MCU characters power level comparison 2018

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  • ledernierutopiste

    */!\ Disclaimer /!\* : Power levels are not a ranking of who would win in a fight nor a ranking of intelligence, it only take into account the strenght, the resistance and the potential energy released from skill/spell, so even if, _as some kid who threatened to kill me because i didn't put their favourite character higher didn't forget to remind me_ , thor could kill thanos at the end, he doesn't have as much potential energy as the infinite gauntlet. So keep this in mind before saying things like "shuri can create a nuclear bomb if she wants so she is higher than hulk".

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    How the fuck is halk so low this is retarded

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  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    ledernierutopiste this is still very inaccurate, when thanks has all six infinity stone the power of Thor still rivaled his

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  • kubush

    +ÂŁPHÂ ÇÅŢŞÊŇŞÊÏ They are inherently linked together.

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  • GoverGames

    Infinity Gauntlet.

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  • Aidan Arndt
    Aidan Arndt

    He’s just going off marvel strike force knowledge 🙃

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  • Piotr Kowalczyk
    Piotr Kowalczyk

    Too big diffrence

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  • Gongsun Li
    Gongsun Li

    im pretty sure Hela is stronger than Thanos but ok

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  • Filipe Vieira
    Filipe Vieira

    Captain Marvel 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

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  • Promin Stark
    Promin Stark

    Why captain america is so low and why spider man wethout armor is so much power full than iron man

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  • Sudharr Electro
    Sudharr Electro

    Iron Man more stronger than vision

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  • Applemaster weng
    Applemaster weng

    pretty sure Hela in base is stronger than Thanos

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  • Jim Liu
    Jim Liu

    one more thing if scarlet witch can strongest infinity stone how hulkbuster stronger and power stone is way better than space stone and doctor strange defeated dormmamu alone

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  • Jim Liu
    Jim Liu

    black dwarf is know called cull obsidian and that's not how you spell malekith

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  • Gian - Falcon Carlo
    Gian - Falcon Carlo

    Taserface should be at infinite.

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  • the beast Ramon
    the beast Ramon

    Yandu can totally beat mantis easily

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  • 999apophis666

    dude u put luke cage over cap.....?! u put vulture ( a totally normal human with wings, an illegal weapons dealer...dafuq...?!???? ) over genetically made super soldier that cap is... dude... u didnt even place 1 single char from x men....which are in same realm.... phoenix beats almost all celestials in known marvel comic world, she is in her dark state stronger than thanos 1 trillion times..... she has total telekinetic control of matter at the molecular level, allowing her to manipulate atomic structures on a universal scale. She can generate any form of energy in seemingly unlimited amounts, as well as absorb energy from sources as great as a supernova or even convert her physical form to pure energy and back again. She is literally immortal, and she can disintegrate thanos at sight with all his 6 stones in hand! ...because she dont need stones...she has all this power by being her! Ever wondered why they didnt go with x men together with Thanos? Cuz movie would be over in 1 min... with no 10 sequels needed. She would obliterate him! And she is only in the top 10 most powerful beings in Stan Lee's comic world.... This list .... thumb down...sorry man. You didnt bother to even put Eternity, Galactus, or Living Tribunal...whose power is absolutely limitless.

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  • Guacamole Man
    Guacamole Man

    This is such a shitly put together video

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  • Z3R0

    They nerfed Star-Lord in the MCU.

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  • Octoban/ Mashumaro
    Octoban/ Mashumaro


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    Dont u think dormammu can just smash anyone he wants?

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    dude have you seen any of the films?

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  • 18- Ant-Man-18
    18- Ant-Man-18

    Thor stormbraker: Has a picture of ego Like if you noticed

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  • Emil Atik
    Emil Atik

    And, then World breaker Hulk at even way way way further level comes to rescue at the end, that's for sure and beautifully obvious as well, well I totally hope so, what else could it be! ☝️💪👌✌️👍😉😄😎💥🔥🌈💎

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  • hamzaa_t

    Iron Man 100+ with new armor mk50 thanos 100000+idk with 5 stones... How? Thanos had hard fight with Iron Man on Titan

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  • R37 -
    R37 -

    Malekith* aether*

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  • Iqra yousuf
    Iqra yousuf

    Loki is a lot more powerful

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  • CED Test
    CED Test

    Bad organization

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  • Chistopher Roger
    Chistopher Roger

    U forget captain marvel 😂😂😂

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  • Skumo Mcbee
    Skumo Mcbee

    Dr Manhattan vs Thanos. Thanos: "I could erase you from this universe with the snap of my finger!", Dr Manhattan: "Just this Universe?"

