Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • Oofer Gang
    Oofer Gang

    A theory I have thought of since there are no towers in plain sight and The first shrine that we do in the game. The technology must be either back in the ground or not even in existence. Therefore, they might be in the past before calamity Ganon struck. I really hope that Link and Zelda are both people that you can play. Also it’s a something to think about. They could be using the time machine that the Hero of Skies used or the could use the ocarina of time since it is pasted down the generations of the royal family. That is something a really hope happens in the sequel!

    5 minuti fa
  • Gerardo Uriega
    Gerardo Uriega

    I really want then to make this one more difficult than breath of the wild with enemies roaming all of Hyrule instead of staying in one area like a golden lynel will be found at a random spot

    6 minuti fa
  • Friendly Pootis
    Friendly Pootis

    Link: Ganon is now dead and Hyrule is saved! Ganon: *Yes*

    10 minuti fa
  • Friendly Pootis
    Friendly Pootis

    Link: *kills Ganon* *BOTW 2* Link: am I a joke to you?

    11 minuti fa
  • Hyperactive Snowflake
    Hyperactive Snowflake

    Y’all what if it’s a co op

    14 minuti fa
  • silverfox274

    One thing I do wish they would fix in the sequel is when your weapon or shield breaks it would automatically move to the next one in your inventory. It gets very frustrating when my weapon breaks and I don't realize it and when I go to attack I don't have anything and I get either hit or killed. Hopefully that will happen in this one.

    21 minuto fa
  • V 101
    V 101

    Well, There goes all my money! XD!

    22 minuti fa
  • levilla

    Holy sh it so many weebs and degenerates in the comment section. Zelda is for dirty weebs and virgin neckbeards

    28 minuti fa
  • Mujop

    Link: How often will you revive from the dead? Ganon: Yes

    31 minuto fa
  • 8dreadLock8

    the ratings though

    37 minuti fa
  • Nicolas Valenzuela
    Nicolas Valenzuela

    bru that demise from skyward sword 100% im so excited

    38 minuti fa
  • MasterDroid

    Here comes the... Oh wait there already here. Btw I was talking about speedrunners.

    39 minuti fa
  • tacoburrito Swanson
    tacoburrito Swanson

    Why does this remind me of twilight princess.

    41 minuto fa
  • Greg Fat
    Greg Fat

    Make it more Zelda like

    43 minuti fa
  • 이호현


    51 minuto fa
  • Justin Alva
    Justin Alva

    The music reminds me of Sonic exe

    56 minuti fa
  • slpbrdr

    what if mummified vilain is...Keanu Reeves??? snaps neck, red eyes glow, then: "you're breathtaking!!!"

    Ora fa
  • Keller Leibgarde
    Keller Leibgarde

    All memes aside we are all very hyped ! This is going be crazy !

    Ora fa
  • Eagle zero
    Eagle zero

    Link: I have finally killed Ganon! Zelda: and you have bring back the peace in Hyrule. Ganondorf: Well excuse me, princess!

    Ora fa
  • Nyxael's Hub
    Nyxael's Hub

    Zelda: "We defeated Calamity *Ganon* and saved Hyrule!" Ganondorf: *"Hold my Noble Pursuit"*

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • Creed 427
    Creed 427

    Please may it for Wii U

    Ora fa
  • ALinkToTheMemes !!!
    ALinkToTheMemes !!!

    Link: I FINALLY DEFEATED GANON AND RESTORED PEACE TO HYRULE!!! Ganondorf: Yes you did, but actually no. Link: What? Ganondorf: What?

    Ora fa
  • Bobby Hileman
    Bobby Hileman

    The body is definitely Ganondorf from TP, all of the evidence is there. I’m so excited!!!

    Ora fa
  • jasmine f.
    jasmine f.

