We Tried Gorilla Snot Hair Gel

"We got some goop action going on here."
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  • Grubby_

    I am latino and i think the yellow one is better than the other colors

    13 giorni fa
  • fandom encounter
    fandom encounter

    Not a good video especially when the girl already had her hair done and used her finger to do her barely visible edges Also u should add some more girls that actually used it to do a hairstyle instead of guys bc they don’t rlly help when they have short hair, all they say is that it has a strong hold which is obvious with all the other reviews

    18 giorni fa
  • Erica LaShan and the City
    Erica LaShan and the City

    I just discovered this product and I think Im done seaching😊 At first I got the "gelan" and then I bumped it up to the "sport" one. Total control.

    21 giorno fa
  • Arthur M
    Arthur M

    I actually used this in elementary and middle school but stopped because it's bad quality and damages your hair overtime.

    28 giorni fa
  • Alex’s Reviews
    Alex’s Reviews

    I bought this gel for myself but my mom has been using it for her edges. It was $7. 😑

    3 mesi fa
  • senateboy0909

    I use to use hair spray that would make my hair rock hard when I use to go to school, would of loved using this if it existed or I knew it existed.

    4 mesi fa
  • Social Shawty
    Social Shawty

    Did anyone use the red version and can you tell me how it is please?❤️

    5 mesi fa
  • Dayya TV
    Dayya TV

    I’m fr black I use this all the time

    5 mesi fa
  • jeanluc305

    Why was the black chick even there?! She didn't even apply it to her hair other then on her forehead where her hair was the same before and after.

    9 mesi fa
  • Youtuber lndonesia XD
    Youtuber lndonesia XD


    9 mesi fa
  • MME Mashups
    MME Mashups

    I might be the only one or not.... but I’ve been using gorilla snot gel for my hair and it caused my hair to fall out.... it dries out my hair rlly bad... welp

    9 mesi fa
  • ExtraChromosomeSupreme

    Every little Mexican boy used this in his hair 😭

    10 mesi fa
  • Maia Stevenson
    Maia Stevenson

    I have the red one. I hope it not too crazy for my edges.

    10 mesi fa

    if your latino, and you haven’t tried this, *are you even latino?*

    11 mesi fa
  • Hanging with Demi
    Hanging with Demi

    It works but when I put it in my hair it started to burn idk why 🤔 but I think it’s OK

    11 mesi fa
  • B T
    B T

    I used the yellow one before and it flaked up my hair

    11 mesi fa
  • Sugar, Spice and everything nice
    Sugar, Spice and everything nice

    Im Latina and i use it for laying my edges down. But I perfer Eco for your edges

    Anno fa
  • Shay Dizzle
    Shay Dizzle

    The perfect gel for female military buns, apparently

    Anno fa
  • Slayyy Jay
    Slayyy Jay

    I don’t like it only for girls edges

    Anno fa
  • k a t s u k i B a k u g o
    k a t s u k i B a k u g o

    im asian amd my friend introduced me to this gel i know its specifically for people with thick hair thats hard to handle but it still looks good (my friend introduced me to something called cornrows 😊 it doesn't look bad at all )

    Anno fa
  • Myanna Alexis
    Myanna Alexis

    Moco de gorilla is like family it’s always in my house 😂

    Anno fa
  • Kurt Wester
    Kurt Wester

    White,,, been know about this

    Anno fa
  • Evie Kay
    Evie Kay

    Where my LATIONSSSS AT!!!!!

    Anno fa
  • Alisha Bella
    Alisha Bella

    Y'all ain't even using it right smh where are the naturals with crazy hair and untamable edges

    Anno fa
  • Electric fr
    Electric fr

    I have some

    Anno fa
  • Busko & Pilipino
    Busko & Pilipino

    We use pomade.

