VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 6

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Scene 38 reimagined by FXitInPost: it-stream.com/stream/video-to2SMng4u1k.html
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Niko, Sam and Clint sit down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Gideon Baumgarn
    Gideon Baumgarn

    Please do the original Battlestar Galactica.

    4 ore fa
  • Goukky


    6 ore fa
  • Corey Adams
    Corey Adams

    Check out k-12

    7 ore fa
  • Takenyao123

    I don't know why they are laughing at green lantern. He creates weapons from imagination in comic and in cartoon.

    2 giorni fa
  • Castor

    I wanna hear what you think of Disney's Star Wars.

    3 giorni fa
  • Evergreen Pictures
    Evergreen Pictures

    Do the Brachiasorus scene from Jurassic park

    4 giorni fa
  • The Sharkinators
    The Sharkinators

    When the guy in 300 chopped off the legs you can see when he hits the ground you see 2 legs fly up. Check it out I'm not lying

    4 giorni fa
  • Marcin Prusinski
    Marcin Prusinski

    As much as the Green Lantern movie isn't well made, mocking the character himself is just dumb - especially when reacting to vfx; that's him, a pilot who found a magical ring, he's not gonna summon a power ranger robot because he doesn't know how such a machine works. The same goes for laughing how the only thing you remember from Avatar is the water or that "they could use a button to kill that robot" - you're just mocking the entire story. For people who were emotionally engaged while watching the movies it just feels like you're being a dumbass when doing that

    4 giorni fa
  • Violeta Echeverria
    Violeta Echeverria

    React to nukeazooka!

    5 giorni fa
  • Linus Newman
    Linus Newman

    Man that scene 38 made me cringe so hard.

    5 giorni fa
  • aryan shukla
    aryan shukla

    19:15 she was a clone not a robot

    5 giorni fa
  • John Wendeborn
    John Wendeborn

    You guys need to do a whole episode on Avatar. So good and still holds up amazingly well

    6 giorni fa
  • Coffee Roast
    Coffee Roast

    Lost my shit when Clint said Harrison Ford was completely CG.

    6 giorni fa
  • Imbi

    I love how at 7:27 the lady holding a mug is just like “oh god im so done”

    6 giorni fa
  • commander cody *
    commander cody *

    Terminator 2 Judgment Day check out there scenes

    7 giorni fa
  • BanishedFlips

    7:03 is it just me, or when the leg gets cut off, and the guy bounces on the floor, does the dismembered leg disappear?

    8 giorni fa
  • Bloxotrot BT
    Bloxotrot BT

    Man now you can make these quality movies in maybe a good month of after effects premier pro and blender character design and tracking later you got a 3 minute short yey

    9 giorni fa
  • 777lumiere

    I was watching react 8 and noticed Cmike dusted away had to go back to see how long that happened 😢😢

    9 giorni fa
  • Nerf Vamp
    Nerf Vamp

    The movie bulk not hulk

    9 giorni fa
  • Canine

    Please react to TRON Legacy

    9 giorni fa
  • Valeria Alexandra Quiles
    Valeria Alexandra Quiles

    Can you guys react to pixar animation? Like the octopus character in finding dory?

    9 giorni fa
  • icykickflip


    9 giorni fa
  • Joshua Worthington
    Joshua Worthington

    11:13 Wtf is up with them? They seem very uncomfortable.

    10 giorni fa
  • Matt Timmons
    Matt Timmons

    Do the super pig from Bong Joon Ho’s Okja!!!

    11 giorni fa
  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    VFX artists for blade runner hated that their 3d model looked so realistic that their work was going unnoticed. They put the cartoonish death scene in there to remind us that it was all beautifully faked

    13 giorni fa
  • suraj s.k
    suraj s.k

    Deadpool vfx please

    14 giorni fa
  • claire ott
    claire ott

    13:56 star trek lol

    15 giorni fa
  • Utkarsh Vashistha
    Utkarsh Vashistha

    try reacting to Ra.One

    17 giorni fa
  • Redbeast13

    Son of the Mask. Please compare it to the original Mask and maybe answer wtf happened

    17 giorni fa
  • Brycen Martin
    Brycen Martin

    Do the first tron

    18 giorni fa
  • EveryThingTech

    It should be vfx artists roasts green lantern

    19 giorni fa
  • Adam Lopez
    Adam Lopez

    Just because you know the movie is bad, doesn't mean you have to make fun of every single scene that isn't even that bad.

    19 giorni fa
  • yasco gulli
    yasco gulli

    React to District 9

    19 giorni fa
  • Ray B
    Ray B

    I was the guy that rolled into the orange stand in your GL clip.

    19 giorni fa
  • Was LostKaleb2080
    Was LostKaleb2080

    Wanna know whats funny, when you werw talking about green lantern an ad popped up and the ad was about Ryan Reynolds

    20 giorni fa
  • SneakyAutobot

    Suggestion: the Transformers films with the action scenes and when they transform

    20 giorni fa
  • Manu Srivastava
    Manu Srivastava

    Hi Corridor Crew - A Indian company called Dreamz Unlimited (I guess) belonging to an Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan, worked on 2 of his movies (starred and also produced by him). 1. Fan - He plays himself and his own doppelganger looking fan. 2. Zero - He plays a dwarf. Whole movie involving him is made on 'digital dolly camera' and every scene involving him has been done 5 times. It will be great if you can do a video on that and it will be great learning for everybody including you guys too (trust me) Because I think, these 2 movies are the finest VFX works in Hindi Indian films (Bollywood) and something of this sort hasn't been attempted in Hollywood as well, and certainly not to this extent.

    20 giorni fa
  • Angel Del Lobo
    Angel Del Lobo

    Do stunt reaction to hard target

    21 giorno fa
  • Asta Berg
    Asta Berg

    10:40 looks like the *itchy trampoline from Doctor Who.

    22 giorni fa
  • Jing Tazong Taruk
    Jing Tazong Taruk

    Can you make a visual effects review of kungfu hustle

    24 giorni fa