    Instead of making this just for the switch how about make it for the Wii u too! You made the first one for the Wii u and you can make the sequel too for it! There are some of us who has the Wii u and can't afford the switch @nintendo

    Ora fa
  • im caca
    im caca

    Zelda and link goes to salon Zelda gets a hairdo they exit the salon ganons revived

    Ora fa
  • Dennis Yanga
    Dennis Yanga

    What if they make it where you actually lose to Ganon, and the world is turn to darkness for the next hundred years. Then in the next Zelda installment you are born into a world, where the world is blacken and people of this age speak only about how the hero of legend failed them..

    Ora fa
  • 간호사크리스

    Please create unbreakable weapons!!! Please make bosses much more difficult!!! (BOTW Ganon was a joke last time😔) Please make more side quests. I really miss Majoras Mask concept where you have so many quests such as chasing, hiding, specific time quest, and quest that needs spcific criteria. AND most of all, MORE Enemies.... not just Lynel.... SO boring...!! We need more extreme difficult bosses. For example, if we visit dungeon that has dark clouds on the top and dark oceans running through the floor and you need to beat Link’s clone or extremely challenging boss!!! Sorry I’m not good at English but I’ve been playing Zelda since 1988... I know what I’m saying...!!

    Ora fa
  • ElectricBot200

    You know, I dont think I'm angry about there being no post story in BOTW any more.

    2 ore fa
  • Michael Hinrichsen
    Michael Hinrichsen

    Stop trying to be funny peeps. It’s gonna be good

    2 ore fa
  • Fire Phoenix
    Fire Phoenix

    I feel like its saying "We are hopeless" and during the end "Help us"

    2 ore fa
  • MZkiller22

    Each form of the calamity were just puppets. Pawns for ganondorf to keep tormenting the people of hyrule until his seal is broken and he can finish the job

    2 ore fa
  • Ben

    The song backwards sounds backwards

    2 ore fa
  • Aidan Pickle
    Aidan Pickle

    Nintendo: Get ready to find 500 shrines and 3000 Korok Seeds!! Link: all that effort...wasted...

    2 ore fa
  • Julian Jordan
    Julian Jordan

    What if the castle rises up which prompts link and Zelda to investigate. When they do, something happens which transports them into a different time or space, similar to majoras mask.

    2 ore fa
  • Thepikachu176

    3d animators and sound team: so how creepy do you want this trailer to be? Developers: Yes

    2 ore fa
  • OlEDV


    2 ore fa
  • The Dankest Of Garlicc bread
    The Dankest Of Garlicc bread

    *Y E S*

    2 ore fa
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W.

    This low key looks like a horror game.

    2 ore fa
  • Daniel Gribble
    Daniel Gribble

    Cool, a LoZ game that uses the same Link and Zelda from a previous title!

    2 ore fa
  • Uriel Septim
    Uriel Septim

    Evil never sleeps. I hope you are ready for your second "demise" Ganon!

    2 ore fa
  • WhiteDark670

    Link: I have saved Hyrule Ganon: Ok yes, but actually no

    2 ore fa
  • Brew In Vegas
    Brew In Vegas

    Seems like a prequel

    2 ore fa
  • Insane Gamer
    Insane Gamer

    Link: *kills Ganon * Also Link: *Hears boss music*

    3 ore fa
  • Gageplayzz

    The first M rated Zelda

    3 ore fa
  • Jose Manuel
    Jose Manuel

    Thats not Ganondorf it’s the Link Of the past

    3 ore fa
  • CasualSanta

    Demise be like: *imprisoned noises* Ganon be like: *dead noises* jk both of those statements are false

    3 ore fa
  • dark killer
    dark killer

    The sequel of the best game of this gen! Can't wait.

    3 ore fa
  • Duxø Kayn
    Duxø Kayn


    3 ore fa
  • Maria Rivademar
    Maria Rivademar

    omg im so phsyched lol thank you so much nintendo!!!

    3 ore fa
  • 💜 Smore 💜
    💜 Smore 💜

    😲 I can't wait!

