Phora - On My Way [Official Music Video]

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Directed by 6th Element.
Music video by Phora performing under Yours Truly Records.
Yeah yeah I’m on my way to you
Yeah don’t say you done with me when you ain’t done with me
I’m on my way to you yeah
‘Cause I ain’t done with you I’m about to come get you
I’m on my way to you
Yeah don’t say you done with me when you ain’t done with me
I’m on my way to you yeah
‘Cause I ain’t done with you I’m about to come get you

Too much on my mind tryna get away
Feelings inside they don’t ever change
Just some things I could never say you be running through my mind like everyday
I’ve been drinking heavy ‘cause I’m so lost
Start to think of you when I doze off
Lately I’ve been really trying to hold on, but I get in my feelings with the slow songs

Everything changed you know I’m still stuck in my ways
Wish it used to be like back in the days
Before all the fame and the plaques on the way
Say I switched up now you acting a way
Like wait I just want you that’s facts
Anything to get you back
I was only trying to put my city on the map
I was gone for a second but i’m coming right back
Yeah I’m coming right back

Yeah I’m on my way to you
Don’t say you done with me when you ain’t done with me
I’m on my way to you
‘Cause I ain’t done with you I’m about to come get you
I’m on my way to you
Yeah don’t say you done with me when you ain’t done with me
I’m on my way to you yeah
‘Cause I ain’t done with you I’m about to come get you
I’m on my way to you
Yeah don’t say you done with me when you ain’t done with me
I’m on my way to you yeah
‘Cause I ain’t done with you I’m about to come get you
Yours Truly
On My Way
Official Music Video
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  • Nine7C

    This sounds exactly like his other song stuck in my ways.

    Giorno fa
  • Skye C
    Skye C

    2 giorni fa
  • Gloria Barajas
    Gloria Barajas

    Was this filmed in the high desert California?

    3 giorni fa

    "Too much on my mind, try and get away Feelings inside, they don't ever change Just some things I can never say You be runnin' through my mind, like every day I've been drinking' heavy 'cause I'm so lost Start to think of you when I doze off"

    3 giorni fa
  • B P 143
    B P 143

    I wish I was omw to you 🖤🥀

    3 giorni fa
  • Spicy Gang
    Spicy Gang

    Will Neva get tired of Phora❤️🥺

    4 giorni fa
  • thergvkid


    6 giorni fa
  • alexandra Clowney
    alexandra Clowney


    8 giorni fa
  • Leonardo Cruz
    Leonardo Cruz


    9 giorni fa
  • daeja rosander
    daeja rosander

    Are you going to the area 51 waiting

    9 giorni fa
  • Maria Alonzo
    Maria Alonzo


    9 giorni fa
  • Brandon Polk
    Brandon Polk

    This shit mediocre at best I heard somebody say he was the GOAT smh

    10 giorni fa
  • ToXiC Magenta
    ToXiC Magenta

    Visuals copying Kodak......

    10 giorni fa
  • Zamokuhle Zamam
    Zamokuhle Zamam

    Bruh you stole Lil skies line on his song Red roses "Red roses on my grave burry me with art" and changed it a lil bit. Secondly the cover photo of your album looks exactly like Lil skies cover photo of Shelby.

    11 giorni fa
  • Bethany Lynne Lykins
    Bethany Lynne Lykins

    Terry Westfall Jr.

