Our Cats :3

How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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  • Panta is my life.
    Panta is my life.

    i came for the cute :3 faces

    Ora fa
  • peiwu wang
    peiwu wang

    cat ,kind of mystery and beautiful creature on this planet

    Ora fa
  • Kawaii Tuxedo cat xx
    Kawaii Tuxedo cat xx

    o ye i have a dog same age as me cat. both 7 months ¬u¬

    Ora fa
  • Vampyoyster Boop
    Vampyoyster Boop

    Wow congrats on #1 trending 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😃😃😀👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Ora fa
  • Candyman Puppy
    Candyman Puppy

    Awewwwww! Jumping jacks!

    Ora fa
  • Tyler Connersucks
    Tyler Connersucks

    " I'm bisexual for animals . . .wait what" "FBI OPEN UP"

    Ora fa
  • awesome bonnie
    awesome bonnie

    Im a animal person

    Ora fa
  • SoMari

    I had like 90 cats until i moved, i had to leave them behind

    Ora fa
  • Íris Baptista
    Íris Baptista

    rewind was cringe but i liked kiki challange

    Ora fa
  • Batman -kun
    Batman -kun


    Ora fa
  • Irsat Hboncuk
    Irsat Hboncuk

    Salior moon is legend

    Ora fa
  • AJ Slayer
    AJ Slayer

    Also congrats on #1 on trending!!

    Ora fa
  • Super Ethan Wrestling Industry
    Super Ethan Wrestling Industry

    R.I.P georgie 😭

    Ora fa
  • lukieboy1201 sucks
    lukieboy1201 sucks

    Marshmellow's and cats live in harmony 🌼🍭🍥

    Ora fa
  • Shadow Girl
    Shadow Girl

    I can name something you would change about Georgie..... THE CHUAHWAH INCIDENT

    Ora fa
  • Nick Draws stuff I guess // NDSIG
    Nick Draws stuff I guess // NDSIG

    Give a moment of silence for Georgie

    Ora fa
  • Mon Ika!
    Mon Ika!

    3:05 basicly neko atsume

    Ora fa
  • Legit Dummy
    Legit Dummy

    #1 on trending. Good job James!

    Ora fa
  • Teddi Westervelt
    Teddi Westervelt

    These jokes are so good it deserves a like

    Ora fa
  • Froppy Ribbit
    Froppy Ribbit

    2:41 is he wearing a...a sailor moon costume aka my FAVORITE SHOW........ .....hE Is *FREAKS OUT* ok bye

    Ora fa
  • Abbie Witt
    Abbie Witt

    I bet 1/2 of a cent that James won’t notice me.

    Ora fa
  • AJ Slayer
    AJ Slayer

    The video in the video is called " cats :3" but it's actually now called "our cats :3 😂I just wanted to say this

    Ora fa
  • Gabbi B
    Gabbi B

    Saw azulas... fire benders...

    Ora fa
  • Kipper L
    Kipper L

    I'm elergic

    Ora fa
  • Emo_queen

    The cat Luna looks exactly like my cat... also named Luna

    Ora fa
  • Harry Macsweeney
    Harry Macsweeney

    My cat doesn't like being picked up

    Ora fa
  • Diego Gomez
    Diego Gomez

    *clap clap* year review

    Ora fa
  • yarrow

    so your biopinioanimal

    Ora fa
  • William P
    William P

    some people are bigger fans of James than he is himself

    Ora fa
  • Rose Doittotrayoresandkillhim
    Rose Doittotrayoresandkillhim

    If u like cats come move in with me bc my neighbor have 8 fricken cats at ONCE

    Ora fa
  • Sky zurah
    Sky zurah

    Thank you for taking IT-stream rewind 2018s spot, amen.

    Ora fa
  • green

    ze baby cat

    Ora fa
  • Jerrylin

    I'm allergic to cats

    Ora fa
  • Drakan

    The animators where the only good part of IT-stream rewind

    Ora fa
  • Crystal 25Kitten
    Crystal 25Kitten

    I lovE CAts but im allergic to and i have two kittens

    Ora fa
  • Grace McCookies
    Grace McCookies

    how funny..... This video is number 1 on trending... It all comes full circle

    Ora fa
  • sakura

    yay, bongocat

    Ora fa
  • jojo garcia
    jojo garcia

    Fuuuc making me cry in the end

    Ora fa
  • Nana K
    Nana K


    Ora fa
  • Essam S
    Essam S

    I only have one cat, but i've had 9 rabbits.

    Ora fa
  • Megorium


    Ora fa
  • Anabela Aenasoaei
    Anabela Aenasoaei

    why is there so many cats in your back yard?

    Ora fa
  • Andy Forlorn
    Andy Forlorn


    Ora fa
  • Don’t Read My Profile Picture
    Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Now I want a cat

    Ora fa
  • Kipper L
    Kipper L


    Ora fa
  • Toddlers Gameplay
    Toddlers Gameplay

    Two of my cats are dead

    Ora fa
  • Hogwarts4life

    OMG I’m so sorry about Georgie!!!! RIP😭😭😭😭

    Ora fa

    1 ON TRENDING!!!!!

    Ora fa
  • King spiderdude
    King spiderdude


    Ora fa
  • Annamarie Meeks
    Annamarie Meeks

    Last year i had 22 cats but we only can keep 2 so we did we also have dog. The dog and cats are best friends for every

    Ora fa
  • Kipper L
    Kipper L


    Ora fa
  • ThatKidGamer093 / Hype Dude
    ThatKidGamer093 / Hype Dude

    *smeks bongo* meow!

