Oney Plays Banjo Kazooie WITH FRIENDS - EP 8 - Bobalafullaaaaaaaa

Oney Plays Banjo-Kazooie with his friends!
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Let's Play of Banjo-Kazooie! This is a video game for Xbox One, the gameplay playthrough/walkthrough was recorded by Oney (OneyNG).
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  • Alpha Lax
    Alpha Lax

    I thought oney drew the thumbnails

    8 mesi fa
  • Extreme Acer
    Extreme Acer

    3:41 I'll just put this here incase if I ever wanna comeback

    8 mesi fa
  • TheGrizzly artist
    TheGrizzly artist

    Why does the shark look like a fucking silent hill monster

    Anno fa
  • BaStAgE

    jesus.... like playing ff7 on ps4...the old one with the 3x speed lol... uhhhh like..i was using cure all in the menu and banjo kept picking up feathers or something ...and it was making that sound effect every time i cured..and i thought the ff7 game was doing it....and i was like..jesus high as fuck

    Anno fa
  • Landon C
    Landon C

    I always thought chris did the thumbnail art

    Anno fa
  • Count Jack Noire
    Count Jack Noire

    I'm a trans guy and I'm sad I can't fuck Julian.

    2 anni fa
  • Count Jack Noire
    Count Jack Noire

    +Chocopupper Yaaay!

    2 anni fa
  • Caramarshmallow

    Count Jack Noire You may not be able to fuck him, but he can fuck you!

    2 anni fa
  • DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun
    DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun

    I don't even watch the gameplay, I just close my eyes and listen to to obscene and horrendously dumb conversations which never fail to make me smirk.

    2 anni fa
  • Peadar Charles
    Peadar Charles

    at the time of writing this comment, 3lame uploaded a video of Oney twerking

    2 anni fa
  • Sunday Smiles
    Sunday Smiles

    Jurassic Park V - The attack of the Clitoris'Saurus'Rex

    2 anni fa
  • maddsterpiece

    i luv oneyplays to death but it always hurts a lil when make being trans into a joke. "haha ew man with vagina!" kinda cuts deep for me, bc as a trans guy i've been harassed for it yknow? and the term "trap" is fucking gross and it's upsetting matt would use it so casually. rip

    2 anni fa
  • Silvia Leal
    Silvia Leal

    ew a bug, i feel ya

    2 anni fa
  • Wlfby

    julian is disappointed in me :,)

    2 anni fa
  • frog man
    frog man

    "why would that offend people" I mean some women have dicks, and some men have vaginas. Saying "trap" is kinda messed up too because nobody who changes their sex is doing it to "trap" anyone

    2 anni fa
  • I.C.

    matt does a really good obama impression

    2 anni fa
  • Dom-o Ram-o
    Dom-o Ram-o

    Brown brick....

    2 anni fa
  • Drink Listerine
    Drink Listerine

    I didn't know that Julian did the thumbnails but they are always incredibly good and funny.

    2 anni fa
  • Baberosso

    Rhyme simulator

    2 anni fa
  • RocketPhoenix

    "If a girl had a penis would you- Yes

    2 anni fa
  • christian velasco
    christian velasco


    2 anni fa
  • christian velasco
    christian velasco

    I always thought Oney drew all the thumbnails.

    2 anni fa
  • Nophera

    b-brown bricks

    2 anni fa
  • Ahiam94

    I thought that the thumbnails were done by Oney. Julian should know that mistaking his art for Oney's is probably the highest compliment I could possibly give.

    2 anni fa
  • Poopy Joe
    Poopy Joe

    10:58 BROWN

    2 anni fa
  • URSA

    H E L L N A W . M I C H E L L E P U S S Y T O O G O O D

    2 anni fa
  • Romulous Dongulous
    Romulous Dongulous

    that unexpected Brick got me

    2 anni fa
  • orgy57

    3lamestudios still makes videos? I thought they all just got archived

    2 anni fa
  • Dog King
    Dog King

    Minecraft marge

    2 anni fa
  • Pervis Edmonds
    Pervis Edmonds

    3:45 Obama, Michelle pussy

    2 anni fa
  • tom's video hole
    tom's video hole

    9:03 sounds exactly like when chris asks jeff if he would fuck a crab from sleepycast

    2 anni fa
  • M E
    M E

    You guys should do Clock Tower this year if you're doing another boney plays

    2 anni fa
  • Candy Explosives
    Candy Explosives

    It's purulent and not pusy :'( Poor English

    2 anni fa
  • Chdonga

    Clanker's blowhole makes me uncomfortable. It looks like a crowning butthole.

