Philip proposes to Helen

Helen and I decided to share this very personal moment because we're so grateful for the incredible response, warm wishes, and sincere messages of joy for us. It took a lot of work, heartache, and love to get to this point which went unseen for years, but perhaps by sharing this video, we can show some people out there that happy endings (and beginnings) are possible. Personally, Wong Fu kept me going through some very difficult years, and you helped in that, whether you knew it or not. I've grown a lot, and I'm grateful I can show you what that growth looks like. Thank you for all the love and support. Helen and I are deeply moved.
HUGE thanks to Wes, Taylor, Eric, Melody, Janet, & Anne for making this surprise possible! No way I could've pulled this off without your help. And I'm soooooo happy I could share this special day/weekend with you, our closest friends.
-Helen and Phil
Helen Wu
Phil Wang
Shot by Eric, Taylor, Wes
Edited by Taylor


  • بثينة

    I'm so happy for youuuuuuuu!!!!!

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  • Sammy T
    Sammy T

    Im so happy it makes me wanna cry:)) happy teras

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  • Ron Lifestyle
    Ron Lifestyle

    If this goes like these Guy: I be naruto and you’ll be hinata Girl: ok Guy: have you seen naruto getting married to Hinata? Girl:no (Guy shows video) (Few minutes later) Girl:so cute, they got married! Guy: your Hinata and I’m naruto Girl:of course I’ll marry you! End

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  • Ariana La Rosa
    Ariana La Rosa

    I can’t believe I’m crying right now 😭

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  • QTFace858

    One of the most beautiful proposals I've ever seen!! It was nice meeting you at Bopomofo yesterday! Congrats!

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  • Swagging Sugar
    Swagging Sugar

    They are so lucky

    3 giorni fa
  • Aldijana Nuhic
    Aldijana Nuhic

    So cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • UnderscoreEd

    I'm a 23 year old heterosexual dude literally crying my eyes out watching this 3 minutes in with Phil unable to even hold in his emotions upon seeing her. The guy (with his teams) that was guide my emotional growth and independence found his one true love, and it felt like I grew up with him. He shows us here that true love exists, and through the many, many love and relationship-filled videos representing Asian-Americans, it gives me hope that I, too, will one day reach this level of love and happiness.

    4 giorni fa
  • Yi Chen
    Yi Chen

    Please be happy forever! I'm so happy for you guys!

    4 giorni fa
  • Johnbright Oh!
    Johnbright Oh!

    congrats bro

    4 giorni fa
  • ogunsanya toluwani
    ogunsanya toluwani


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  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee

    I got nervous just watching! Great job man, she seems like an amazing person!

    6 giorni fa
  • Phetsamone Sikasak
    Phetsamone Sikasak

    Those leafs should be a sea of red roses on the ground

    6 giorni fa
  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez

    This was is awesome!! Wish you all the luck in your future together!!!

    7 giorni fa
  • Icybay

    Congrats my guy

    7 giorni fa
  • envyandlove

    So much awkwardness - that speech was weird

    7 giorni fa
  • J JC
    J JC

    Wish he walked out asking the question right away.

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  • Starz Dam
    Starz Dam


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  • Linda Chau
    Linda Chau

    Congratulations Phil and Helen!!💕

    8 giorni fa
  • Animez89

    How long have they been dating for ?

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  • Jodan Constantine
    Jodan Constantine

    Omfg stop!!! I can’t!!! It’s tooo sweet! I love how vulnerable and sincere his proposal was. He was honest and speaking from the heart... I hate my life right now. LOL. They’re so lucky to have found each other. No joke this video had me crying so much. You’re setting the bar very high for any future proposals coming my way hahaha if I ever get any.

    8 giorni fa
  • Simply Micha
    Simply Micha

    I just saw Safiya and Tyler s weddings video and I think amari production s would be an awesome fit for your wedding!!! They can capture every moment and vlog maybe? And the whole wing fu team can enjoy the whole event !!

    9 giorni fa
  • Nathan Vilaicharoentrakul
    Nathan Vilaicharoentrakul

    Your Good news is making greater love life to others. Thanks for sharing & Congratulations..

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  • SimpLeeme88


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  • Amazin AsF
    Amazin AsF

    I don't know how many times i've watched this... congrats both of you and Phil man.. you've made us fall in love wiv your videos all what i wanna say is it's time for you create your own love stories💙 Thumbs up phil and we will always be there for you. Such a great man.

    10 giorni fa
  • John Lee
    John Lee


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  • the orange juiice
    the orange juiice

    Congratulations guyyyys 🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤. So happy for u. Wish u all the best, you are just two beautifuls souls who found love.💞💞💞💞💞

    12 giorni fa
  • bob hilkin
    bob hilkin

    Philip I live in boston!

    13 giorni fa
  • C E
    C E

    This is awesome. And who the hell would dislike proposal videos? That's just rude.

    13 giorni fa
  • ggeminii7 *
    ggeminii7 *

    wth, got me crying too!