    Ora fa
  • Sameduckling 721
    Sameduckling 721

    Still feel like he had more hamsters

    Ora fa
  • accident of the last
    accident of the last

    i eat cats

    Ora fa
  • Moustache Cat
    Moustache Cat

    My ex has a crush on u ........... he thinks ur character is hot for some reason .......

    Ora fa
  • Masterplays15

    RIP GEORGIE 😥😥😥😥

    Ora fa
  • ThunderSilas123

    BuT ThAn OnE DaY...

    Ora fa
  • MLG trickolumbine110
    MLG trickolumbine110

    1# on trending in M'erica

    Ora fa
  • Rhianna Bryant
    Rhianna Bryant

    Poor doggo

    Ora fa

    I have an Western highland terrier named Eizzy. She has made everyday better for me, I know how upsetting it is, I feel you my friend. -DarkShadowWolf29🐺

    Ora fa
  • MJKPlayz

    Wait... am I early by accident again?

    Ora fa
  • hoilok leung
    hoilok leung

    I disagree its OBVIOUS numa numa

    Ora fa
  • Kreesh Ruparelia
    Kreesh Ruparelia

    Sorry James for the IT-stream Rewind hate. I loved your part but IT-stream Rewind felt really disconnected from its viewers and didn’t really show the real trends. UNTIL I SAW YOU!!!!!

    Ora fa
  • Brandon Gao
    Brandon Gao

    #1 on trending

    Ora fa
  • • GαlαxyƤe†als •
    • GαlαxyƤe†als •

    wait you had cats?

    Ora fa
  • Fmtsamm Tony
    Fmtsamm Tony

    puppy past as well name oreo, damn this is a sad moment

    Ora fa
  • Puppy Animates
    Puppy Animates


    Ora fa
  • KidArcher Gaming
    KidArcher Gaming

    but one day...

    Ora fa

    ytrw was doodoo but not u

    Ora fa
  • ZéFireøf10Tails Litteraly
    ZéFireøf10Tails Litteraly

    RIP da hamster

    Ora fa
  • Tony10.0

    2:04 who else got the reference

    Ora fa
  • Spooken Skeleton
    Spooken Skeleton

    Rest in peace Georgie, you will always be in our hearts😳😭❤

    Ora fa
  • HighWayStudios

    Georgie 😭😭😭😭😭

    Ora fa
  • Rainbow Lps
    Rainbow Lps

    I love cats and I have a cat too. 🤗

    Ora fa
  • Owen Jolley 3
    Owen Jolley 3

    I’m pretty sure he accidentally came out.

    Ora fa
  • Andrew Flynn
    Andrew Flynn

    Seriously James, so many cat puns

    Ora fa
  • Justininsect /Nohaxjusttoogood
    Justininsect /Nohaxjusttoogood

    #1 on trending

    Ora fa
  • El mondhir El khatabi
    El mondhir El khatabi

    I think James part in the rewind wasn't so bad, at least not too cringy.

    Ora fa
  • Phoebe Wu
    Phoebe Wu

    Congrats to #1 on Trending!

    Ora fa
  • Miss. Reviews
    Miss. Reviews

    Yay more vids

    Ora fa
  • Evan the jokester
    Evan the jokester

    James is a furries best friend

    Ora fa
  • AG_ TwentyØnePiløts
    AG_ TwentyØnePiløts

    #1 on trending! You deserve it! 🖤💛

    Ora fa
  • Olwin Playzzz
    Olwin Playzzz

    Wow #1 on trending!!!

    Ora fa
  • Elizabeth Coe
    Elizabeth Coe

    Noooooooooooooo not Georgie 😭😭😭

    Ora fa
  • Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones

    Sorry for your loss

    Ora fa
  • Bluberripai!!!

    No not georgie!!! I didn't even know...

    Ora fa
  • xXLE EPIC GAMERXx 1332
    xXLE EPIC GAMERXx 1332

    You are really amazing odd 1 out you should work for spongebob pa ta

    Ora fa
  • Who_Am_I _UwU
    Who_Am_I _UwU


    Ora fa
  • 2 rabbids and a Mario
    2 rabbids and a Mario

    I'm so proud of you James, your in rewind AND your vid is #1 on trending! You have quality content, you're the best!😀 We never got another cat again. Until ONE day x3

    Ora fa
  • Dazedseeker847

    I don’t think that’s a Chiwawa James... 5:01

    Ora fa
  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin

    I’m allergic to cats but I love them. It’s my fateful flaw

    Ora fa
  • Arth Babbar
    Arth Babbar

    *O O F*

    Ora fa
  • Anabela Aenasoaei
    Anabela Aenasoaei

    i hate cats becuse they scrach me😕😕

    Ora fa
  • Tintschi

    8:10 one of these things? Ohhh! You mean a video!

    Ora fa
  • Jarett Platsis
    Jarett Platsis

    Rip Georgie 😭 he was a good dog and an even better friend

    Ora fa
  • Andy M-T
    Andy M-T

    N°1 in trending. WOW!!

    Ora fa
  • Badina Lighthouse
    Badina Lighthouse

    This is going to sound weird but I was emotionaly attached to gorgie and then I find out he's dead

    Ora fa
  • Arieanna Davis
    Arieanna Davis

    No Gorgie You lived a good life R.I.P

    Ora fa
  • Heyyy_ itsLauren
    Heyyy_ itsLauren

    #1 on Trending! 🔥 Congrats James. 😊

    Ora fa
  • abbe6820 abbe6820
    abbe6820 abbe6820

    Georgie died !? ☹️

    Ora fa
  • Pancek


    Ora fa
  • Samuel Uribarry
    Samuel Uribarry

    IT-stream rewind sorry bro butt it suck 😂

    Ora fa