    2 anni fa
  • OrangeXenon54

    I didn't know Julian made the thumbnails either! PenPen Trilcelon is so cute to me.

    2 anni fa
  • Ryden Soko
    Ryden Soko

    Wait, Julian draws all these thumbnails??

    2 anni fa
  • Sir Bacon
    Sir Bacon

    There's copies of Wild Woody on Amazon for around $100. I haven't found a $400 one. There's an alarming amount of Wild Woody T-shirts though.

    2 anni fa
  • Emmaloogie

    I didn't know Julian did some of the thumbnails, but I guess that does explain the slightly different style of their little dudes. Very impressive.

    2 anni fa
  • simply email
    simply email

    le funny bacon

    2 anni fa
  • thebiggestdingle

    It is officially canon that Banjo shits out brown bricks.

    2 anni fa
  • MetaWulfTV

    Please stop thinking such nonscense Dingdong, We don't want yall leaving the internet now do we. Please stay some people are mean but most of us are not. I really cannot find where people are saying rude thing's though.

    2 anni fa
  • gam ma
    gam ma

    9:40 funded by george soros

    2 anni fa
  • RagbagMcShag

    Julians thumbnails are actually the best I've ever seen, keep it up mate

    2 anni fa
  • Spooky the Bandit
    Spooky the Bandit

    That was some good motion tweening at the end.

    2 anni fa
  • PhantomAlucard

    Would I? Yes. Hell yes.

    2 anni fa
  • Joseph Cole
    Joseph Cole

    All hail our dark Queen Clitoria!

    2 anni fa
  • Andrew Turpel
    Andrew Turpel

    Matt looks and sounds like a Ryan and Ryan looks like a Matt. it confuses me.

    2 anni fa
  • EricTheCleric

    The Yoshi's Island music with the brown brick is my favorite.

    2 anni fa
  • William Burks
    William Burks

    Julian, please draw mroe funny Kazooie

    2 anni fa
  • Joey G.
    Joey G.

    O n l y E g g s W i l l S u s t a i n M e

    2 anni fa
  • Space0ditty

    This is turning out to be one of my fav OneyPlays series holy shit it's good. The chemistry with Matt is amazing and i want Matt inside me.

    2 anni fa
  • RadRighteous

    Hey, it's Dig Dug, Julius Ceaser, MatPat, and FunnySimpson32

    2 anni fa
  • Aarhg

    Wait, is Chris a homosexual? I knew it!

    2 anni fa
  • mighty dick
    mighty dick

    what the fuck does chris do anymore?

    2 anni fa
  • EverCrest

    Was that a BR0WN Brick? From Miney Crafta? Read More

    2 anni fa
  • Mint Brisk
    Mint Brisk


    2 anni fa
  • Mr.Snappy Eagle
    Mr.Snappy Eagle

    he shit the brown brick

    2 anni fa
  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck

    Notice me oneyboy! Have a let's play on simpin hit and run. Make the funee video

    2 anni fa
  • Farrug

    borises clitorises emporises borises clitorium emporium

    2 anni fa
  • Stanko Stanko Chunt
    Stanko Stanko Chunt

    Rugrats series has the best thumbnails, they give me big funny scream

    2 anni fa
  • WireframeWizard

    I want to see them play A Night in the Woods. I want to make fun of it like MST3K but with a video game

    2 anni fa
  • lardman101

    Nice subtle Brown Bricks reference

    2 anni fa
  • Masked Chespin
    Masked Chespin

    4:19 So you had a dream about Blade man attacking you

    2 anni fa