    3 ore fa
  • 02protoman

    0:50 keep sucking

    3 ore fa
  • Andrea Santana
    Andrea Santana

    I’m loving Zelda with short hair

    3 ore fa
  • Melissa Marx
    Melissa Marx

    Everyone is joking in the comments but I just want to know what the spoopy blue stuff is?

    3 ore fa
  • JustSomeGamer

    the music was giving me some real twilight princess vibes

    3 ore fa
  • George

    Zelda: Mom, can you come pick me up? I’m scared.

    3 ore fa
  • Rolling 2K
    Rolling 2K

    Calamity tentacles are officially confirmed🤔🤔🤔

    3 ore fa
  • Pedro Mosquera
    Pedro Mosquera

    Is that Yuga?

    3 ore fa
  • George

    When the Ganon skeleton moved and its eyes started glowing at the screen my jaw legit dropped

    3 ore fa
  • Birb Boi
    Birb Boi

    Bird Dad better be in this.

    3 ore fa
  • J.Rodolfo Z.Herrera
    J.Rodolfo Z.Herrera

    a locia le gusta

    3 ore fa
  • RaindropDrizzle


    4 ore fa
  • Rami Guziak-Mohammed
    Rami Guziak-Mohammed

    This was so creppy and wen will come out

    4 ore fa
  • JustGa1axy

    What if you play as Zelda and Link is now captured, also I think the great plateu is now gonna be lifted up into the air which is gonna be like skyward sword

    4 ore fa
  • Emblazened

    DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING!!! I would HATE if this was crap.

    4 ore fa
  • Wulpi gamingWolf
    Wulpi gamingWolf

    We all: Botw was fun. Now there is coming this new game, links awakening. We hope there will be a game like botw again. Nintendo: why not. Here is your new, creepy botw2, have fun. Me seeing this trailer rn: .__. What the he'll did just happened?

    4 ore fa
  • Akari愛が大好き

    I need this now

    4 ore fa
  • Freepo ¿
    Freepo ¿

    Link has discovered the pillar man

    4 ore fa
  • Acid Tho
    Acid Tho

    I love you Nintendo

    4 ore fa
  • Naiko


    4 ore fa
  • Thelostgamer146

    Link: *Kills ganon* Ganon: *chuckles* Your in danger

    4 ore fa
  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley

    My wig has been snatched! I wouldn’t mind if Zelda was playable but I highly doubt she will be, with her having a haircut she won’t have clipping issues with outfits and weapons, it’s very likely that we could possibly pick who we want to play at the start? I won’t be mad if she ain’t because link is daddy!

    4 ore fa
  • Game Hero
    Game Hero

    Was i the only one at the begining of this trailer, in the direct, thinking it was a trailer for Metroid Prime 4? Reversed sounds, unsettling atmosphere, weird sort of what i tought were alien light worms, doesn't it look like it a bit? Also can you imagine being able to play as Zelda too in this game?

    4 ore fa
  • Hathveon

    Broooo I just realized that the heartbeat is Ganondorf being revived. Chills all over man

    5 ore fa
  • Doggo Vlogs
    Doggo Vlogs

    Link - I fear no man but that... *Rats exist* That scares me

    5 ore fa
  • Jack Redwood
    Jack Redwood

    Ay yo is that Zant?

    5 ore fa
  • Noob For life
    Noob For life

    O0o I can't wait to buy that

    5 ore fa
  • jkjrRandomPerson

    All the dislikes are from all calamity ganons different IT-stream accounts

    5 ore fa
  • Julia Toth
    Julia Toth

    Dear Nintendo, Can you make this game for Wii U please? My mom's not gonna buy me a Wii U JUST to play a new Zelda game SO. I'M BEGGING YOU PLEASE HAVE IT IN WII U!!!!!!

    5 ore fa
  • Silver Valentino
    Silver Valentino

    That face was nightmare fuel

    5 ore fa
  • cheesy cheese
    cheesy cheese

    But I haven't even completed BotW yet

    5 ore fa
  • rocketsniper

    Link: Ganon's dead. Ganondorf: Yes but actually no.