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  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin

    You put proxima too low

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  • LPS Oskari
    LPS Oskari

    Where is Galactus

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  • Varien Gaming
    Varien Gaming

    i see you failed to include Odin unleashing odinforce ur a filthy casual and u are drunk im sure

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    where is capitain marvel

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  • Sree Hari
    Sree Hari

    I successfully wasted 6 minutes 31 seconds of my life

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  • John!

    What about adult Groot

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  • Panda Games
    Panda Games

    Thor with stormbreaker can defeat all 6 infinity stones when their powers are combined. B.S.

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  • Brayan Medina
    Brayan Medina


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  • Player 1
    Player 1

    this is so fucking wrong man..

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  • X DuperDude X
    X DuperDude X

    He protecc He attacc But most important... He didn't go for the head

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  • DestroyingHyrda •
    DestroyingHyrda •

    How is ego so high and starloard ????

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  • mikkel Viller
    mikkel Viller

    Gamora is not more powerful than black panther

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  • Jason Testa
    Jason Testa

    @6:28 why does it say Thor Stormbreaker and have a picture of ego?

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  • Liam Cade
    Liam Cade

    So ur saying that PROXIMA MIDNIGHT child of THANOS is WEAKER than baby groot

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  • AbdelRahman708 8
    AbdelRahman708 8

    How in god sake captain america is so underrated like this you dont know anything about the mcu

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  • amaan ilyas
    amaan ilyas

    thumbs down

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  • amaan ilyas
    amaan ilyas

    How can a tree be stronger than winter soldier and red skull

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  • xenotastic

    What a Bullshit list.

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  • Siri Plat
    Siri Plat

    Reference Dude trust me

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  • Mauvais Oeil
    Mauvais Oeil

    Stan Lee : *∞*

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  • bayan alaynati
    bayan alaynati

    Scarlet witch is powerful then doctor strange

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  • Wa Kin
    Wa Kin

    A conclusion to all the comments: This list is a joke.

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  • Kazeo Sama
    Kazeo Sama

    One above all:Am i a joke to you?

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  • Emil Atik
    Emil Atik

    Not participating in the movie and had never, that's why.. Geez... And, that wasn't a (good) joke btw, if it was one in the first place, just sayin' that, too... But, ok or acceptable, if you were kidding around with it... 😉😄👌✌️💎🔥💥

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  • Cygan 100%
    Cygan 100%

    MCU is only Avengers, Guardians of Galaxy, Black panther, Spiderman,Doctor Strength,

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  • Max Izzda
    Max Izzda

    Hulk is strongrr than Red skull

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  • dimitris chatziantoniou
    dimitris chatziantoniou

    Luke Cage and Gamora more than cap?

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  • Asil Hırsız
    Asil Hırsız

    Hawkeye is 6, ok

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  • Gacha__Me

    Who else got triggered? Xd

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Whiplash 51?

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  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Scarlet witch can hold off 4 infinity stones while destroying another I mean she is much more powerful

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  • Overwatch Fun
    Overwatch Fun

    You mean 5

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  • Mijail Saltsin
    Mijail Saltsin

    Dormamu tiene poder infinito

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  • Judy Balogh
    Judy Balogh

    I disagree daredevil should be up more remember he single hand beat iron fist in the defenders and won

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  • 와이케이

    I guess Thanos Base mode 5500 Hela without Asgard Equals to 5500 Doctor strange 4000~5800 The ancient one 5000~9000 Hela on Asgard 9000 Thanos power stone 8500 Surtur reaches 10000 Hela at her best 10000 Thanos with power,space stone 50000 Thanos 3 stone 150000 Thanos 4 stone 500000 Odin 500000 Ego 500000 Dormamu 1000000000 Thor storm breaker 500000 Thanos 5 stone 1000000 Thanos full stone 1000000000 Thanos heart of the Universe is almost infinite

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  • olma97

    Thor with stormbreaker but picture of ego? Also regular spiderman shows 75 but is listed as 70...

