Jengiz
    Zane D. Jengiz

    Sry but you have absolutely NO IDEA!!

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  • Futuristic Boss
    Futuristic Boss


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  • Riki Surya
    Riki Surya

    Where is Quake? And all the inhuman? Just curious.

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  • TinyBunngiey Thing
    TinyBunngiey Thing


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  • Game Life
    Game Life

    Where are Agents Of Shield... Daisy Johanson is super Powerful... Maybe more that Thor, Thanos

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  • Sammy Ngl
    Sammy Ngl

    Scarlet Witch?

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  • Shabab Cena
    Shabab Cena

    What is the name of the background music

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  • Quicksilver

    Doctor strange with and without the time stone should be way higher

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  • sarika kumari
    sarika kumari

    You think you are right ?

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  • Smash Fludd!
    Smash Fludd!

    3:20 did you mean Spiderman is at 70 or 75 power? Because he is on the 75 line, but it says 70.

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  • Narzekamy

    At the begining i was like - OMG, FINaLLY a good power level video of avengers but the ending it started auxking as hell

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  • Squezz Siege
    Squezz Siege

    Lesson learned, Thor no angry is 1 and Thor angry is 100000000000000000000

    11 giorni fa
  • Christopher Valdez
    Christopher Valdez

    Who's more powerful? Thanos with completed gauntlet or Adam Warlock with completed gauntlet?

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  • Christopher Valdez
    Christopher Valdez

    @dr strange That sounds accurate. He was able to juggle all planets including Earth with the gauntlet.

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  • dr strange
    dr strange


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  • guruvar tyres
    guruvar tyres

    I thing star lord will not there and you give that place

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  • Need Views
    Need Views

    Dormammu is the strongest

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  • hypo calista
    hypo calista

    You forgot a legend name odin

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  • hypo calista
    hypo calista

    Where odin bro

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  • Mir Ömer Taştan
    Mir Ömer Taştan

    Hela can beat Thanos (6 stones) and scarlet witch angry powerful than all (expect one above all fulcrum and celestials)

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  • Mir Ömer Taştan
    Mir Ömer Taştan

    Vision 108 ebony maw 125 wtf?

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  • Palitha Hettigoda
    Palitha Hettigoda

    Finally someone who realises how powerful dormammu is

    16 giorni fa
  • Ghost/office 0
    Ghost/office 0

    ∞ war

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  • Dev The Legend
    Dev The Legend

    3:44 his name is Cull Obsidian

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  • Marcos Maciel
    Marcos Maciel

    goku won

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  • Stach van der Zeeuw
    Stach van der Zeeuw

    However inaccurate these are... They're fun to watch

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  • Jaeruz Mathew Ocampo
    Jaeruz Mathew Ocampo

    Wait hela is stronger than thor

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  • 24 Arrian
    24 Arrian

    Your telling me peter would bear cap in a fight??? In your dreams

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  • Jovan Shavganovski
    Jovan Shavganovski

    no fucking sense at all o.O

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  • LookAtTheKidXo

    Where is Dark Phoenix??

    23 giorni fa
  • John Belda
    John Belda

    Mcu without xmen?? Are you kidding me??

    23 giorni fa
  • Jenny Natividad
    Jenny Natividad

    Hey wers captain marvel

    23 giorni fa
  • Shashaank Su
    Shashaank Su

    Pretty sure both Dormammu and Ego are above an angry stormbreaker Thor

    24 giorni fa
  • GLN TV
    GLN TV

    Ronan isn't stronger than hela, that's rubbish

    24 giorni fa
  • Common Girl
    Common Girl

    Where's Odin?

    24 giorni fa

    Where is odin

    26 giorni fa
  • sarfu boss
    sarfu boss

    Mutants are never a part of MCU?

    26 giorni fa
  • JamesTheTurd

    sarfu boss no, fox owns the x men side of the marvel universe

    23 giorni fa
  • mmml 00100000
    mmml 00100000

    Mantis debio tener entre 16y 26 Porque no se le vio usando artes marciales

    27 giorni fa
  • João Fernando Dellosbel
    João Fernando Dellosbel


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  • Pavle Stanojevic
    Pavle Stanojevic

    Spiderman is a bit overrated

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  • Thegamingdogvin

    No offence to anyone who takes this the wrong way, though I do like baby groot. HIW THE &@$# IS BABY GROOT EQUAL TO FALCON AND HIGHER THAN well, EVERYONE BEFORE HIM!?

    27 giorni fa
  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar

    You forgot to add odin

    28 giorni fa
  • Davion Morese
    Davion Morese

    How u almost infinite🤔🤔🤔

    28 giorni fa
  • Ed Warren
    Ed Warren

    I wonder where Adam Warlock would be at ?

    29 giorni fa
  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z

    Considering how strange have thanos super much trouble while not even using the time stone I’d say that his power level while using it would be 3 000 000 000

    29 giorni fa
  • Jimmy Horton
    Jimmy Horton

    Captain America can beat Iron Man (Old Suit) from Civil War.

    29 giorni fa
  • Mera

    Odin ????

    29 giorni fa
  • Rehan Peler
    Rehan Peler

    Bodoh yang buat

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