    13 giorni fa
  • Jack Trevis
    Jack Trevis


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  • Abdullah Naeem
    Abdullah Naeem

    Literally No one: Phillip: H-HH--H *WHEEZE* HI

    15 giorni fa
  • Manuela Augustine
    Manuela Augustine

    Congratulations to you both and Happy New Year.

    15 giorni fa
  • Abdoul Nsungula (2024)
    Abdoul Nsungula (2024)

    You finally made it official 👍

    15 giorni fa
  • Jann Auddie Amurao
    Jann Auddie Amurao

    I can't believe he married to engaged!! I CAN'T BELIEVED RANDALL PARK WAS COMMENT IN INSTAGRAM!!!!

    15 giorni fa
  • Ring Ring Wiryo
    Ring Ring Wiryo

    congrats Phil and Helen!!!

    16 giorni fa
  • Danna Cuba
    Danna Cuba

    Phil, this is beautiful! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations!!

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  • Little Pear
    Little Pear

    Congrat !

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  • Kate Hu
    Kate Hu


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  • evelyn teoh
    evelyn teoh


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  • Sand Yang
    Sand Yang

    Marriage suck but everything else suck too because we always want more and want everything our own ways without realizing it. Respect and support each other. Marriage is about compromise-both have to be happy. Congrats! Low key kinda jealous that you’re engaged but I’m actually more happy to see you’re happy! Oh, one more thing...don’t hate yourself for loving yourself more...that’s true cuz when you’re happy she happy and vice versa. By saying this doesn’t mean that it’s all about you. It’s about sharing yourself with your lover and both parters have to understand each other needs. We also change as we get older every year and we become different people so that’s why it’s important to compromise. Understand each other is the best way to love each other. And, liquor 🥃 and sex. Jk but not really kidding.

    18 giorni fa
  • IGotYourSmile

    Love. For some it is strength. For some, it is a burden. And, there is nothing like Time to tell you what it is going to be for you... Before you judge your ending with love, let time make it clearer for you. Let patience and understanding seep in. Time will erode the fake and accolade the truth.

    18 giorni fa
  • Amy Le
    Amy Le

    Tell me why I’m crying in bed at 2:43am so wholesome congrats you guys😭😭❤️

    18 giorni fa
  • Gansukh Tumurtushaa
    Gansukh Tumurtushaa


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  • Fitria Aidili
    Fitria Aidili


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  • afardoush03

    I have tears in my eyes. So moving. Congratulations!

    19 giorni fa
  • debora vicent
    debora vicent

    Comment sections are another short movies can't get over them.

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  • KH B,ph
    KH B,ph

    I have so much love really is fun story and amazing 🖤

    19 giorni fa
  • GeeGee TV
    GeeGee TV

    I want to marry Helen😻😻😻shes sooo cool💕💕💕

    19 giorni fa
  • G C
    G C

    I wish Phil so much success but I'm a little concerned about his reasons for why marriage isn't a bad idea now, of how it is to unlock experiences and explore, may not be enough of a glue that can survive the trials and tribulations of a marriage, especially one with a life as public as his. I hope I'm just being a Debbie Downer and it won't be true, but for what it's worth thought I'd point out my observation/opinion.

    20 giorni fa
  • Yi Wei Zhang
    Yi Wei Zhang

    Who clicks dislike on a video like this? That's craziness

    20 giorni fa
  • Fylosofy

    Now I want to propose to my wife.

    20 giorni fa
  • Mammon

    It's honestly like watching your awkward older brother propose to his long-time girlfriend and it fills me with joy

    21 giorno fa
  • Ayu Amaliah Porotuo
    Ayu Amaliah Porotuo

    Yesss it isss 😭

    18 giorni fa
  • Gabe Gonzaga
    Gabe Gonzaga

    I'm glad I decided to watch this instead of the Wong Fu More Lunch Break. But now my lunch is extra wet and salty TT

    21 giorno fa
  • Lee Kwag
    Lee Kwag

    Congrats Phil & Helen!!

    21 giorno fa
  • J2dak dak
    J2dak dak

    congratulation Phil !! The man with so many wonderful creations like Yellow Fever and The Last 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ I an very happy for you man!!😊

    22 giorni fa
  • The C.I.A.
    The C.I.A.

    This is TOO real... This is TOO real... I would probably in the same disposition as Phil here if that was me.

    22 giorni fa
  • Brian Cisto
    Brian Cisto


    22 giorni fa
  • heyimjulayy

    I’m late on watching this video but OMGAHH I tried so hard to fight back the tears. As soon as Phil came out and his voice was shaky, I almost lost it! I am so happy for you guys! And I’m glad you shared this beautiful moment with all of us. We love you guys and we wish you nothing but the best! 😁💗🎉

    22 giorni fa
  • MizzDestinee

    One of the most sincere proposal I’ve watched. Congrats ❤️

    22 giorni fa