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  • alex_ybf

    Dude estar lord god mode is way better than Thor stormbreaker

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    Galactus is very very strong

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  • Daniel Araya
    Daniel Araya

    Falcon and baby groot stronger than proxima midnight, lmao

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  • Alejoyduvan

    Tu mamá que Ronan le gana a starlord si starlord con la gema lo hizo chota >:u

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  • Ozzen Baneraki
    Ozzen Baneraki

    Hawkeye power 10000000000000000

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  • Murilo Ferreira
    Murilo Ferreira

    Please update the video after every mcu movie

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  • Jariel Bona
    Jariel Bona

    Vision is way above hulk too but lower than Thor

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  • Jariel Bona
    Jariel Bona

    Woohh.. Cap is wsy above Spiderman..

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  • loonarmywizonce

    now image where Captain Marvel is... I think between Thor Stormbreaker and Thanos with the 6 stones

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  • Mathias BO
    Mathias BO

    Capitan america es mas fuerte que spiderman

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  • Neo Knox
    Neo Knox

    Way off

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  • Luminus PH
    Luminus PH

    Where's Quake, Yoyo, Coulson, Coulson(prosthetic hand), Ghost Rider, Cal zabo, Lincoln, Sif, Vin Tak, Carol Danvers

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  • Jacob Grg
    Jacob Grg

    How is star Lord power level 1M

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  • Roosevelt Ingudam
    Roosevelt Ingudam

    If thanos doesn't have 6 stones,then Thor can easily finish him with storm breaker

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  • That Local Loser
    That Local Loser

    You're telling me Gamora could kill 2019's Black Panther? Nuh uh

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  • Rica Craft
    Rica Craft

    Gamora isn't strongher than black panter

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  • Finesse_god Kai
    Finesse_god Kai

    Personally I think scarlet witch is one of the strongest in the MCU

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  • Christopher Boyce
    Christopher Boyce

    How tf is gamora above cap

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  • Eduardo F.N.S
    Eduardo F.N.S

    where is Daisy Johnson and Talbot?

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  • f a b i a n y e e t
    f a b i a n y e e t

    How is Thanos stronger than Ego 💀🧐

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  • Falcontwirl

    I think that hulk (base mode) would beat a kurse. Cmon...

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  • svg CAPS
    svg CAPS

    Half of these people or in marvel movies and series but not the MCU

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  • 1nfernus

    anyone watching this realizing next week is end game?

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  • mestan hadi
    mestan hadi

    Where is Odin??

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  • jimmy carter
    jimmy carter


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  • Zal la
    Zal la

    Spiderman and Ironman with bran new suit should have been so mutch highee

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  • Sarpastic Chaos
    Sarpastic Chaos

    Shaggy: That's cute

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  • jpccviper

    I think the one who made this top is a 7 year old kid without much knowledge of mcu and comics, sorry

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  • Kazeo Sama
    Kazeo Sama

    Well Stanlee Got Undefeated Power Cause he Makes Marvel Universe rip stan lee father of marvel :'(

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  • Black Arrow
    Black Arrow

    Tudo errado nessa bosta

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  • rohan ninjaturtle
    rohan ninjaturtle


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  • Roadman Bagels SuckUrMumWetYute
    Roadman Bagels SuckUrMumWetYute

    cosmo and wanda could make thanos dissapear couldnt they?

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  • DRC Hallows
    DRC Hallows

    what if jessica didnt kill killgrave do u think he could beat the avengers or even thanos

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  • Regal Peter's
    Regal Peter's

    The spiderman music in the background tho

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  • Regal Peter's
    Regal Peter's

    Zemo shouldn’t be so low... he actually managed to break up the avengers

    5 giorni fa
  • Hasager


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  • Rafael Nava
    Rafael Nava

    Nice bro Whiplash and Vulture can definitely beat Captain America, your so smart and make such good content and Hawkeye is definitely weaker than Vulture,again so smart,.

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  • Giftson george daniel
    Giftson george daniel

    Bucky and captain America are of same power

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  • Roverz

    This one is so bad

    5 giorni fa

    This is horrible lol, none of these are accurate

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  • Erin Sun
    Erin Sun

    Pretty random and weirdly nominated. Thor isn’t really in the top, he isn’t quite as powerful as Thanos right now.

    5 giorni fa
  • ChristhegeekHD Gaming
    ChristhegeekHD Gaming

    Thanos with the max output of power from the power stone would give him Beerus Level Strengh

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