YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind

In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like.
Celebrating the creators, music and moments that mattered most to you in 2019.
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Top lists featured the following channels:
@1MILLION Dance Studio
@Ariana Grande
@Awez Darbar
@Billie Eilish
@Black Gryph0n
@Daddy Yankee
@David Dobrik
@Dude Perfect
@Felipe Neto
@Galen Hooks
@James Charles
@Kylie Jenner
@Lil Dicky
@Lil Nas X
@LOUD Babi
@LOUD Coringa
@Magnet World
@Nilson Izaias Papinho Oficial
@Noah Schnapp
@백종원의 요리비책 Paik's Cuisine
@Shawn Mendes
@Team Naach
@하루한끼 one meal a day
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  • YouTube

    Us: “So in 2019, let’s see what you did like” Everyone else: “We like copy and pasting other people’s comments in the comment section."

    15 ore fa
  • Adam Hall
    Adam Hall

    Here before 1000 likes

    9 ore fa
  • Mighty Cat
    Mighty Cat


    9 ore fa
  • DeadChannel.mp3

    Worse than last years

    9 ore fa
  • Richard Brodsky
    Richard Brodsky


    9 ore fa
  • 2cool18

    I asked for a good rewind not a top 10 list

    9 ore fa
  • Xyc

    ok, so you think you can put pewdiepie and minecraft in it and everyone will be happy? this rewind is still very dissapointing. the laziest youtube rewind ever. you gotta make a remake about but with all the real creator involve in it. don't worry, 2019 isn't over yet

    Minuto fa
  • Marie Verlinden
    Marie Verlinden

    IT-stream really calling us out bc we copy pasting comments? I mean... Y'all just copy pasted the top 10 lists from your analytics.... So like you can't blame us

    Minuto fa
  • the sacred potato
    the sacred potato


    Minuto fa
  • Antonio Casurao
    Antonio Casurao

    Elon must've flown IT-stream's effort to Mars... Cuz I can't find it here lol

    Minuto fa
  • herbitovar1

    This is basically just a compilation. There was no creativity in this. It feels like they had 10 minutes left and did something fast

    Minuto fa
  • Gökalp Yoleri
    Gökalp Yoleri

    Where cats without cats youtube never

    Minuto fa
  • TheSnowyBanana

    2018 Rewind was objectively better. Not because it was good, of course, but because it was terrible and was fun to see all the hate he thrown at IT-stream. Essentially the definition of so bad it's good. This is so bad it's bad.

    Minuto fa
  • Wolfgang 425
    Wolfgang 425

    As a gamer and being on IT-stream for awhile on many different accounts I loved this I thought it was cool to show out all these different liked vids I liked it better than any so far

    Minuto fa
  • Ballzツ

    No memes = no good

    Minuto fa
  • FelixBoy11

    where is your problem guys, what do you expect?

    Minuto fa
  • Mi studio
    Mi studio

    FelixBoy11 nothing

    53 secondi fa
  • Satoroki Yamigendo
    Satoroki Yamigendo

    where is storm area 51 ?

    Minuto fa
  • ННТВ


    Minuto fa
  • Quinn

    Imagine a billion dollar company with this low of a budget

    Minuto fa
  • BiLGvvN B.
    BiLGvvN B.

    YTRewind2019 should've been extra special, it's not just the end of 2019, it's also the end of a decade ffs! They could've done an entire recap of 2010-2019, especially since their very 1st rewind was from 2010. They had an entire year to brush of the hate from YTRewind2018, look forward, move on, and better themselves, but they chose to linger in the past, stay bitter, act passive-aggressive, and miss out on such a great opportunity to connect with their creators and consumers. Such a shame. -Yuri Tart

    Minuto fa
  • xerneos

    i mean.. at least pewds is finally in rewind ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ highlight of the vid.

    Minuto fa
  • Mi studio
    Mi studio

    xerneos yeah

    34 secondi fa
  • Marvin at The Psychiatrist
    Marvin at The Psychiatrist

    i really thought this couldn't be that bad, boy was i wrong!