    12 giorni fa
  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez

    Phora, you literally are one of the most amazing arist ive ever heard. I dont normally listen to your style of music but once i was shown what u do, i was stuck. So relatable. I cant thank you enough for the shit your music gets me through🙏

    14 giorni fa
  • Mrn Rafaaa
    Mrn Rafaaa

    Intro plsss??? song's name??pleaseee

    15 giorni fa
  • alejandra delgado
    alejandra delgado

    G.O.A.T 💙

    16 giorni fa
  • Cecilia Barrera
    Cecilia Barrera

    So much fucking love phora ❤️ I’m from out of town and stopped by your shop near Hollywood and got a free gift with my cop ❤️ that’s real you got your fans and your fans got you. Fortunate for the world you’ve been blessed with more life.. ❤️

    16 giorni fa
  • Yasmin Gomez
    Yasmin Gomez

    Almost cried when I seen them old chucks ! ❤️❤️❤️ #goodolddays

    16 giorni fa
  • Kyle Simp
    Kyle Simp

    Dang first artist i truly connected with was X then it was NF and now its Phora. Helps me thru tough hard times. Thanks bro please keep up the good work. Out here changing lives.

    17 giorni fa
  • Dillyon John
    Dillyon John

    Oriana OLIVIA 💕

    18 giorni fa
  • Gabriel Watt
    Gabriel Watt

    She is bomb. Who is she??💣

    18 giorni fa
  • 76 Collective
    76 Collective

    Make sure y'all go check out the tutorials we did for Phora!

    19 giorni fa

    Make sure y'all go check out the tutorials we did for Phora!

    19 giorni fa
  • - Panda
    - Panda

    Phora up next? Been fire since day one 🔥🔥🔥

    20 giorni fa
  • josh muir
    josh muir

    This sound like joy.- need you same beat

    21 giorno fa
  • April Vorhies
    April Vorhies

    Fukn love every single song u ever have made there is not 1 song of its that I do not like u should b America's #1 artist of all times guess everyone dont understand ur kind of music becuz its to real for them what I like most is that it is all bout real life shit not jus bout dumb bs lik these other artists u can't even understand what they say keep doing what ur doing how ur doing it n in not time u will b #1 keep them dope songs coming there on fire

    21 giorno fa
  • Johanna’s Journey
    Johanna’s Journey

    im in love with this album, been on repeat since it came out

    22 giorni fa
  • Junior R
    Junior R

    Excellent Album Not like other trash dudes without talent.. you will go far and beyond Phora!!!

    22 giorni fa
  • FallenSnow188

    Been here since you had 200k subs. Ily phora

    22 giorni fa
  • Emerina Reyna
    Emerina Reyna


    22 giorni fa
  • Margaret Ortiz
    Margaret Ortiz

    cool song n very romantic 🎤🎹🎶💋❤💑🌐

    23 giorni fa
  • Jamiley Amaro
    Jamiley Amaro


    24 giorni fa
  • Ana Jaramillo
    Ana Jaramillo

    Bro never can get over the fact his hot 😍😘

    24 giorni fa
  • Shane Micheal
    Shane Micheal

    Check me out on ayyye podcast an shit look up Shane Mich

    24 giorni fa
  • Alexyz Hernandez
    Alexyz Hernandez

    Lyrics: In the description

    24 giorni fa
  • Tia Shepherd
    Tia Shepherd


    25 giorni fa
  • Kev05wwe

    Here before this fire blows up🔥🔥🔥♨️

    25 giorni fa
  • Stephanie Venegas
    Stephanie Venegas

    Woah this hits me so hard on my heart especially after this ugly ass break up this is just uplifting a vibe in my soul 🌹 phora is the new drake when it comes to putting me in my feelings 💙

    26 giorni fa
  • Kristina Aranda
    Kristina Aranda

    Looooovvveeee it ❤️

    26 giorni fa

    Yo this shit hit me bruh ..

    26 giorni fa
  • Robert Wilk
    Robert Wilk

    Great song young blood keep doing your thing

    26 giorni fa
  • keven robson
    keven robson

    27 giorni fa
  • knssctye


    27 giorni fa
  • Trube lovely
    Trube lovely

    Thats #Facts.... my most likely truth ...

