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These are some fun bloopers and outtakes from the vlog!!
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  • Float Grandpa Float
    Float Grandpa Float

    I couldn’t tell if it was Jason making that noise or the monkey

    30 secondi fa
  • Wafle Tacos
    Wafle Tacos

    1:38 i literally sound like that when i laugh-

    Minuto fa
  • Lillie Baby
    Lillie Baby

    I love you

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  • Prime Time Production
    Prime Time Production


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  • Norwin

    Yall remember NFS Underground

    2 minuti fa
  • Elise rubio
    Elise rubio

    No one's going to talk about how Jason had hot Cheeto dust on his fingers 😂

    3 minuti fa
  • ASMR Yumi Jimmi
    ASMR Yumi Jimmi


    3 minuti fa
  • Ashley Orr
    Ashley Orr

    I don’t get what Carly said about the soda candy fun????

    4 minuti fa
  • Ethan Kinelski
    Ethan Kinelski

    The clocks remind me of that time squidward had like 200 of them in his closet and spongebob kept breaking them

    5 minuti fa
  • Ethan Bernal
    Ethan Bernal

    My mums taking away my phone I give you permission to annoy her (; 👇

    6 minuti fa
  • Doggy Doge
    Doggy Doge

    Suzie is always dying of laughter in every vlog she’s in

    7 minuti fa
  • Tiffany Castillo
    Tiffany Castillo

    number one trending what it do babyyyyy 🤠.

    7 minuti fa
  • ashia sharpe
    ashia sharpe

    1:39 it's all fun and games till you get kicked in the face

    7 minuti fa
  • bella cam
    bella cam

    #1 on trending babe! im so proud of you.

    8 minuti fa
  • Yousra mob
    Yousra mob


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  • Cameron Lang
    Cameron Lang

    how tf did this mans leave out hoodie allen

    11 minuti fa
  • ha ha
    ha ha

    AY David #1 trending

    12 minuti fa
  • Clorox Gel
    Clorox Gel

    This video is better than every vlog David’s has in the past year AT LEAST... i still watch them all but they aren’t good tho not anymore. Idk how the outages are better than the actual vlog

    12 minuti fa
  • Sydni Coalson
    Sydni Coalson

    Why is this number one on trending rn

    15 minuti fa
  • Hannah P
    Hannah P

    Love how he talks at 200 miles a minute when he’s sponsoring *need for speed* lmao

    16 minuti fa
  • x Abxx
    x Abxx

    I’ve never used these emojis.. just felt like now would be a good time 🐽🐧🐛🦎🐲🎢🧷🧮🎴🇻🇮 Please like just because

    16 minuti fa
  • Mohamed Al-Quraishi
    Mohamed Al-Quraishi

    Take a look at my channel. . . okay but Suzy laughing while David and Jeff "fight over her" is the cutest thing. 14 ردًا. 4.6 ألف إعجاب.

    19 minuti fa
  • Brianna Christ
    Brianna Christ

    Your number 1 on trending

    20 minuti fa
  • Swiss TV
    Swiss TV


    21 minuto fa
  • Jason G
    Jason G

    For those wondering, Jason was watching the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Graham Hancock.

    21 minuto fa
  • dumb ass
    dumb ass

    watching this i just realized. all the bits in davids vlogs are deleted scenes

    25 minuti fa
  • Bobby Bobbers
    Bobby Bobbers

    0:54 considering that scott is now tryin to fight his alchohol addiction, i really don’t see how that was funny

    26 minuti fa
  • Angelica Mendez
    Angelica Mendez

    Also WHY THE FUCK did you not put the alarm bit in the vlog 😂

    26 minuti fa
  • Angel Ledesma
    Angel Ledesma

    Number one on trending 😀😀🤪

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    G G

    # 1 on trending 🥳🥳

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  • Exotiic YT
    Exotiic YT

    please sub to my channel

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  • Angelica Mendez
    Angelica Mendez

    ok but David why did you have to get a haircut and make me fall in love even more. At this point, this is pure evil

    32 minuti fa
  • Trey

    If you didn’t want us to see it then why did you upload it...

    32 minuti fa
  • Alma Hernandez
    Alma Hernandez

    Omg David look so good 😊

    32 minuti fa
  • Razor Phantom
    Razor Phantom

    3:35 Corinna:SNEAK 100

    32 minuti fa
  • Kris Jenner
    Kris Jenner

    I love Americans doing an English accent it’s always awful

    33 minuti fa
  • Kailey Carman
    Kailey Carman

    Nobody: David: “That should be me” *continues to fake cut hair*

    34 minuti fa
  • Sherlyn Ledezma
    Sherlyn Ledezma

    Are we not gon talk about how Suzy and Jeff actually make a cute couple

    35 minuti fa
  • Matt Ashton
    Matt Ashton

    I want to stab whoever wrote the algorithm that put this in my feed

    35 minuti fa
  • B m.h
    B m.h

    Throughout this scene she had the cutest laugh 😂 @3:14

    36 minuti fa
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    land air water BUREAU

    Secret info that wouldn't be broadcast it-stream.com/section/UCqDmgjlxiw6fBRVXrnV47FA?view_as=subscriber

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    rajasa aditya

    Very Tranding Video And Subscribe All it-stream.com/stream/video-bBlSA0TYMU8.html

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  • No name
    No name

    Remembe when David Dobrik used racists and homophobic slurs in tweets? What a fucking douchebag.

    36 minuti fa
  • Can This Video Get The Same Likes and Dislikes?
    Can This Video Get The Same Likes and Dislikes?


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    Jazzy R


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    Kimberly Hall

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    karizmma baby


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    Erzilla Russell

    I saw u on tik tok

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  • XxFlower QueenxX
    XxFlower QueenxX

    My fav clip is when Jeff and David "fight" over suzy

    42 minuti fa
  • XxFlower QueenxX
    XxFlower QueenxX

    Suzys laugh is amazing ❤

    43 minuti fa
  • yangzy

    That bit with Suzy 🤣❤️🤣❤️🤣

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    melani astudillo rat

    this rlly trending first 😎😎😎

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  • Map Makers
    Map Makers

    *is that Reggie?*

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  • Rae Tabaha
    Rae Tabaha

    Jason’s Hot Cheeto Fingers 😂

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  • Janeth Fransua
    Janeth Fransua

    I’m so surprised his hair is cut

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  • Kieu Nguyen
    Kieu Nguyen

    When IT-stream can put David’s 2nd channel as #1 trending but not any of his main channel

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  • Lluvia Garcia
    Lluvia Garcia

    1:34 "sir, can I have some more porage "

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  • Primo H
    Primo H

    U could of kept it deleted

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  • creeper girl
    creeper girl

    (°_°) /|

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    Isabella Powers

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