    Minuto fa
  • C M
    C M

    and somehow... 1 million people liked THIS🤦🏽‍♂️

    Minuto fa
  • XxCapSnipes

    Still more dislikes then likes rip

    Minuto fa
  • Mi studio
    Mi studio

    XxCapSnipes yep rip

    23 secondi fa
  • iztihad fahim
    iztihad fahim

    I just copy and pasted this comment. Now tell me this comments origin

    Minuto fa
  • backslash153

    Just a bunch of top 10 lists of the most liked videos in a bunch of categories, with minimal editing and showing only miniscule clips of said videos so you cant even really appreciate them. You dropped the ball. Again. IT-stream's disconnect with the creators of its platform is baffling.

    Minuto fa
  • G Webb
    G Webb

    Wasn’t bad but I’m disliking it out of tradition

    Minuto fa
  • Raul Morales soto
    Raul Morales soto

    IT-stream should plant 1 tree for every dislikes

    Minuto fa
  • Josip Gocic
    Josip Gocic


    Minuto fa
  • Rishita Kishore
    Rishita Kishore

    I just have one question WHY ? EW

    Minuto fa
  • Fewzlicious

    A IT-stream rewind video _without_ a youtube rewind type video *IMPOSSIBLE*

    Minuto fa
  • Bastien Cobut
    Bastien Cobut

    Guy's I don t understand what s so bad about this... Maybe there is a funny joke where youtube is never doing good 🤔... IT-stream is supposed to be an app or website to watch video s you want to see... Actually the youtube team is doing a rewind every year with what everyone liked and supported, what s the problem??? It s rewarding poeple who worked hard to do good content, and everyone is yelling at youtube because it s not good enough? There are no way youtube know s what the "community" wants to see if everyone is just saying that s ridiculous, tell them what would have been cool! Say WHAT is wrong, don t just say it s bad... They could have done nothing... It s already nice that creative poeple get rewarded for their work. Also I don t know what we should understand in the comment of IT-stream itself up there... I m just trying to understand why the mass reaction is so disapproval... Have a nice day btw ^^

    Minuto fa
  • Just a Fortnite player who needs money
    Just a Fortnite player who needs money

    At least pewdiepie is in the video.

    Minuto fa
  • meryem k
    meryem k

    damned if i do, damned if i dont. people are just gonna hate this regardless of whether they actually liked it or not.

    Minuto fa
  • OwO OwO
    OwO OwO

    Am I confused or is this just really stupid, why would they show us things that we LIKED on IT-stream already? They're trying so hard now that it looks like bs (as of this comment there is 2.3M dislikes on the vid, lets keep it going)

    Minuto fa
  • Tren XF
    Tren XF

    That’s what you get IT-stream for those annoying IT-stream premium ads on every video!

    Minuto fa
  • britishlola

    south korea really broke out this year, YES!!

    Minuto fa
  • jolo I don't know
    jolo I don't know

    Add morcks aka morgzsksudhs like this if they should put that thing for the most copyed video 😂👌👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👍👍👌

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  • Abhinav Verma
    Abhinav Verma

    Ye behenchod Shoib Akhtar kya kar rha hai?

    Minuto fa
  • Mahdy Octa
    Mahdy Octa

    Ke sini gara2 video Manca "MILYHYA" I'm here because of Milyhya's video Check this channel *"MILYHYA"*

    Minuto fa
  • Francesko Mihali
    Francesko Mihali

    Thank God lele pons isn't here this year

    Minuto fa
  • Skthmd Rmn
    Skthmd Rmn


    Minuto fa
  • Mi studio
    Mi studio

    Wow now I feel like IT-stream rewind 2018 is actually good

    Minuto fa
  • Ryan Dennis
    Ryan Dennis

    How did they manage to make a rewind worse than last year 😂😂

    Minuto fa
  • Fossa

    IT-stream : we did what you like *Everyone liked that*

    Minuto fa