    28 giorni fa
  • Alex Sandoval
    Alex Sandoval

    Gay music

    28 giorni fa
  • laura aguilar
    laura aguilar

    ILY ❤️❤️

    28 giorni fa
  • Lonzo Medina
    Lonzo Medina

    So In Love WITH This Song

    28 giorni fa
  • M E L L Y
    M E L L Y

    Phora really can't make a bad song even if he triedd

    28 giorni fa
  • Autumn Davis
    Autumn Davis

    Wish it was longer but as always good song ❤️

    29 giorni fa


    29 giorni fa
  • Cassy Elaine
    Cassy Elaine

    2:39 Sounds like Da brat

    29 giorni fa
  • Mlungisi Nonkonyana
    Mlungisi Nonkonyana

    World stop sleepn on this boy

    29 giorni fa
  • Nathian Acosta
    Nathian Acosta


    29 giorni fa
  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott

    JOY. - Need You. Same beat

    29 giorni fa
  • melanie pastrana
    melanie pastrana


    Mese fa
  • Tien Dinh
    Tien Dinh

    i really dont know whats the meaning of making this song :/ i mean it kind of sucks but not really

    Mese fa
  • Desmond Eagle
    Desmond Eagle

    Phora I loved your music since I was 12-13 your the greatest artist I need a Uber to get to my lady lol but keep doing what u need to m

    Mese fa
  • Red KD
    Red KD

    Vibez 🔥🔥🔥

    Mese fa
  • Ricky Wagner
    Ricky Wagner

    Phora your a leagend

    Mese fa

    Listen to this Song BASS BOOSTED here:

    Mese fa
  • EK Mediaa
    EK Mediaa

    Banger 🔥

    Mese fa
  • Jorge Urena
    Jorge Urena

    #GOTTI nice song homie

    Mese fa
  • Chaos Love
    Chaos Love

    Legit was at this view last night ... glad your back on you ❤️ old & new you always supporting

    Mese fa
  • Samuel Jimenez
    Samuel Jimenez

    "Dont say you done with me when u ain't done with me"🖤

    Mese fa
  • Chao8Boyz Music
    Chao8Boyz Music

    I hope there's gonna be Sinner Pt 4 on his next album🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Mese fa
  • Jason williams
    Jason williams

    This a good ass song and so is I think I love you I got a feeling you gone be big 💯 good job photos😊

    Mese fa
  • Nicholas Rancourt
    Nicholas Rancourt

    You always know how to amaze

    Mese fa
  • Kaitlyn Killian
    Kaitlyn Killian

    I love it😩❣️🤞🏼

    Mese fa
  • Jeremiah Wilkinson
    Jeremiah Wilkinson

    I'm on my way to you. Don't say you're done wit me. Lol old vibes. You have those women though. Lol

    Mese fa
  • Deku Avery
    Deku Avery

    I definitely feel you bro the girl of my dreams told me she's getting married I'm like that's Krazy lmfao!😽

    Mese fa
  • Deku Avery
    Deku Avery


    Mese fa
  • Diana Lujan
    Diana Lujan

    I absolutely love his voice and spoken words!!

    Mese fa
  • Hector Mendez
    Hector Mendez

    are him and george still homies? they don’t follow each other on insta anymore

    Mese fa
  • Gavino Bernal
    Gavino Bernal

    Excellent video today Phora. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, & evening. Stay cool, stay awesome, stay swag, stay unstoppable, stay incredible, stay popular, stay great, keep having fun, keep being the best Singer, & stay strong Phora. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your Wednesday. 👑☺️👍🙏🏆

    Mese fa
  • Danna stewart
    Danna stewart

    Commercial bring me here I had to hear this. Was not pressing that skip button todayyyy lol 👌🏿🔥

    Mese fa
  • Dean Christopher Van Heerden
    Dean Christopher Van Heerden

    Thank God for a ex girlfriend who introduced me to Phora back in 2017 . All his music always touches you in some way

    Mese fa
  • Mike Rubio
    Mike Rubio

    Keep your head up love your music keep on the grind

    Mese fa
  • Rigo Hermosillo
    Rigo Hermosillo

    Start making blog bro!!!

    Mese fa