    5 ore fa
  • Grant Podue
    Grant Podue

    so I did some research, this Ganondorf (the same one since Ocarina of Time) would be the 5th and oldest and most experienced one to date, starting From, Ocarina of Time then Twilight Princess, then to Hyrule Warriors, then to the one we do not see 10,000 years ago before Breath of the Wild, to now ( I Base more on the Child/Majora/Twilight timeline). Also, it seems that (not including the lackeys who were servants or puppets to the real big bad) Hyrule has only ever been attacked by really two villains, (1) Demise/Ganondorf/Ganon, and (2) Vatii who is fully dead since four swords adventures. Also when Ganondorf is revived the only possible old lackeys that could be still alive or in hibernation (that hasn't turned good or is confirmed dead) would be Twinrova and Bongo Bongo from Ocarina (based on the Child/Majora/Twilight timeline) and Wizzro from Hyrule Warriors, another possible thing he could do for generals is to get new ones which is unlikely due to just waking up, or he could re-animated the Ocarina of Time sages or other Hyrule champions. Lastly, he may return to his home the Gerudo desert first since that what he did in Hyrule warriors which would also reconnect to the Twinrova theory who may be in hibernation in the Spirit Temple which is literally where he grew up. All in all, I don't see his goal because the kingdom is gone, everyone, he knew is dead, his own Gerudo people hate his guts, there is nothing to conquer, and there is nobody left alive that remembers where the Triforce was last hidden (except maybe the Deku Tree), unlike his behavior and actions in Hyrule Warriors, there is no Triforce or kingdom to conquer thus nothing to get revenge on except maybe Link and Zelda, but other than revenge, the Mummy is woken up sure, but with most of the malice and rage gone with his Calamity Ganon clone destroyed, it is very unclear what is first actions or goals will be once he sees link and Zelda. ---Just a huge history fan of the legend of Zelda series, just my opinion and observation from my own experiences in the series, played every game, and only not finished Legend of Zelda 2 which I could resume later.

    5 ore fa
  • Oh mood?
    Oh mood?

    Link: HA IVE DONE IT GANON IS GONE AND I CAN ENJOY MY LIFE! Ganon:* Comes back * Link: *on the brink of a mental breakdown* Am I a joke to you?

    5 ore fa
  • Shrek father!
    Shrek father!

    0:30 R.I.P master splinter! :(

    6 ore fa
  • Scott

    Dear Nintendo, I want to be scared and disturbed. Thank you.

    6 ore fa
  • Gobind Singh
    Gobind Singh

    Link: Finally I think he’s about to die for good Ganon: No, I don’t think I will

    6 ore fa
  • Chaeyeon Park
    Chaeyeon Park

    Ok yeah but can we have a moment of silence for that rat?

    6 ore fa
  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude

    I haven’t been this excited since 2014

    6 ore fa
  • theperser81

    Hey, i found out, breath of the wild 2 is the first ever triple A game that was anounced on E3 and you can play it while its presented. Just turn the switch on and start botw :-D and your are in the world of botw2 😆😆😆

    6 ore fa
  • Apollo Just Ice
    Apollo Just Ice

    Everyone : *excited for the sequel* Me : WHERE'S MY BABY SIDON, I NEED HIM TO MAKE A COME BACK

    6 ore fa
  • PixelatedNinjoe


    6 ore fa
  • That Guy Donny
    That Guy Donny

    Is the castle rising a hint that the castle is going to rise into the sky like skyward sword? I’m hoping the showing of that cave and such brings back dungeons in caves too!

    6 ore fa
  • YoutubeInquisitor

    Where’s the sheikah slate??

    6 ore fa
  • Philip Ollila
    Philip Ollila

    What do I get? Final Fantasy VII Remake or This? Help me

    6 ore fa
  • Sargon. Sargon.
    Sargon. Sargon.

    🔻both!!! 👍🏽😁

    4 ore fa