Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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  • Bangtan's Babygirl
    Bangtan's Babygirl

    This Doctor was so disturbed and annoyed lowkey by these boys 😂😂😂😂

    25 minuti fa
  • Arooj A
    Arooj A

    Ethan and Grayson: *Keep asking weird questions* The doctor: “...sure”

    26 minuti fa
  • Basic Destiny
    Basic Destiny

    grayson: it’s a pecAAAn ethan: it’s a pecan

    32 minuti fa
  • Reina Garcia
    Reina Garcia

    lmfaoo this video is too funny 😂

    35 minuti fa
  • Yahir Baltazar
    Yahir Baltazar

    Love you Shane. Love your vids and you are awesome. ❤️🥳 can’t wait to watch this vid. Also first comment. 😉 also most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 🐷

    40 minuti fa
  • Soggypasta 123
    Soggypasta 123

    What you don’t realise is that one twin is an accident... Felt the need to say that But one of you was a happy accident obvs

    49 minuti fa
  • Virginia Zearfoss
    Virginia Zearfoss

    Maybe he would have tried to do that but I like my personal space

    Ora fa
  • Ariella Naena
    Ariella Naena

    Twin:I think it is called a ball. Me:dead

    Ora fa
  • Vida

    And I goop

    Ora fa
  • Ximena Duran
    Ximena Duran

    Do another one but stay they’re for 9 months

    Ora fa
  • Cameron Perez
    Cameron Perez

    Y’all look closely at 22:42 gray is a little excited

    Ora fa
  • Pinkgeb Pink
    Pinkgeb Pink

    I’m 2 minutes younger than my twin sister

    Ora fa
  • BLUE b3ach
    BLUE b3ach

    R we even alive at that point? Lol yes u have a heartbeat 🤣

    Ora fa
  • A Taylor
    A Taylor

    I can assure you that "Grethan" looked like some sort of Spencer Boldman.

    Ora fa
  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith

    Me : sees title Also me : what the fuck?!

    Ora fa
  • Kimberly Cuellar
    Kimberly Cuellar

    I can’t get over how similar yalls voices are!!!

    Ora fa
  • Wendy Alvarez
    Wendy Alvarez

    You guys are idiots, i love it ♥️

    Ora fa
  • Keeley Aine
    Keeley Aine

    When he said "we forgot to ask what babies wear in the womb" I was like aw shit Completely forgetting babies are NAKED

    Ora fa
  • Rosemarie Herrera
    Rosemarie Herrera

    😂😂😂this is funny lol

    Ora fa
  • Ariella Naena
    Ariella Naena

    This is hilarious

    Ora fa
  • Deryn Wheeler
    Deryn Wheeler

    I think the doctor thinks the the twins are stupid

    Ora fa
  • Alesha Lewis
    Alesha Lewis

    Im a twin 😱i need to do this

    Ora fa
  • Mak Art
    Mak Art

    Ethan: kinda want another bite of that can I have another bite of that? Grayson: nope too bad your a little bitch

    Ora fa
  • CloJoe fan
    CloJoe fan

    Look identical for a day

    Ora fa
  • AvaRose

    Grayson: “stop smacking mom!” 😂😂😂😂

    Ora fa
  • Grace Redwine
    Grace Redwine

    Ethan: this is gonna be a magic mome-- Grayson: PLEASE JUST GET ME OUT!!!!

    Ora fa
  • rih&ari

    22:42 👀

    Ora fa
  • Maddie G
    Maddie G

    They sound like confused kindergarteners asking how babies are made

    Ora fa
  • Floating Banana
    Floating Banana

    I was super skinny when I was born because my twin ate most of the phone. She was 7 pounds and I was 6

    Ora fa
  • thank u, ʇǝǝʍs
    thank u, ʇǝǝʍs

    22:43 he is hard lmao

    Ora fa
  • xXCharlotte PotatoXx
    xXCharlotte PotatoXx

    I hate to break it to you but, one of you were a mistake.....

    Ora fa
  • Jacqueline Hingley
    Jacqueline Hingley

    I’m dying cause he’s like jokes on you ima baby I can breath in the fluid *drowns

    Ora fa
  • Erin Cobb
    Erin Cobb

    Ok but who the heck thinks, hmm I’m gonna recreate what it’s like in the womb..?

    Ora fa
  • Faith Gears
    Faith Gears

    “Can babies have food babies”~Grayson 2019

    2 ore fa
  • Hannah Bell
    Hannah Bell

    Do they know that one of them was unplanned?

    2 ore fa
  • its me Celeste
    its me Celeste

    Proof baby’s can hear inside the womb When I was a baby whenever I heard my dads voice I kicked my mother When my brother talked to me I calmed down I kicked when my dad was talking to me because we are very playful And with my brother I’m a lot calmer

    2 ore fa
  • momma_cookie Hi my cookies!
    momma_cookie Hi my cookies!

    Hey! After this go tell your mom and your neighbors sorry! It's weird for both of them...

    2 ore fa
  • momma_cookie Hi my cookies!
    momma_cookie Hi my cookies!

    Them: *talks abt grethan* me: *busts door open* MOM! THEY LOOK THE SAME BC THEY WERE THE SAME PERSON IN THE WOMB! BUT IF THEY'RE THE SAME, WHY DO THEY LOOK SO DIFFERENT!? *cries* her: *cuddles me knowing dang well she doesn't know what im talking about.

    2 ore fa
  • sophia d
    sophia d

    grayson: we forgot to ask what babies wear inside of the womb ethan: babies are naked me: so what are they gonna wear... 😱

    2 ore fa
  • Soy Bean
    Soy Bean

    Omg Ethan looked so nervous when he walked into the doctors room he was so shy

    2 ore fa
  • Lily Burden
    Lily Burden

    The doctor is so confused by their interesting notes

    2 ore fa
  • Jeanna Grace
    Jeanna Grace

    No one: Grayson: I’m Claustrophobic!!!

    2 ore fa
  • ruth iniguez
    ruth iniguez

    You guys should have eaten your moms cravings during the pregnancy

    2 ore fa
  • Melanie Seyler
    Melanie Seyler

    no one: ethan: BeLLieS

    2 ore fa
  • Kayla Morgan
    Kayla Morgan

    Doctor: you can’t see or talk The twins: start yelling and take off the glasses

    3 ore fa
  • Emma Buggie
    Emma Buggie

    That intro is gold

    3 ore fa
  • RockStar Emilee
    RockStar Emilee

    10:54 'kick grayson' LMAO

    3 ore fa
  • Yvette De La Torre
    Yvette De La Torre

    Is it just me or do you guys ever think that one twin was unplanned 😂😭

    3 ore fa
  • Bk Wasim
    Bk Wasim

    that guy at the start is like wtf😂😂

    3 ore fa
  • Lola Bella
    Lola Bella

    Did they ever realize that one of them was an accident...?

    3 ore fa