    Anno fa
  • Kae Pea
    Kae Pea

    It has alcohol in it so it is not good for you look on the label it'll show

    Anno fa
  • Velox Glu
    Velox Glu

    My fav gel

    Anno fa
  • Sebb

    use it all the time

    Anno fa
  • Andreaaa

    Us Latina’s can’t go to the grocery store without seeing this lol

    Anno fa
  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez

    All latinos know that this product is at every Vallarta or food 4 less or any store in the neighborhood. It’s a good gel until you start getting dandruff.

    Anno fa
  • cewanda sconiers
    cewanda sconiers

    This propaganda is systemic racism if I've never seen it but evidently sisters are doing things strange for a coin cuz the KKK 2018 generation competition she was up again with unknown black persons product clearly states that coin was strange white people are bold

    Anno fa
  • Sammy Reed
    Sammy Reed

    cewanda sconiers I think your in the wrong comment section 😂

    Anno fa
  • Alliayh Sosa
    Alliayh Sosa

    if ur mexican you use this like if I'm right?!

    Anno fa
  • Very Rare
    Very Rare

    Is it bad I've used this to retwist my dreads?

    Anno fa
  • Logan Nielsen
    Logan Nielsen

    I have the yellow one and I went swimming and came out in my hair was the same

    Anno fa
  • Shaeylabakes

    I use it but it makes my hair HARD

    Anno fa
  • de6d boy luis
    de6d boy luis

    the guy with the full beard looks like ryan reynolds

    Anno fa
  • 1

    I grew up with that stuff and it works

    Anno fa
  • Lovya Aubry
    Lovya Aubry

    Y’all didn’t have the decency to give her a toothbrush or satin scarf😂😂😂 I’m shook

    Anno fa
  • Phiona Lynn Arries
    Phiona Lynn Arries

    Her natural hair is beautiful!😍

    Anno fa
  • BeastlyGamer Dude
    BeastlyGamer Dude

    i use it

    Anno fa
  • Helping Myself
    Helping Myself

    Disappointed no one Did a Mohawk

    Anno fa
  • Spam Eggs
    Spam Eggs

    Mah boi in the black shirt lookin cute

    Anno fa
  • mrkiwi

    I did use this when I was younger and it was ok

    Anno fa
  • IG : jessie._.2x
    IG : jessie._.2x

    A lot of Mexicans use it and u will always see it at a Mexican store 😂😂 and trust me my uncle uses it a lot and also my brothers

    Anno fa
  • lol wolf134
    lol wolf134

    1:27 he looks good

    Anno fa
  • Yjjgkjgxd Gjtsvjjfx
    Yjjgkjgxd Gjtsvjjfx

    Lol haven't these people ever been to the beauty supply store😂😂

    Anno fa

    mostly every mexican at my school uses this gel I use it too

    Anno fa
  • notAstereotypicalAsian 1
    notAstereotypicalAsian 1

    1:28 damn ,he actually looks good with it

    Anno fa
  • Adam Canada
    Adam Canada

    Gel in general sucks

    Anno fa
  • Eric Zavala
    Eric Zavala

    If ur Mexican u know u used it before

    Anno fa
  • dawnosaurr

    i thought it said "we snort hair gel" .....okay

    Anno fa
  • Mel xx
    Mel xx

    if u mexican you know what that is before ur even watching the video 💀

    Anno fa
  • Anthony

    If you’re a hispanic dude chances are you’ve probably used this on multiple occasions.

    Anno fa
  • afto. kolita
    afto. kolita

    I use flex tape to hold my hair

    Anno fa
  • Kareena Duffus
    Kareena Duffus

    The yellow one is best to use tho

    Anno fa
  • jass //
    jass //

    how low has buzzfeed gone

    Anno fa
  • Javier Jaime
    Javier Jaime

    My head hurts with Moco de gorilla.It leaves it so hard that it hurts when I shower! Lol

    Anno fa
  • Destiny Folivi
    Destiny Folivi

    My friend uses the same thing

    Anno fa
  • Colombia Jr10
    Colombia Jr10

    I remember when was little I thought it was made of actual snot

    Anno fa