META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 4: Sequence Break | Glitch Productions

Tari gets her driving game skills on as she faces off with TAS Corp in this high octane fuelled episode of Meta Runner.
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About Meta Runner:
In a future where video games are everything, young Meta Runner Tari must do whatever she can to uncover her past. E-sports, sci-fi, and video games collide in Glitch Production's first fully animated series.
Created by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul
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  • jc

    4:47 the guy in back like FiRsT LEmMe tAkE a SElfIiE

    3 ore fa
  • Matheus Valadares
    Matheus Valadares

    why is there drift sounds if theres no wheels touching the ground? 3:45

    3 ore fa
  • Super Zero ZX
    Super Zero ZX

    *por favor dime que ese personaje negro no se basó en bob y en boopkins que eso sería raro y aterrador* Tari lo hace bien solo le falta manejar y controlar lo que tiene en su mente,Lamar un nombre extraño y Sofía es agradable rara pero Agradable

    10 ore fa
  • Blue

    2:45 They are just goons, what did you expect?

    12 ore fa
  • Josue Sorto
    Josue Sorto

    Bokins growd up

    13 ore fa
  • cesar jr cobreros
    cesar jr cobreros

    Smg4 how come you guys only have 5 episodes

    16 ore fa
  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz

    Jesus Christ is everything not vidio games please I know tari will see the library lights one day

    23 ore fa
  • the meta runner
    the meta runner


    Giorno fa
  • Strikefighter Xan
    Strikefighter Xan

    9:23 Clap clap clap

    Giorno fa
  • The Cat Scout
    The Cat Scout

    Rather PG-13 level language in this episode.

    Giorno fa
  • Ben Power
    Ben Power

    I’m loving this anime

    Giorno fa
  • CheeseCake Plays
    CheeseCake Plays

    Imagine if this is an actual console game

    Giorno fa
  • Derp Stars
    Derp Stars

    11:21 When did she take off her goggles?

    2 giorni fa
  • Agent 10 aka Young SMG4
    Agent 10 aka Young SMG4

    Can you put Meta Runner on TV? Loved it at first sight

    2 giorni fa
  • Space ish
    Space ish

    I love all the aspects from the smg4 series, the sounds, the lights and the anime....

    2 giorni fa
  • XxzerocrackxX tomy
    XxzerocrackxX tomy

    Tari is beatiful

    2 giorni fa
  • NJQueen

    4:36 in memory of boopkins bec hes not in thats why that anime pillow is there l0l

    2 giorni fa
  • Seth Daniels
    Seth Daniels

    Ok, so Theo is MR Mario, and Lamar is MR Fishy Boopkins.

    2 giorni fa
  • mashrum rad
    mashrum rad

    mrfreshasian :epic games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 giorni fa
  • ray magic
    ray magic

    This is f$#=() awsome!!!

    2 giorni fa
  • The Legend
    The Legend

    I like Tari with big bewbs. givve big bewbs pls.

    3 giorni fa

    I think I know why it’s called meta runner meta RUNner

    3 giorni fa
  • Charlitar Playz
    Charlitar Playz

    9:23 Everyone:WTF?! That one guy:*Claps*

    3 giorni fa
  • Slupav Enture
    Slupav Enture

    please can we have the french translate ;----;

    3 giorni fa
  • joshua sena
    joshua sena

    Can't skip whole intro must watch last 6 secs

    3 giorni fa
  • Derp Stars
    Derp Stars

    Demon Guy: Takes a deep breath Bell: Ew! Where did you find these people Lux?

    4 giorni fa
  • Tristan Jaco
    Tristan Jaco

    Tari:"drives over wall" Officer:"claps* Wahoo Go tari oh wait I mean uhhh oh uh no bad guy shoot pew

    4 giorni fa
  • Seba P
    Seba P

    So they are THAT people that moves the joystick while playing race games

    4 giorni fa
  • Filip Babic
    Filip Babic

    This is Lamar Davis family friendly edition

    4 giorni fa
  • Jeven Jeven
    Jeven Jeven

    You suck

    4 giorni fa
  • TimmySG

    this looks like an anime intro

    4 giorni fa
  • 프리미엄

    Tari in godzilla ps4 godzilla in something gaming city The something gaming city is ded

    4 giorni fa
  • Ultra Koo
    Ultra Koo

    7:21 & 9:16 Deja vu confirmed ! Illuminati confirmed ! Deal with it glasses should be wore!

    4 giorni fa
  • Gvnm1999


    5 giorni fa
  • XxdeathballxX 473
    XxdeathballxX 473

    I think that Boopkins and Lamar would get along very good

    5 giorni fa
  • RandyElevenX Productions
    RandyElevenX Productions

    Lamar = Weeb :V

    6 giorni fa
  • Komasan 116
    Komasan 116

    “HEY! Seatbelts!” Me: I Like Him :D

    6 giorni fa
  • Sir Benbot
    Sir Benbot

    9:15 I'm about to do what's called a Pro gamer move

    6 giorni fa
  • Marcelo Souza
    Marcelo Souza


    6 giorni fa
  • Hazel Rubin
    Hazel Rubin

    i just discovered the bitchy blone guy name is lucks.

    6 giorni fa
  • Jed Jarvis
    Jed Jarvis

    Remember. Lamar got this

    6 giorni fa
  • Francisco Belnavis
    Francisco Belnavis

    hey sit bell

    7 giorni fa
  • Francisco Belnavis
    Francisco Belnavis

    crunchiroll XD

    7 giorni fa
  • Devon TheHedgehog
    Devon TheHedgehog

    9:24 Me

    7 giorni fa
  • Aeroscene

    Pause at 9:13. Look at Lamar's face. 10/10 lol

    7 giorni fa
  • R3D

    "I dont want her powers, I want her." Me: *BAD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH*

    7 giorni fa
  • Jon 393
    Jon 393

    I'm still waitiiiing

    7 giorni fa
  • Trayton Crocker Nichols
    Trayton Crocker Nichols

    3:58 Drift skin from fortnite

    7 giorni fa
  • XxzerocrackxX tomy
    XxzerocrackxX tomy

    Itz a game in pss4 ,xnox and stwich

    7 giorni fa
  • Indominux Remoberer 24
    Indominux Remoberer 24

    This was the best series ever created

    7 giorni fa
  • Nintendo_Gamer 09
    Nintendo_Gamer 09

    I’m always running 🏃‍♀️

    8 giorni fa
  • Nintendo_Gamer 09
    Nintendo_Gamer 09

    I love the intro theme

    8 giorni fa
  • Definitelynot Neko
    Definitelynot Neko

    Just flies outta car in one ducking frame *W* *H* *O* *O* *P* *S*

    8 giorni fa
  • Seng W Saephan
    Seng W Saephan

    The music sound nice and what is it called

    8 giorni fa
  • Almighty Tallest Danny
    Almighty Tallest Danny

    6:30 Is it just me, or do those two characters on his arm-screen look like Sayori & Yuri from DDLC?

    9 giorni fa
  • marc guillot
    marc guillot

    French please

    9 giorni fa
  • Jackoreaper XD
    Jackoreaper XD

    Lamar is a gangster with a waifu

    9 giorni fa
  • Tom N
    Tom N

    7:23 Sin: Where is Lucks' car?

    9 giorni fa
  • Liam Maps
    Liam Maps

    When tari jumped over the road block. Lux’s henchmen: *claps* 😂😂 my favorite part!

    10 giorni fa
  • Nara Gacha
    Nara Gacha

    This reminds me of the new Watch Dogs game

    10 giorni fa