The way to make a clear hair gel formulation by using Carbomer340

This VDO shows the way to formulate a clear hair gel with Carbomer340.
Firstly, disperse Carbomer340 slowly and make sure that no agglomerations happen. The best way to sift carbomer340 without agglomeration is to use sieve while sifting carbomer powder.
Secondly, after dispersing Carbomer340 smoothly, then, add the rest of ingredients to make hair gel; Propylene Glycol, and Preservatives.
Finally, neutralized the Carbomer dispersion by TEA. The viscosity will increase beautifully into a clear hair gel form like shown in the VDO. The formulation features only 0.5% of Carbomer340.
Carbomer340 can be used as a viscosity builder in any water based formulation; like, cream, gel, lotion, serum, and etc.
If you are interested in increasing the viscosity in any water base formulation, please contact us at, or
Enjoy formulating


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    Life Of WavyShenn

    thanks for this great video I hope you can check out my rent upload I would really appreciate that :)

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  • Cuban Tattooist
    Cuban Tattooist

    Im still trying to figure out how you prepared phase B????

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  • Lucas Dalvin
    Lucas Dalvin

    is this same for making gel wax?

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  • mmeghs k
    mmeghs k

    Can we use carbomer 940 to make hair gel???

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  • Kerry-Ann Phang
    Kerry-Ann Phang

    what brand homogenizer are you using?

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  • Kerry-Ann Phang
    Kerry-Ann Phang

    @becauseyouread I'm sorry i'm just seeing your reply. What's the cost of one of these homogenizers?

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  • Ruth Ozor
    Ruth Ozor

    becauseyouread... Wow, how do you make a stronger hold for hair?

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  • becauseyouread

    +Kerry-Ann Phang It's made locally in Thailand. If you are interested in, we can export them for you.

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  • tony montanna
    tony montanna

    How do you remove hair gel?

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    Wow. That's amazing!

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  • LISA

    Suntree Thippayasanti I am intrigued to know how much carbopol to use if I needed an end product of 5lbs of gel.?? How much tea I would need to use§???

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